Polygamous Marriage RP?

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  1. So about a year ago I tried to write a polygamous marriage story with multiple writers however they dropped off of the face of the earth or they just started screwing up in general.

    Anywhooo, since it didn't work as a story I was thinking of trying it out as an rp? Anyone interested?

    I would play the hubby. ;3 And you guys would play my wives/husbands. Of course I would implement the world that was created for the story. :3

    Upper class played dominant roles and could marry as many submissives (lower/working/poor class) as they wanted. The middle class people had the lovely choice of either marrying an upper class person, another middle class person or not getting married at all.

    I need to flesh it out more though, any ideas?
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  2. YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF GREAT IDEAS. I love this. Let me and @Temper Tantrum marry you haha!
  3. Sounds like a great start to an interesting Rp ;3
  4. I do xP

    :D Yay more interessstsss

    So what do you two think about the world so far?
  5. i think its pretty cool. does that mean your husbands and wives can have husbands and wives of their own tho?
  6. @Lorchenne

    No, it would just be my character and his/her spouses.
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  7. What kind of time period are you looking to have it in? And would all of your husbands/wives live in one house or separate houses?
  8. @Lucifers Sairen

    I was thinking a few years after this year.

    And the spouses would have their own houses to do with as they please. But every week a different spouse would temporarily move into my character's house and you know. :3 foxtrot uniform charlie kilo. xD And another things but mainly to make the bed squeak. ^^
  9. This sounds pretty interesting .3. I hope to be a good wife haha
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  10. Hmm then I shall make a wondrous husband for you X3
  11. I'm in.
    Hahahahahaha I'm in. Get it? /shot

    Anyway, What about kids?
  12. Yesss, children will be present if you want them to be! :D And mpreg will be optional but possible.
    The children will play a minor part, so you can create a CS for them but they'll just be there and they won't have a particular purpose.

    Anyways I am currently working on the RP World and Stuff. Expect it sometime this week.
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  13. Aweeeesome. I'll be waiting :bananaman:
  14. Th-three L's. O_O
  15. The L's will rule this marriage! .3.
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  16. It's a fun coincidence! The L's!
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  17. this sounds amazing!
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