Pokemon X Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossover RP?

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  1. Basically, I decided to grab this little idea from an old forum I was once on.

    The basic plotline... well, it's more Pokemon than Yu-Gi-Oh!, especially since I haven't caught up with Yu-Gi-Oh! in a while. A long, long, while. I- nevermind I won't continue, back to the main point.


    The Spirit World is a realm, populated by Duel Spirits of all shapes and sizes. Being a vast world, there was always war between some nations and harmony among others. Nothing really changed, that was, until one day....

    It happened.

    Throughout this realm, every nation, every race, every legion, felt it.


    The Yuoh Region. It is a region that houses many different kinds of Pokemon that can be found in other regions. Recently, a mysterious dimensional phenomenom has caused our world to fuse with another, mysterious world, and the Yuoh Region was the one that was most dominantly affected. While other regions simply had a few mysterious new Pokemon species, the Yuoh region had a rather large variety of new Pokemon of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, certain terrain and Metropolis of the Yuoh Region has fused with that of another world, making it a brand new region.

    Recently, new trainers have been setting out on their journey throughout this region....


    So, basically, a usual trainer journey with a little extra plot. Plus, cards from Yu-Gi-Oh! have adapted to the world of Pokemon to fit their mechanics, thus you can catch a Kuriboh with your Pokeball and train it or something.

    And yes, you can keep humanoids like Celtic Guardian. And depending on Duel Spirit, they can or cannot talk.

    I'm still pondering about some things, such as reducing the number of Gym Leaders just in case it gets too long, although Gym Leaders can be battled in any order desired. I'm definitely doing the latter though.

    And yes, there will be an evil team.
  2. I wonder how will you make YGO mosnter evolve like Pokemon.

    Or the Fusion Mechanics.

    And those Syncros. and people that Screams OVERLAY XYZ!

    I'm just curious. Because I want that Kuriboh.
  3. Must say it have a 7+ For originality xD
  4. I was thinking for a while. Based on previous RP plans, Polymerization will take the form of an item that functions almost exactly like the Gene Splicer. Gladbeast and Neos contact Fusions... they do not require Polymerization.

    I was initially thinking of Synchros going through regular Evolution. Or have certain items akin to Polymerization, certain items that contain the souls of Synchro Monsters waiting to be unleashed. So, regular evolution or Magical Versions of Gene Splicers?

    XYZs weren't out when this idea was first reproduced by someone else, so I guess I could use some suggestions.

    Glad to see interest.
  5. Dark Magician is an eveeeeeee.
  6. Well, you'll need to include a brief example of an Evolution Chart in your app to be.

    Well, Dark Magician has some serious variation support, that I know. Mentor, old guy, student, other old guy, something... Now that I think of it, I'm not really into DMG that much anymore.
  7. Then Magic swordsman, Dragon, Chaos guy, executioner, and... Super sayain Egyptian, along with Super sorcerer.


    Yes, I have the Family. It makes them a bit Mexican.
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