Portal 2


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I am so so so so so stoked for this:
Ahhhhh, Portal 2. I shall name its release date "Semi-National Portal" day, which will probably be observed by well over half the gaming populace.

Traditions include massing food in the gaming room, locking one's self in, not coming out for several hours, calling out of work, playing hooky from school, and last but not least, annihilating all forms out outside communication...Unless its over steam, Xbox Live, or the Playstation Network for the sake of finding a partner to do co-op with.
I HAVE IT PREORDER~! Can't wait for it to come out! I loved the first and i can't wait for this one! 8D
Pre-ordered... going to play co-op with my brother.
This game.

It is wonderful.

Gabe Newell took my expectations, ate them like the fatty he is, and then what he shit out was CONCENTRATED AWESOME.

You must get it.

Right now.


Expect my review corner to come for this game and aid it in its ascension to Heaven.

On a side note, one Gabe Newell fat joke, one more year HL3: E3 is pushed back.
1st one is also only 10 bucks right now and first arrived as part of a bundle of 5 games for, what, 40 bucks?

2nd one was 45 and cuts off right when I'm really starting to enjoy the shit out of it. ._.

Oh well, there's always co-op, and mods. Oh, I can't wait for the fucking mods for this.
Indeed, one guy on the steam forum beat it in 1h 42m. But Damn its awesome. Can't wait for co-op.