POTW: Crush Thee To Pieces

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How are you in the adventures of crushing and loving?

  1. I never get crushes and have never been in love.

  2. I get crushes ALL the time, and I lose them just as fast!

  3. I get crushes, but my crush feelings last a long time!

  4. I'm always in love with people, way stronger than a crush. But I fall out of love fast too.

  5. Love comes slow for me, and I feel it for a long long time!

  6. Sometimes I wonder how birds make babies.

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  1. Everyone has SPRIIIIIING FEEEEVOOOOR. Spring is the season of hookups, cause the body wants to make babies. 8D It's true.

    This weeks poll is about CRUSHING!

    I am a person who crushes on people real easy. But I also fall OUT of a crush just as fast. That's why it's a crush. They rarely mean anything, it's just a surge of "I really like this person!" feelings. I can crush on tons of people all at once, and change my favorite people often.

    Love though, that takes me forever! When I finally come around to loving someone, I love hard and I love a long long long time. Even while I was dating people, it would take me a while to get to the "love" point with a boyfriend. Love is a big deal for me so it wasn't something I threw out there easy.

    ...And we all know what Lust does. >:D

    What are YOU like when it comes to crushes and love? Do you fall in and out of crushes like lightning, or do you rarely ever find people that tickle your fancy? Are you quick to tell someone you love them, or does it take you time?
  2. How do I put this....
    My last crush?
    Yeah, he's engaged now.
    And I still like him.
    Good stuff, huh?
  3. If I were to answer this question...

    Hmmm, let's just say it all depends on many external factors.

    Also, it has to do with music too. But that's all I'll say.

    But when I'm crushing, nothing stops me.
  4. When I get a crush, it tends to be fairly strong and unfortunately lasts a while. I tend to be one of those people that will go to great lengths to help the people I have a crush on with whatever I can. Not that this doesn't apply to my friends, but I can be very dedicated to helping someone that I have a crush on, which really sucks for me if they don't return the feelings because until they do something that upsets me to not having a crush on them anymore, it'll usually stay that way for me. =|

    So if it's someone who really has no chance of liking me, I typically prefer to be told straight up and honest and to be mean to me.

    When it comes to actually loving someone, though, I get really strict with myself about wanting to know for sure that's how I feel. For people that I love, I will help with almost anything, support them for everything, and defend their right to be happy no matter what. Sometimes sickeningly selfless, the happiness of the people that I love is more important to me than how I feel.
  5. Love is for those who aren't strong enough to live for themselves.
  7. Let's say it the easy way: I am married. And I am married to my second boyfriend. I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 19, but I really shouldn't have dated him. (I kinda pitied him. T.T) But I loved my husband and still do! 23 and it's not going away! ;P He took a while to get me to like really date him and to fall for him. ^.^
  8. I'm constantly crushin' on everything and everyone I meet!

    I am a lot like Dianers, I crush a lot, but love comes slow.....and sometimes not at all.
  9. Love comes slowly for me because when I do find someone that I am interested in, I get very very apprehensive. I won't say anything about it, but I'll start nitpicking at the person's personality and try to find something about them that wouldn't work between us. It's not because I'm trying to be mean, I just hate having my heart broken. (I was extremely gullible all throughout my life when it comes to love.) However when I do love someone it's with all my heart. I'll give just about anything to make them happy and will always want to be there at their side.
  10. I find that love isnt about finding someone who is perfectly compatiable with you in every way and form both physically and personality-wise, its more about finding someone who will love you for who you are and accept your flaws. Physical factors shouldn't really even come into it, such as looks (although, it does help) or wealth or material possessions.

    As for love being for those who aren't strong enough to live for themselves, it couldn't be any more farther from the truth. Love is for those who have the strength and will to love for two. Anyone who has felt the rush of being near someone you love like the first day you met them, even after years of being around them will tell you that.
  11. I don't crush or fall in love with people often or have no interest in many people. But once I do find someone I do like I wait to see if I truly like them and if they liked me and I have found two people. I truly loved both and still do but my Angel she pasted away a few years ago and Keri she just couldn't accept being bi so she broke up with me. For me my love last long and still hasn't gone away for either one but I know that I shouldn't hold Keri back and my Angel I will always care for her but I promised her that I won't be swallowed in sorrow so I'm holding me head high and moving on.

    Yes love and crushing are hard to come to me but I know when I mean it and when I should back down because I prefer their happiness over mine any day even if that sounds cheesy it's true.
  12. When I usually get a crush, I notice it right away depending on how the person approaches me. I've found it amusing and enjoyable but over time the crushing becomes annoying and I set the person straight on how and who I want to be with. Not to take it personal, its not them hehe it is me...me me and oh did I forget me...lol