Portal 2

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  1. Soooooo, yeah.

    I'm sorry I disappeared. I've had stuff happening that's left me little time for stuff like this. School, relationship, and soon job are all very demanding. ...And I may or may not have done a stupid thing like volunteer to help out in my free time someone who can't afford to pay me but that I'd like to work with anyway.

    So all my time is being put into work (of the educational or just regular sort), what's left is reserved for my significant other, and all of my emotional energy is also focused on him. This is the first chance to sit down and actually post this that I've had in...almost two weeks, I think.

    I feel really bad, I know how frustrating it is to have someone drop out suddenly like this, but even if I had the time this RP deserves my creative drive is burnt right now @.@

    I'm just gonna go hide somewhere now don't kill me please
  2. I am so preordering this tomorrow.