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  1. Hello!

    It is very nice to meet you all! I am going to tell you a little bit about me, and you hafta listen! Unless you leave, then you don't.

    Things About Porphy

    • I am 18.
    • I am super weird.
    • I am a lover of role playing.
    • I am stating obvious things.
    • I like junk food.
    • I like to play the guitar.
    • I like stepping on the dubs.
    • I kill marshmallows in their sleep.
    • I am overdoing this list!

    All questions (or anything else) about me should be posted in the thingy where you reply. So, ya.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku marshmallow murderer! 8D <3
  3. :D Hi Porphy! Welcome to Iwaku! Your list made me giggle <3
  4. WELCOME! Sorry I didn't get to this sooner!
  5. Thank you Dawn! I'm glad I can make you smile, that's probably a good character trait.

    Thank you wildpelt, don't worry about posting it later. I'm gonna get it either way!
  6. hey ! are marshmallows softer than dubs?
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  7. Welcome ^^
    As an eater of those soft little things I must say that you have a taste for sweet death ;)
  8. O man those things are satan-filled-lard-balls.
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  9. There are two kinds of people.
    • Those who can finish lists.
    • and Welcome to Iwaku!
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  10. Do you eat marshmallows s'more wise? Welcome.
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