*pokes head inside*

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Hope you don't mind me dropping in. I'm not new to Roleplaying but it's been A While. Looking to shake off the rust and start writing again.
Its actually better to scrape off rust, than shake it.

-Leans in really close, whispering.-

-gets the screw driver- alright ready to replace some old screws -smiles happily- and welcome to the Iwaku there
Welcome to Iwaku!

We've got lots and lots of fantastic Newb Friendly roleplays you could get involved with. If you want to do some writing practice, submit something in the Creativity/Art section. n__n You'll have lots of fun here.

Lemme know if you want help.
Heheheh, Ike is gonna screw you...

If THAT doesn't scare you away, welcome to Iwaku! XD
Some maturity, you say?

Let me see if we have any in stock, still...

...nope, according to our database we never had it to begin with.

Welcome to Iwaku, delicious friend.
If you're going to come here make a proper job of it. Mere cranial intrusion is insufficient.

*grabs head and pulls fulling into the forums*


Right now that you're all here I can welcome you. I'd hate to have to waste time and energy welcoming all your body parts separately. I'm Vay, global mod and one of the go-to guys when you have questions. Need to know about the bbcodes, the cbox, a certain member, an rp, of any of out projects (including out very own world/setting known as Iwak world... nooo not world of Iwaku >=( ) I'm your kroot.
Hee, certainly a very friendly bunch you all are. (Should I have a safe word, or better yet an escape route ready?)

Thank you for the welcome :)
You COULD but we'd just flood it with radiation and call it out new sauna. Easiest way to get along around here is to just RP and if you're feeling brave theres the Cbox.