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  1. We all know Pokemon red and blue. Right? As well we also have the updated versions of fire red and leaf green. Put the anime aside... You're going to live the game! There are going to be a lot of rules, you will be restricted to Kanto region Pokemon for instance. But this is part of the experience! All you need for your characters is simple, I'll give you something to copy and paste further down. Primarily, this will be who you will use. Added touches... No other trainers other than the main characters, such as Bill, the elite four, gym leaders etc. will be there without your permission! Also, you will legitimately be able to battle against other trainers! You can make such choices that were never possible in the game.

    Become a member of:
    Team Rocket (Nugget Bridge will give you the opportunity)
    Gym leader (Have to defeat them first)
    Elite four (Must defeat current member)
    Champion (Same as above)

    The pokeball system will work like this. You must fight the wild Pokemon (Through rp means) to red or yellow health, just in the game. If health is green, no matter the ball or level, it will fail. Here is the catch rate.

    Pokeball: Lv 1 - 20
    Great ball: Lv 21 - 35
    Ultraball: Lv 36 -55
    Masterball: Legendaries

    Yes, as you could imply from that, legendaries are obtainable. There are six legendaries that may be obtained through the storyline through set events (in which case a npc will be directed to give you a masterball), Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Lugia, Mewtwo and Mew. The legendary birds are random, though the last three require the storyline to be complete. (Beat the champion) This might be harder than you'd expect, even with the levelling system. Each trainer battle against another roleplayer gains you two levels for the Pokemon beaten each, with the Pokemon used, after battle only. This is to stop interruptions of damage calculations. One level however for npcs. You may find TMs any time you please as well, Pokemon will learn the same moves as they usually would. For Pokemon that evolve through trade, they will instead evolve again once levelled up a further fifteen levels. Level limit, is as usual, 100.

    Worried this won't work? Fear not! There's a reason I'll only purely be moderator and controlling the npcs + storyline dialogs. I have a damage calculator which takes in the stats and level of a Pokemon. I'll be telling you who deals what damage, you have to trust me. One hit K.O.s won't be allowed, for accuracy isn't taken into account. Every place you can find Pokemon in red, you'll find them in this rp. If need be later I'll update this with a region map and a list of where to find what Pokemon.


    Sorry to have kept you waiting. Welcome to the world inhabited by Pokemon! Before we can begin, I just need to know a couple things about you.

    What's your name?
    What do you look like? (Good description please)

    Your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold. Step into this world and let your imagination guide you! Oh! And Professor Oak is waiting on the outskirts of Pallet town for you to teach you how to battle. Have fun!
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  2. Name: Nejiss Wing
    Description: Nejiss is a tall, thin girl with bleach blonde hair that falls to her elbows. It's naturally wavy, and becomes increasingly so in humid weather. She has long bangs that reach to her chin, and she keeps them swept to the right side of her face. Her forehead is long, which accommodates her bangs well, and her eyes are smaller, well spaced, and colored a light baby blue with gray flecks around the pupil. Her eyelashes are thin, but dark, and her eyebrows are thin, long, curved, and the same color as her hair. Her nose is long, but small and unnoticeable. Her mouth falls at an equal distance from her nose and chin, and her lips are a faint pink. Even when smiling, her mouth is a small, thin, unnoticeable line. Her skin is surprisingly pale, but appears to be a bit pink when she's in the sunlight. Her face is shaped narrowly, but her chin is gently curved and doesn't end in a point.
    She moves in a way reminiscent of fabric when wind blows on it. She has unusually long fingers and big feet. She isn't toothpick thin, and works to keep her reputation of being strong. Her shoulders are flat, and her collarbone tilts gently inwards. Her back is very straight, and she maintains good posture. Her shoulders are slightly pushed back, making her appear as if she is puffing out her chest. Her waist isn't very curvy, nor is the rest of her body. Her hips are small, and her legs bent slightly backwards when she stands up straight. She has a slightly long neck, and good torso to legs proportions, although her arms are a bit short proportionally. Her skin is somewhat clean, but dries very easily at places like elbows and knuckles. Her frame is bony, especially when she hasn't been very physically active.


    I was awake before the alarm even went off. Today was too important, too big for me to possibly miss. Everything was in order-My bag, food, money.. All of it. I had decided to postpone my adventures until I had gone through high school and gotten a proper education. Hopefully, I could earn a living as a trainer, or even better, but it was a long shot. Everyone wanted to be at the top, to be the champion. Lots of competition for the job.
    That morning was a blur-Eating, saying goodbyes to parents. Both my mom and dad looked like they were tearing up a bit, but I knew I'd come back and visit frequently, especially once I got a pokemon that could fly.
    I picked up my bag, filled with everything I'd need for my adventures, and finally stepped outside. It would be the last time I walked through that doorway in a while, but I didn't care. I didn't waste my time on sentimentality, looking around town for the last time, or any of that. I immediately found Professer Oak, and headed over, smiling briefly and offering to shake hands. "Hello, I'm Nejiss Wing.. I believe you have a pokemon for me."
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  3. What's your name?

    Hi my Name is James Mason

    What do you look like? (Good description please)

    I'm 18 years old, 6 foot 6 and a little underweight. I usually have my Spiky Blue hair with red tips but if I can't be bothered I wear my Pokallica (Metallica) Cap.
    Skull and cross bones baggy T-shirt and ripped dark blue jeans. I tend to slouch at times due to being too tall. I'm kind hearted to all who deserve it. I will become a Champion and will catch them all.

    James looks around the town and behind houses before going up to Professor Oak "Hey dude" James gives a slight wave with his hand "What you up to?"
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  4. (( Awesome :D I love Pokemon >w< ))

    Name : Pippa Hanson
    About : Pippa is a fifteen year old girl with ginger hair and bright blue eyes, a little shorter than her age's average height. Her hair falls a little further than her shoulders, but she mostly keeps it in a side plait. She wears colourful, open clothes and loves to listen to music. She's rather clumsy and tends to bump into people a lot, but aside from that Pippa has a bubbly personality and is always cheerful and optimistic. She wears a lot of bracelets and usually walks barefoot (which is probably why she gets sharp objects stuck inside her feet a lot.) Pippa loves Pokemon and hopes to befriend all Pokemon.

    Pippa stumbled into Professor Oak's laboratory and smashed a few bottles of boiling liquid. "S-sorry!" said Pippa as she rubbed her head, sitting up.
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  5. Professor Oak himself gave a smile as James approached, immediately pointing to his bag. "It's time for you to choose your own Pokemon! Then I will teach you how to battle. So who will you choose? Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle?" He asked, looking at three new trainer expectantly.

    Back at the lab, one of the Professors Aids was dumbstruck after witnessing Pippa breaking equipment. But with a shake of his head, he remembered what he was like as a youth, and went to fetch a shovel and pan. "Please be more careful. Professor Oak is waiting for you by the tall grass. Have you spoken to him yet?" He asked as he began to clean up.
  6. (ERROR! I'll have to make the directed speech to both Nejiss and James. So we don't get things messed up, please proceed as if this occurred.)
  7. "Charmander Please I've been thinking about this for years". James said politely. He couldn't wait to get started.
  8. Pippa blinked plainly at one of Prof's Aids. "Ah.. Oh gosh, I've forgotten all about that! Sorry once again!" she exclaimed, then quickly ran out, heading for the tall grass.
  9. He wonders at what the others would pick *Wait a minute I haven't said Hi, How rude of me, I'll let them decide their pokemon 1st then introduce myself.* He heard footsteps behind him but was lost in thought to look around.
  10. I glanced over at the boy who'd requested Charmander. I knew how popular Charizards were, and I was glad I didn't want one. They were great and all, but I wanted to save the position of fire-type on my team for a Vulpix. I've had an infatuation with them and their evoloution since I was a young girl, and dreamed of owning one, even if they tended to be elusive.
    "Bulbasaur, if you don't mind." I said, pushing a stray strand of hair behind my ears. The Professor seemed lost in thought, and I adjusted my stance. Bulbasaurs had a reputation for being easy to train, and their last evoloution had desirable stats for the battle strategy I've been thinking about adopting since I was thirteen. This journey I was about to embark on was something I've been planning ever since I was in elementary school.
  11. Pippa got to the tall grass, out of breath. She looked around. "Oh no..he must have left." Pippa said to herself. Great. Just great. The young girl sighed, and shaked her head in disappointment.
  12. James turns to Nejiss "Hey up I'm James, nice choice. Squirtle was my choice when I was little but I've been working on my strategy for 8 years. Now over the years it had to be charmander out of the 3".
  13. "HELLO" James shouted he's sure he heard something "You hear that" turning to Oak and Nejiss
  14. [Nejiss Wing] "Nice to meet you, James." I said, glancing over at the Professor. "I've always wanted Bulbasaur, so that I could have a Vulpix on my team. I've been fascinated with them since I was a little girl."
    I sized him up, wondering what his strategy might be. I've been working on mine just short of ten years or so, not including when I was younger than ten and pretended that I knew what I was doing in play fights using stuffed Pokemon.
    I jumped a little when he shouted, and brushed my hair behind my ear after it fell from it's place.
    "Yeah, I heard it, too. Sounded like someone was talking."
  15. You think it’s someone here to see professor oak” James asked “She might still make it if she can find us, quick let’s make some noise”. With that James just started shouting random things.