Portraying Character Type Challenge #1

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  1. The objective of this challenge is to take the personality of a character I give you and to use it well in 1 of the settings I will provide below. Sometimes, when roleplaying you might get "out of character" meaning that instead of acting the way your character should, you might act differently. It can be because you feel the need to change and adapt to the current setting or just because you just 'forgot' to be in character.

    (Let's start with an easy one)


    A scared teenage of about 16-19 years old.

    SETTINGS: 1 out of 3

    -Top of a Mountain

    Requirement(s) or/and guides:

    - 2 or more paragraphs
    - Try to be descriptive
    - Let your mind wandered to places. Be creative!
    - Remember to have fun! This is for you to expand your horizons!

  2. Dawn. The light seared the sky scarlet. The canyons and hills expanding into bloody oblivion before the sun stole my golden eyes' gaze. Here I was, not a soul within my sight, my sweetheart gone. A scream, a yell, cackling as if the Devil himself had come on Earth to drag more down to burn: They all had pounded my head as that lecherous man had plunged the knife into my sweetheart. In his final yell words had rung like the red sun's blaring light: "Run!" The stars had shone above that night, mocking the irony of their luminous presence to such a dark deed. Still the sky bled crimson while I staggered on up the mountain, my actual wounds closed but the ones within me wide open.

    In spite of the light seeping into my pale flesh, night's dark fear still gripped me. Her icy loathing wrapping it's foggy fingers around my neck, choking me. Had it been any colder I would have quit there, collapsed, given up. But no, I was still too afraid, afraid of that once distant "d" that came much too close for my liking. No way was I going to join him this soon. The sun's blood soon dried away, gold and orange making the small mountain's grass and flowers shimmer.

    Pushed on by light and a new sense of warmth, I drudged to the mountain's top. Not even the sight I found up there helped close my wounds. The ocean of rocks and trees swirled in my head, my legs going weak. Trapped in a womb of untimely death with that morbid man on the loose only made night's foggy grip on my mind stronger. In spite of the shifting sea of rock making me tremble and fall, I let myself have one promise to myself, one wish: I will live to tell this tale.
  3. Heavy breathing echoed off the stone walls, and then reechoed over and over again. It wasn't the breathing of some huge, scary monster. It was the terrified gasps of a girl, only sixteen years of age. Her back was pressed hard against one wall of the cave, the cold digging into her and the rocks slicing through the thin shirt into her flesh. Even as blood beaded on the cuts she pressed herself further back and began to grope around her, searching for something- anything- that would help her. For even if it was not the breathing of some huge monster, it did not mean there wasn't some huge monster looming just before her in the darkness.

    She looked scared. Terrified. Eyes wide, mouth open, pupils nearly covering her entire eye. And still she could not see Him. Humans, and their weaknesses. Their awful eyesight when He was just before her, staring at her. Blocking the light that normally would've been flooding in from the sun still high in the sky. But she didn't know. She had no idea He was there and the very thought sent a shot of adrenaline all through Him. He could slice her into ribbons, right here and now, and she would never know what hit her. She would not know the face of her attacker. No one would ever know what had happened to the young girl...

    Her heart beat faster and faster, blood roaring through her ears. How could she simply sit here? It could be anywhere, leering at her, preparing to strike. The draft could be It's breath, cool on her face. It smelled of fresh air, it felt like escape. But how did she know? She didn't. She could never know unless she simply tried. Unless she simply went for it, and charged ahead. Because she would not die like this, pressed against a wall. Shivering, terrified, and cowardly. That was not how she would die. Just then her hand wrapped around a rock. The girl took one final, deep breath in order to calm herself.

    She lunged forward. He opened his mouth.