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Would you play something like this?

  1. Totally, and I would be SO into it.

  2. I would play, but I can't guarantee how much I'd enjoy it.

  3. Nope. Not really... Yeah, no.

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  1. It's billions of years into the future, and the sun has gone out. The surface temperature roughly averages out at minus 134 degrees Farenheit, geothermal energy being humanity's saving grace. Mankind has been forced to adapt as much as possible within the last 150 years, genetic mutations allowing for more cold-tolerant people.

    Earth, 153 P.L. (Post Light)

    Climate and Technology
    Earth's surface is uninhabitable, with temperatures dropping as low as 130 to 140 degrees below zero. Most green plants died off within the first week of the Darkness, and any form of tree is extremely rare. Oxygen is still available however, through the use of rebreathing systems called A.O.R.s, the slang of which is Oars. The uppermost layer of the worlds oceans have frozen over, and only the deepest dwelling creatures survive, though barely. Mankind has been driven underground, where people live in complex cave systems, man-made tunnels, and in small cities dedicated to hosting the worlds best problem-solvers.
    People and Where They Live
    The Caves are where outlaws and hunters call home. The Caves are often described as dark and ominous by outsiders. Anyone who has lived for a fair amount of time in the Cave systems will most likely vouch for their home, however.
    The Tunnels are home to Civilians, or Civils. These areas are essentially the ghetto, and are where a vast majority of the surviving humans live. Everything has been dug out, all of it along main tunnels, like highways. Major tunnels can be large enough to hold a jumbo jet. Terrain varies.
    You have to have been invited to live in the city. This is where inventors, scientists, and other problem-solvers live and work, looking for a way to improve the quality of life, and to perhaps, one day, find a way for humankind to return to Earths surface.
    A massive form of spider. They have a hive mentality, however, and rely heavily on their queen.
    The resident lizard of the Underground. These are usually very deep-dwelling reptiles, however, as they depend on the warmth of the Earths core for survival. Thus, it is extremely rare to see one unless venturing much deeper, where they become quite common.
    Grubbie refers to the common rodent of the Underground, thin and rat-like in appearance. These are blind.
    You know they can live through anything.
    The sun's been gone for over a hundred and fifty years now. It's a small and minuscule amount of time, when thinking of the million years it would take for the surface temperature to drop to minus 400 degrees. Absolute zero, when everyone dies. Despite these numbers being so far away, however, humankind is still desperately searching for a way to bring back Earths surface, at the least. Until then, the goal is to survive.
    Spots to fill:
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  2. Players

    - Monty Drayton
    - Natalia Skyes

    - I would like to have at least three players. Two others and myself
    - Consistently post at least once every other day, unless it's known to the other players that you're busy. Don't just drop off the face of the Earth, please <3
    - Two characters to a player, unless it's been discussed.
    - Gulliver likes purdy posts~<3 At least two decent paragraphs. This does NOT mean that you have to post, like, twenty paragraphs. Unless the story calls for it. Gulliver also has a hard time focusing when there's busy work all. Over. The. Place. Seriously. I'll
    be all itty bitty and flip out silently on the other side of your screen.

    Pretty much, just PM me with some information about your character, maybe something about yourself if you're not shy. A preview of how you write would be beautiful <3

    Other than all that, I guess this'll be an OOC chat. Unless its in the wrong place. SPEAK
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  3. I'd like to reserve a slot,I need a proper keyboard to type up my writing. Sounds interesting.
  4. Sweeeet~<3
  5. Same! Reserve a hunter spot for me :D Little busy to make a CS tonight...
  6. Will do! I'll go put your name up there . 3.
    Also, any other characters are welcome.
  7. BUMP. We're still accepting applications if you think you'd like to join
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