POTW: A Role Best Played

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Which role do you find yourself playing the most?

  1. The ass kicking Hero who gets shit done!

  2. The inevitably defeated Villain that gets his licks in while he can!

  3. The always in distress and in need of a rescue dude/damsel!

  4. Reindeer moss in candy striped creamer nipples!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. There are three key roles when it comes to a story!

    The one who does all the ass kicking. (The Hero)
    The one that gets their ass kicked. (The Villain)
    The one who gets rescued. (The Dude/Damsel in Distress)

    No matter what sort of character you play, you are probably one of those things. (Unless you're playing a totally useless character for fluff or comedic relief, but that's not THIS poll... Ahem!)

    Which role is the role you love playing the best?
  2. Man I love playing villains, and damsels can be amusing, but for a typical Ocha character it's a hero!
  3. wheres my unicorn? i was promised a unicorn and i want it NOW! >:O
  4. Well, I think my characters are heroes, even if no one else does.
  5. I'm just horrible at doing a villan properly, and damsels are boring as fuck for me to play.
  6. ​Nipples? waaah?
  7. Unicorns, you say?
  8. The unicorns were a lie?? D: NUUUUUUUU!
  9. It seems were mostly like being the hero.....or high on lighter fluid. Works for me! =}
  10. I couldn't reaally call myself a hero, my characters tend to be more... In it for themselves.
    Wait what's this about a reindeer have you been looking through my browser history
  11. Well, I guess usually if the plot needs one, I will play a character that fights for justice. Now whether that `justice`is always in societies best interests is another question. :P

    I such at playing the main villian `cause that usually requries to be able to lead the game... Which I crash and burn at! xD

    Now... *clears throat* Unicorn?

  13. my soul just threw up a rainbow
  14. Villains are fun. The lot of you don't know what you are missing, and defeat of is not inevitable. But I suppose it depends on the story, the player, and the villain. No unicorn? Aww man. I was hoping to make some magical glue. >:)

    But seriously: I play the hero on occasion, but it's a really stressful position to be in. I usually enjoy playing the sidekick or the damsel in distress. I also suck at playing villains. I just can't do them justice. Plus, I actually find it a lot of fun to think up mishaps and adventures for the damsel to need rescuing out of.

    And then the hero gets reward sex!:cool:
  16. The Villains need more love. I find them far more fun to play than the heroes in most cases. Damsels or manmsels in distress just aren't much fun and don't have the depth villains can in my humble opinion.
  17. I would have to disagree with you there. Damsels can have the depth villains have, if the character's creator takes the time to develop them properly instead of just taking the passive role because it's easy. My characters get into trouble in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons, and may become a victim or 'in distress' only part of the time. I think the way you play your character has more to do with its depth and complexity than what role they play. Just my thought.
  18. I like being supporting characters. ^.^
  19. Crap! I wish it would have said Sidekick! I'm not the main hero, but not necessarily the Damsel!! I chose Damsel, but I want sidekick option...


    Not the unicorn I was expecting.
  20. This thread isn't about sidekicks! >:D Just Heros, Rescued and Villains!

    Supporting characters are a whole different bag of tricks! O__O