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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the Polemistés Academy

    In a world filled with reality, most would believe that the only dangers they face are the animals and humans walking the earth. Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. There are beasts and creatures roaming the world that people believe to be only myths and legends. In the descriptions of the 'fairy tale' monsters, they're far more dangerous and scary. What keeps them at bay? Keeps them from taking over the world of mortals? The children born from the almighty gods, they attend perfectly hidden academies to learn about their parents, heritage, gifts and soon grow into the warriors their parents are. To the humans the school looks like an extremely rich and hard-to-get-into school, one that parents try to their best to bribe their kids into.

    Academy of the Half-bloods has been around for hundreds of years, protecting and saving those who need it the most. Training their students to hunt down beasts and creatures who seem unable to live life among the humans. Those are the dangerous ones, they aren't afraid to show their true faces to mortals and that could very well put everyone else in danger. Its the students' job to go investigate 'crime scenes' and go after who or what caused it to happen.

    With the dark secrets of the world creeping around, do you think you can handle it?


    The beautiful Goddess walked down the halls of Olympus with the grace and strength of both a warrior and woman. Long brown hair that was wild and curly fell down her shoulders and stopped mid-back, grey eyes that shined like silver and milky skin that gave men the urge to touch her. A thin tunic wrapped around her curved and firm body, flowing out a bit at the hips but stopping just above her knees. The golden cape that was tied around her shoulders and flew behind her was a gift from her father and king, one who adored her incredibly.

    "Athena, what brings you with a look of worry?" Zeus spoke when the Goddess of wisdom, war and housecraft pushed through the double doors and found her father holding the hand of Hera. Hera's straight brown hair had been pulled up into a braid that was looped around at the top of her head, the rest of its long length fell in a braid on her shoulder. Unlike Athena's short dress, Hera's hugged her torso before fanning out and falling to the floor around her feet. Those bright eyes of hers the color of the richest soil, starred at the daughter of her beloved husband.

    "We cannot ignore the trouble with the humans, our creations are attacking the mortals. Mortals who can barely protect themselves from their own mortal animals," Athena spoke, her strong yet delicate features pulled into calm and knowledge filled look.

    "Interfering with the humans is against our rules," The voice of Eros sounded through the large room that lay held by columns, giving you a good look into the sky beyond. The Gods felt his energy before he appeared, it was always near impossible to sneak up on a God.

    "Can we continue to ignore the mortals when what we've created and sent to their world is causing chaos beyond their control, Eros?" It was clear the Goddess wasn't pleased and if she wasn't pleased, her father would find a way to fix it. Of course with her words it drew the attention of the other gods who appeared and each began to argue their opinions. Athena sat back and listened to everything, taking it all into consideration before a thought occurred to her. What about their half blooded children? The Gods weren't allowed to fix things within the world of the mortals but that didn't mean their children couldn't.

    Zeus raised his hand in the air and carefully each God and Goddess closed their mouths, turning their attention on their king. A man filled with energy and power, eyes that resembled the stars within the galaxy as he starred at his daughter.

    "Daughter, you have the look of a plan and your plans have yet to fail us," Zeus spoke up, turning the attention onto Athena who stood with her head held high and a now somber look on her face. A plan indeed. A plan that could either help the mortals... or quite possibly destroy them.

    I wanted to flesh the rp out a bit but I'm in my lazy mode right now and I have yet to have my daily coffee in my system. Annnyywayys, I have a few plans for this rp. I'll be having a few groups, depends on how many people are accepted, that will each be assigned their own mission. The missions aren't all the same, they'll be including different sorts of creatures from either Greek, Romanian or Norse mythology (gives us a lot of options). Every now and then I might ask someone to play an NPC and if not then I'll be dealing with that myself.

    Don't be afraid to ask me questions, it'll make it easier for those who are wondering the same thing. Due to me being lazy I highly doubt that I've put much information on here besides the basics so just ask away x]

    Questions & Answers:

    What exactly are the teachers?
    - The teachers are half-bloods just like your characters but they have completed their training and decided to help educate the next generations

    Does it matter when using a Greek God and their Roman equivalent?
    - Yes it matters

    Skeleton Sheet:

    Age: (remember, its high school)
    Parent: (Don't choose one that's already taken)
    Personality: (Put some detail in it!)
    Background: (Detail!)
    Tattoo: (every half-blood will have a tattoo that shows who they are, don't choose something ridiculous)
    Power(s): (2 powers only, don't OP!)
    Appearance: (RL pics only!)

    From Interest Check:

    @Alice Falling

    Gods/Goddesses taken~

    Me- Ares
    @Amaranthe - Artemis
    @Nico - Hecate

    @Nico - Loki
    @Alice Falling - Freya


    • Grammar- you went to school for a reason, right? Right, so it wouldn't hurt to put your knowledge to use! x]
    • Detail- it makes things longer and it also gives those posting after you a good little road to make of their own
    • No OP- I don't care what parent you choose, no Oping in this rp!
    • Respect- I want all negativity out of my rp, take it to pms and just hope no one comes and complains to me.
    • Time out- give me a heads up, I only tolerate absence from those who don't speak up for some time. Don't take advantage of it.
    • Romance- I don't mind there being any but don't go overboard, fade to black.
    • Rules!- Follow the rules and I won't have to kick you out! x]
    If anything looks weird, sounds weird then just let me know and I'll try to explain it or fix it!
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  2. Eh, not a huge fan of high school settings. I hope this thrives though. It was a great idea!
  3. It would matter, I was hoping those who joined would know which God is which when comparing Greek and Roman mythology together. I was going to have it to so that it didn't but then I didn't want a whole bunch of Gods with the same theme going on.
  4. So, on the Gods/Goddesses taken, no one else can make children from those? Or are those the actual Gods and goddesses and not the children?
  5. Its the parents that are taken
  6. Name: Tove Dalgaard
    Age: 15
    Parent: Thor
    Personality: Tove is a headstrong and kindhearted young lady who hates to see anyone treated badly. She makes it her mission to protect the weak and try to change the cruel people around her for the better. However due to her time when she lived on the streets, Tove became a relentless fighter who does not know when to stop fighting. To her, someone trying to run away is not a sign to cease fire and she will pursue them. When not standing up for those who can't stand on their own, Tove is a bright and happy girl with an insatiable curiosity and a knack for talking people's ears off. She is quite good at making friends but she gets a little moody when people pull away from her or don't desire her friendship.

    Background: For the first seven years of her life, Tove was raised by a kind old man named Kris. Kris wasn't related to Tove and honestly at his age, he shouldn't have even attempted to raise her, but when he happened upon her one night when he was lugging his trash out, he couldn't bring himself to give her up to the authorities. Tove was adorable as a child and she had a beautiful smile that Kris was sure would melt the heart of anyone. But he was also sure that if she were to be found by someone else or put into the system her life would be made miserable.

    And so Kris raised Tove as his granddaughter for seven years. He taught her everything that he knew, and being a former college professor, that was a lot. He tried his best to give her the best things in life even though she had grown humble and somewhat of a minimalist under his guidance.
    At the age of eight however, tragedy struck when Kris suffered from a stroke while grocery shopping. He was taken to the hospital where he fell into a medically induced coma, and Tove who had been left at home was found by police officers after a neighbor reported seeing lights on in the house despite Kris not being there.

    At first it was assumed that Tove was a squatter or a burglar as when she explained that Kris was her grandfather, the authorities thought she was lying because of the difference of skin color between Kris and Tove. However after further invesitgtion the truth was revealed, but because Tove was never officially adopted by Kris and because the latter was incapacitated, Tove was put into the system and left at an orphanage in the next city over.

    Because of her young age and her adorable features, Tove was adopted quickly by a couple who refused to have anymore biological children after their first one was born autistic and severely physically disabled. Although her new family was nothing like Kris, Tove got along with them fairly quickly. However, there was a certain uneasiness between the couple and their biological son, Arthur. Tove would notice how her new parents cast heated glares at their son and sometimes snapped at him in exasperation when he repeated motions or struggled to speak clearly. Tove herself, loved her brother, she found him interesting and soon became the only one who could really understand him. Despite this bridge in communication, their parents began to have hushed lengthy discussions long into the night, and Arthur's name would often come up. Tove worried for her brother, but could do nothing.
    As it often does, tragedy reappeared in Tove's life when her parents sent Arthur to a mental institution when Arthur was fifteen and Tove was twelve. Tove was devastated and enraged by her parent's actions and it was then that her sound manipulation power made it's first appearance. Tove screamed in rage and her voice shattered the windows and rattled the furniture. Her parents cowered from her in fear and Tove ran away from home that day.
    While living on the streets, a Polemistes graduate found her and convinced her to attend the school.

    Tattoo: Located on the back of her left hand
    • Sound Manipulation
    • Lightning Bow Construction (Create Bows and Arrows out of lightning and use as weapons)
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  7. I've already taken Ares
  8. That's why I asked if those reserved were the actual god/goddess or the kids. I thought that meant you were playing the actual Ares.
  9. Then I answered the wrong way, sorry I was half sleep when I had replied; didn't realize I only answered one question.
  10. @Karma200
    Has my character been accepted?
  11. Can you make the personality into a paragraph? Then she's accepted, I thought your cs was still 'wip'.
  12. Okay I finished it.
  13. Name: Felicity 'Fliss' Richards
    Age: 17
    Parent: Freya

    Felicity is the kind of girl who seems shallow from the outside. Her looks can be decieving, people either see her as a threat or they want to befriend her. She has an eye for anything beautiful and always tries to look her best. She often cares about her nails and hates when they break. (Shallow).

    When you get to know Felicity you find out that she doesn't mean to be shallow. It's something that just comes naturally to her! She loves to train though, she finds some kind of comfort in learning how to fight and defend herself. She also loves to read people's emotions. (Not just because of her powers). She finds people interesting and their stories. She really wished she had the ability to read people's minds because she wants to know what is going through people's minds all the time.

    Felicity also is the kind of girl who doesn't mean to have an attitude, but get on her wrong side and she'll give you attitude. Growing up with four other sisters she had to learn to say what was on her mind or people weren't going to hear her. She will tell you her opinion even if you don't ask for it. She is known for giving out advice, even when you just wanted someone to rant to.

    Felicity is the youngest of 5 sisters and is often called the black sheep of the family. Felicity never really thought she was different, she looked a lot different from her sisters, but she figured it was just genes and genetic pool. She still looked kind of like her father, just nothing like her mother.

    What really happened was Felicity's father, Drake, was a famous actor and producer who was known everywhere for the happy life he lived even with his career. (As we know, actors often don't have very happy relationships). He was happily married to a wife and they four adorable little girls, all of which were stunningly beautiful. Freya, the Norse Goddess known for her infidelity with men, knew of Drake. She loved how adorable his children and how they came out stunning. It got her curious as to what a child between herself and Drake would look like. And then came Felicity.

    Drake is still happily married and is still a producer and actor. In fact, Felicity has lived a really normal and wonderful life. She didn't know of her true mother until her first year at Polemistés Academy. At first it really bothered her that she wasn't her mother's daughter, but she kind of knew it all along. Her whole life strange things happened to her. Every now and then she could sense people's emotions, most often she could sense love. She always saw a little pink aura around her father and mother when they were near each other. She could also see red around her sisters when they argued. Felicity was never normal in her looks either, always attracting men more often then her older sisters.

    Tattoo appears on the right side of her neck.

    -See people's emotions through colours around them (Like auras)
    -Gold Generation (ability to take existing items and transform them into gold and shape them into different objects).

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    I got her powers from her mother, the second one is actually less of a stretch then the first one. Freya was known for her love of finer objects and materials. So I figured, "What is more fine then gold?"

    I also chose her tattoo, because Freya is also known for fertility. Fertility is the way to keep generations of families going, through children that you have. Trees are known to track family, (Family trees), and because they have roots spanning across to everywhere, connecting everyone and everything. So I thought a tree would be the best idea to fit Freya.
  14. Looks like fun. Travis referred me to this rp. Do you take reservations? Because if so, I'd totally like to reserve Dionysus.
  15. Name: James "JD" Dillon
    Age: 18
    Parent: Hephaestus
    Personality: JD can be described as the calm before the storm. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a free spirit, but push him past his breaking point and no amount of reasoning can stop him from a fight. That being said, JD is as loyal a friend as they come and is the kind of guy to take a bullet so you don't have too.
    Likes: Sculpting, Boxing, cooking, Classic Rock music, jokes, American Football.
    Dislikes: Bullies, arguing, Insults.

    Background: Unlike most Demigods JD knew his whole life what he is and who his father is, His mother figured he deserved to know the truth. This caused JD to have a very interesting childhood. Where some children may want to be a cop, or a fire fighter, or a Doctor, Just like there fathers, JD had much bigger shoes to fill. This caused him to have waves of pride as well as phases of anger and acting out.
    While in elementary school the other students would pick on JD for believing his father was a god. Because of this he got in many fights in his early years and was transferred to 3 separate schools by the time he was in the fifth grade. JDs mother told him time and time again that fighting was not the right response but inside she knew there was nothing that could be done. He is his fathers son after all. To help him focus his anger into something constructive she put JD in boxing classes in hopes he would punch the bags instead of other children.
    As he was entering High school JD Stopped being so forward with his godhood and began to stop believing it himself. That was before he almost killed some fellow students in the 10th grade. While walking home from school one day JD was jumped by 5 students, even with his boxing training he was no match for 5 on 1. As he laid on the ground being kicked and stomped he felt the anger growing in his chest, But then the anger turned to heat, and then heat turned to flame. Before he even asked himself what was going on JD had already knocked the 5 thugs out and given them very bad burns. The police were baffled as to what happened but the 5 boys all pointed at JD. This on top of his troubled youth led to a long string of court hearings.
    After 2 years JD was cleared but by then he had missed 2 years of school And no public school would accept him. Jds mother was heart broken that her son would never get a high school diploma, and with that on top of his assault charges the chances of him getting a good job were low at best. But then She was contacted by the Polemistés Academy and she knew this was the answer she was waiting for. JD was reluctant at first but he knew how much his mother wanted this, so he Agreed.

    Tattoo: More of a Brand then a Tattoo, JD has a Hammer within a Cog set upon his right forearm. (See pic)
    Power(s): Forge Fire: JD Can conjure divine flames around his hands which he can use as augmented punches or to launch a distance up to 50 Yards.
    Forge Flesh: JD can call upon his fathers blessing and transmute his body into living Iron. This increases his strength and resistance greatly but lasts for only 3 minutes. Afterwards JD is drained of energy for a short while. (See pic)
    Appearance: (See Pic)

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