Potential Staffer Kidnappings!


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Many members are asking if they can return/join the Iwaku Staff! Recently we've had a few resignations, and may need some new blood to help fluff out some staff positions. :D

You must already be doing the daily tasks of a staffie to be considered as a potential staffie.
We don't take kindly to promises of "I'll do more/be more active to be on staff!" D:< You need to be an active and contributing member right NOW. Staff members have to be the most involved people on the forum, as it is our job to help Iwaku grow and prosper! Be the role models for all members!

To see the OFFICIAL Staff Member To-Do List, CLICK HERE!
If you are already doing those things, you are eligible to be considered as a staffie! :D AND YES. I CHECK. You know how I love my stats. >:3

Specific Staff Positions We're Looking For:

- FULL TIME newbie recruiters. Someone that has the time to visit other forums and websites to invite us new members.

- A Blogger who likes posting regular blog content AND will monitor blogs for trouble!

- Iwaku World Minions, who can play and help with plot development and member entertainment! (Doubling as Roleplay Support for all Iwaku Roleplays!)

- Art & Writing Moderator/s to run official monthly challenges and contests. Along with providing critique and advice on posted content.

- Roleplay, roleplay, roleplay, roleplay or participate in roleplay related activities!

Again. You must already be involved and doing tasks! For example; blogging regularly if you wish to be a blog mod, posting regularly if you want to be an art/writing mod, playing in IW, etc.

If you're interested in being/returning to staff, start preening your feathers and get to work being an extrodinary member of the community! <3 Post or send me a note in any fashion to let me know you're applying for a position. Administration will be discussing who we feel is most kidnappable.

P.S. Orochi is fired.
Iwaku world Minions? Does this mean I got fired? or that my job will get a lot easier in the future?
Iwaku world minion, perhaps. I don't do any of the others, except the roleplaying stuff. Though I have a feeling asmo would asplode if I became a staffer.
Also, begging me to make you a staffu doesn't work, either.
I was a mod years ago. I'll take whatever you give me.
Letting Diana ride your little red wagon always qualifies you to be a mod for some reason.
If that was teh case, we'd have a lot more staff members!


i can do blogwatch.

in fact i suspect i'd be damn good at it!
You don't want me as a staffer; I might make the site explode.

Plus I'll just use the Admin Lounge as booze storage.
I'll do anything (except mass RPs) you guys want if you'd like me back. This site keeps me busy one way or the other when I'm not doing work.

I'd like for Iwaku World modding, but I'm not expecting much since I'm a lurker, not a poster. Maybe when I'm more active, I can expect for greater things.
Miru's always available to help now that he's had his vacation. ^^
I'll do what I can to help out but though you just have to ask :]]
Naw. >:D People can still express their interest in being a future potential staff member if they so desire. Front that moment forward your admins will be watching you like a hawk to see if you got THE STUFF.