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  1. I was just checking random things on Google when I came upon this place~ //BEST STORY EVER//
    Anyhoo...I'm just a normal female who has no cool points at all and would love to roleplay! I'll try my best on here~!
    And even if I'm not roleplaying...I'm open to new friends and all that. ;D

    :B Please treat me well~!
  2. WHATEVAH I'LL DO WAT I WANT! /end Cartmen reference

    Welcome to Iwaku, Jade! I have a cousin named Jade but I haven't spoken to her in years so...bleh! I'm pretty sure you'll make friends fast in this place, the locals are pretty nice and respond more willingly to cookies and cake. <_< I know, greedy right?

    ...So, gimmie all your cake! >=@
  3. Well then Ms. Googler, Welcome to Iwaku! I would also say that a cool point for you is your RPing. So that's one for the tally.