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  1. I have had an account on here, and for certain reasons I deleted it. I was wondering if there was a recovery process? I really just want to access some of the characters I had made for certain role-plays on there. I am not interested in reviving the account so much as just desiring to get to some of my old data and saving it to my hard drive. Another question I have is can you get a "gif" to be your avatar? :o

    Thanks much!
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  2. If you know what threads these characters were posted on, you can certainly find all of that in the archives area as far as I know. After all, a self-deleted account typically doesn't lead to all the posts being deleted. It just breaks the link in the user's name on posts and results in a defaulted avatar.

    That's what I know on that matter, but I imagine you'll hear from another staff member of CV sometime soon! ^^
  3. Thank you both ^^

    The challenge will be finding one with those specs o:<
  4. I could try to bring an image down to those specifications if you want, but bear in mind that I can not perform magic, so it'd still need to be rather small.
  5. Ppfft, it's magic to me if you can get it to do that! I didn't even know such a thing was possible.
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  6. As has been said, you can't get your account back once it's deleted, and as far as I know, everything except what you've posted in the forum/groups will be deleted. The best you can do is to go to the roleplay graveyard and try to remember the thread names and search for them, alternatively search for your former username and hopefully you'll find something. You can also try searching for the characters name.

    I would not suggest to go through the whole graveyard to find them though. That would take forever xD Try search words that aren't too common that you might have used for your character and hope for the best.
  7. Poo, I forgot about that ;_____;

    Thank you very much for the info, though! I will just have to do my best to remember my characters.
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