Post Challenge #1: Cafe Curio

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  1. Welcome to the Post Challenge!

    In this challenge, I briefly summarize a hypothetical roleplay, and write a post for it, you then write a post in response as though you were a player in this roleplay!

    This challenge is designed to help you practice writing an IC post which:
    • Responds to the post(s) before it
    • Gives the other player(s) something to respond to
    • Moves the story, or at least the scene
    • Is a joy to read!
    1. Read the RP description and Prompt Post
    2. Complete a Basic Character Sheet for the character you'll be using.
      Assume that the format of this RP is such that a short profile of your character appears next to each post
    3. Write an IC post in response to the Prompt Post!

    It's a romantic story set in Modern Earth As We Know It, about the staff of a Curiosity Shop called Cafe Curio (which also includes a cafe corner) and the wacky hijinks they get up to! It's an episodic story without a long-running plot. Players can choose to play employees or customers.

    Your character and another character have been flirting, the other character's player has expressed a desire for more romantic-tension moments between your characters.
    character bio (open)

    @Diana's Mini Character Bio (Minus character history)
    [b]Character Name:
    General Appearance:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:[/b] 

    Character Name:
    Marie Cavendish
    Barista and Cashier
    General Appearance:
    Short girl with curly brown hair, freckles, no makeup, likes to dress feminine
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To save up enough money to travel the world
    General Personality:
    Clumsy, nervous and shy, but with big dreams and a bigger heart. Excitable and a little naive
    Marie returned from the backroom with a rag. Skidding past the shelves of rarities and thingamabobs, she dropped to her knees in the cafe corner and began trying to dry up the spilled coffee. "I'm so, so sorry" she repeated, her freckled cheeks flushing red in embarrassment. Really, she had to find a way of paying better attention! This was the third time this month.
    "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked, standing back up and trying to keep the now-saturated rag from dripping.
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Thread Status:
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