Post character limit? (Or, another forum to post RP info?)

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  1. I'm currently planning a fantasy RP that's going to come with a lot of information. Thing is, though, I've never done an RP with this much info before, and I'm a little bit concerned that it won't all fit into a single post. Is there a character limit for posts? I'm sure that, if a limit does exist, it's probably huge, but... I'd like to know just how huge, so that I know whether or not I'll be in any danger of hitting it.

    Additionally, I've been starting to wonder if there might be other forum sections to post some of the information on. What I mean by that is, I think there may be some chunks of info (like detailed information on all the gods in the pantheon, or a bestiary of all the magical creatures that exist in the world) which would surely be valuable resources that I don't want to cut out completely, but, maybe, instead of putting them in the OOC, I could post them somewhere else and then leave a link in the OOC. This way, the OOC can be less cluttered and more limited to essential information for new players, while these extra resources can still be easy to access (and it would also remove the potential problem of hitting a character limit). Thing is, though, I'm not sure such a forum exists here, and I'm not sure why I assumed that one would. >_> The closest thing I could find was the "Showcasing" forum, but I'm not sure if that's really what that forum is for.

    I know there's always the good ol' "reserve the first couple posts in the thread so that you can edit information in later" method, but I always thought that looked sort of clunky and made information harder to find, so I want to avoid having to resort to that if possible.

    Anyone think they can help me with any of these things?
  2. The blogs would be great for this sort of thing :D
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  3. Oh, I knew I was forgetting something! Yeah, that would work well. :D
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  4. We have a 0 character limit. 8D

    HOWEVER, if the content you try to post has a huge "filesize" it might throw back a php error and not be able to post. Like, say all your content is written in a notepad file and the filesize is 3MB. If you try to copy all that content and post it, you're essentially trying to upload 3MB worth of content. You'll get an error. O_O Cause something about the way the system is setup, it can't process that much data through the post box. That's A LOT of text.

    This almost never happens though. I think in the past few years it's only been an issue two or three times in really weird cases. So it's safe to say you can post a ton in a single post. >:3 You're much more likely to get issues with the bbcoding going all out of whack.
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