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  1. This is an interest check for a roleplay based on the Men In Black, however, it would be a bit different from the movies and also doesn't follow the same lines as the movies. For instance, this roleplay will feature none of the canon characters, and instead of a single Letter denoting an Agent's identity, their name would be similar to this example: Agent 2981.

    The Setting is Earth circa 1995, though the MIB go with the GSD (Galactic Standard Date) 200.95.


    Two men in black suits shared a late lunch in a small diner. One was skinny, tall, with a salt and pepper hue to his thick hair parted far to the right and slicked over to the left, the sides short and neatly trimmed. His skin was pale and his eyes were a steely grey. His partner, was visibly shorter, more muscular, a friendly rounder cut to his jaw, with an overgrown crew cut of jet black hair. His eyes were a mixture of green and blue, and both of them seemed to have neglected shaving the night before.

    Having finished his meal, the skinny man brought up a pack of unfiltered cigarettes. He lifted his coffee mug to his lips as his free hand pulled a cigarette out of the soft paper packaging, like he'd repeated this action so many times it had become part of a subconscious routine. Placing the cup back down he reached into his jacket and pulled a bar of black, flipped open a hatch, spun a wheel, sparked fire to his cigarette and placed the bar on the table. "You smoke?" He asked, a cloud erupting from his lips, his partner taking a sip from his own cup of coffee. "Occasionally....." The younger man replied, taking the silent cue as his finger gripped both the black bar and a single cigarette and lit it.

    The older suit put a finger to his ear, exhaled a puff of smoke, his gruff rasp of a voice softly whispering, "Understood, on route now. C'mon 'Mr. Kerway' We have an Appointment to keep." Both men placed a bill on the table, the money equaling out to $20.00 grabbed nearly identical black fedora hats and exited the diner. "Got word that a Xailok is trying to go off the grid, high priority, son." the Agent seemed to growl, his voice affected by years of smoking. "Understood, Witnesses?" his partner replied as the senior Agent twisted the ignition to their car. "No, staying incognito for the time being, gotta flush em out." It was about the moment he said that, that a garbage truck went speeding by, a homeless man sitting in the compactor area. "That look like your average employee of the Sanitation Department?" The older man said, "No it doesn't...." replied his junior agent. The car took off, an aging Crown Victoria made by Ford in the decade before.

    The truck pulled over a good ways later, they were in the isolated sticks now. The older agent walked over to the driver's door of the Truck and knocked on the window. Upon the driver opening the door, the Younger agent had joined his partner, who now spoke up, "Good Evening, sir, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I'm Agent Paulsen and this is my Partner, Agent Roberts we're from the FBI, we had word that a fugitive was seen heading down this road when Agent Roberts and myself spotted a suspicious individual hitching a ride in the back of your vehicle." The man looked nervous, his voice stumbled over itself, "O-Ohh, well agents, b-by all m-means ge-get him out, I-I could lose my j-j-job."

    Agent "Paulsen" moved for the compactor section of the truck, and pulled the homeless out, throwing him to the ground in the process. "Agent Roberts, please escort the suspect into the sticks I will join you momentarily for on site interrogation" He said his tone distant, detached. "Roberts" disappeared behind the tree lines with the homeless man who trying to cooperate naturally. "I'm sorry- sorry, but uhhh who did you say you were with?" The driver said, "FBI special interests division, we deal with high priority fugitives, bad guys who've been runnin' for a long time, You take care now, and keep track of who hops on your truck."

    "Paulsen" walked away from the man, and joined his partner who had confirmed the homeless man as a simple skin suit. "It's him..." He said, "Knew it would be, Roberts, Quinn what are doing back on this Rock? We had a signed agreement barring you from this system and the system surrounding Proxima Centauri, you know how much flak we could take from the Kypharr if they find out you're a refugee here?" 'Paulsen' barked, the skin suit opening to reveal a green reptile like man, something similar to the sight of a hybrid between a bird a dinosaur and human. the creature barked back in a strange amalgamation of roars and chirps.

    "I don't care if you're wanted in 8 other syst---" He started, interrupted by the appearance of the overly curious truck driver. "Wh-Who the fuck are you people?!" He exclaimed shaken by the sight of the creature. "Roberts!"

    "Got it boss, come with me sir, I'll tell you everything you wanna know..." He said, putting his arm around the man's shoulder and walking away with him. "Now Quinn, You said you understood the terms of our arrangement last time you were here, you stay away from Earth and Ulkiat, and we try to appeal to your government to keep them off your back, but now we have to turn you over to them." Quinn was not amused, he roared, and smashed "Paulsen" with his tail. He then took off towards "Roberts" and the Truck Driver and tackled the two of them. The truck Driver screamed, Quinn enraged loomed over the Truck Driver looking at him hungrily, "Roberts" came back to his senses against a tree, but his weapon was damaged in the fray.

    "Paulsen" walked up and shot once, a blue beam punching through Quinn's head, even more horrific to the truck driver. "WHA----W----WHAT THE" he started, "THAT! was a Xailok, they are not big fans of us, tell ya what, sir, if you just look at this little red light," 'Paulsen started' a thin tub in his hand with a red light at the top, his sunglasses already on, "Roberts" quickly followed the example. "As I was saying if you will look at this red light, it should help you with the hallucinations you've been suffering. Have a nice day." He said, before pushing a button, a bright flash barraging the truck driver's eyes, he was stupified, and the two Agents walked away, the more senior one pushing his finger to his ear again, "Xailok had to be terminated, witness neuralyzed and in need of a new memory to account for the last hour and a half." Black cars began swarming the area as the two agents got back in their own car.
  2. I don't know if you mean for us to use the characters used in the trailer or make up our own but either way, particularly if the later is true, colour me interested.
  3. Well the trailer characters just more of sets the world up, it'll be up to you who your characters are