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Yes I know the title is both incorrect grammar & suggestive but I don't give a FLYING MONEKY FUCK. At any rate... If you've not gathered yet I don't give a god damn about the natural order or rules society set forth. That being said I also don't needlessly push them.

If you looked at this then it's your funeral because these ideas will more then likely melt that poor tiny brain inside that oversized head of yours. To late to turn back now. Ahahahah! Here is your death tickets. Oh yeah there are 5 of these just as a by the way.

1: Hitler's Hero's

1963, New York

What if, Hitler had won the war? What if on D-day America & her allies had failed to get a foot hold in Europe, America had backed out of the war and he'd plowed over into England. Then slowly little by little creeped across the globe. Well, that's what we look at now. It's 53' and Hitler and his Nazis have taken the whole world America is struggling to break free.

In New York things really begin to pick up heat in the summer of 63' the 2nd America's loss of the war. Now a new group of hellish Rebels the Children of liberty aren't going to put up with anymore of the Nazis terror. They've began to take up arms and fight they're gaining traction all over the world. Other groups like them are forming and now World War 3 will settle and prove once and for all that man will always rise up for their freedom.

2: Busted Booze

Brooklyn, 1923

It's the start of the roaring 20's everyone is looking to get a piece of the action as prohibition sure we could tell you about a story where justice wins out like with Al Capone but why tell a story that's so easy, but what about those that were never caught? Like the Brooklyn gang Carlon's crew they killed more smuggled in more booze and killed more people then Capone did in his whole career in only the first two years. They never got caught though so they slipped off into myth. This is the story of how they got away with it all and more.

3: Roses, Thorns & Communist

Russia, 1964

What would you do if you suddenly woke up at a Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization or simply know as, Pioneer camp. You'd been winded back in age as if a clock of your life had been took by old father time and pulled back to the point where you're 15 and you've no idea when, or really where you are. All you know is that every road seems to lead back to camp where the other Pioneer's and camp staff are waiting for you to join in the days activities.

4: High School Hero's

Malibu, 2023

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all know the story. A new kid sent to a high school and is the down trot new kid and slowly becomes a hero. The story is over used all the time day in and day out. Our story though takes place around a group of REAL HERO'S and yes I do mean real superpowers. Flying, strength shit like that. This is the story of how they need to save the world from the rising threat of world war three pushed forward by various villains.

5: An't That A Bitch, No You're My Bitch (TAKEN)

2036, Somewhere In Germany

Everyone reads about these types of stories. A poor young naive student goes to the old world to explore and see the world and is never head from again. People guess as what's happened. Some people guess they are dead, lost, kidnapped. Now we'll look at one case, your case. Of how you slowly were turned into nothing but a play toy for a rich crime lord of the EU.
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