Pokemon: When Nothing Goes as Planned

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  1. ((OOC: Not entirely sure how to quite start this, but I guess I'll just have to state the plot. Two scrubs start a journey and are unable to get a starter, and get beat-up by wild Pokemon in the grass. They have to befriend a wild pokemon in order to even start their journey and improv the rest of the way.))
  2. It was a pleasant morning for the 40-something housewife who was currently making scrambled Chansey-egg and toast for breakfast while humming her favorite tune. She was a bit on the larger side, and was still dressed in her shower robe, slippers, and had her hair curlers in. Yes, everything was going swell for Darla...That is, until she heard a loud crash from upstairs followed by a loud "NOOOOOOOO!"

    "Oh my," the middle aged woman sighed, cupping her cheek with one hand and turning down the heat on the stove with her other to keep her eggs from burning. She then made her way to the stairway and called up "You okay up there, honey?"

    "No, I am not okay, mom!" Was her response, followed by more clamoring before her young teenage daughter rocketed out of her room, only to trip over her own feet ant tumbling down the stairs, glasses falling off her nose and skidding across the floor, straight to her mother's feet. Darla then quickly picked them up and dusted them off. "Now, dear, if you keep acting like that, you'll break them."

    The girl quickly snatched her glasses out of Darla's hands and bolted through the kitchen to make a quick get away, calling out "Yeah, I know, but I reall have to leave or I'll be late, and I can't be late or I wont be able to get a starter, so I can't even eat breakfast, so bye!" which sounded more like "ASDFGHJKIUYTREWCCBGHDCVVNUUUUBGYERRTB!" to anyone else.

    "Wait, Claraaaa!" Darla called out, watching her daughter fade into the distance, trip once more, and get back up and sprint again.
    "My, that girl..."
  3. The sun glistened off of Victor's silky blonde hair. Today was the day he would finally receive his pokemon, and then start his journey to see all of the pokemon world. He wandered his way down the street, not really sure where he was going but confident the pokemon lab would be around somewhere. As he walked he sang to himself the theme song of his favorite television show.
    "Go, fight, pokemon heroes! Fuse to take the ultimate form! Pokemon heroes, generation zero! Save the world from the alien storm!"
    He struck poses as he hit each note, and others walking by murmured to each other about the strange boy dancing down the street. Suddenly he was passed by a girl sprinting at full speed. She ran past him a good couple of feet before she tripped on a crack and skidded across the ground, glasses flying off of her face. He jogged to where she fell and stood over her.
    "Wow, you're face must be horribly disfigured after that fall!" He said with a stupid grin.
  4. Clara picked herself up after her fall and took note of the rude comment that was currently made and replied with an curt "Oh no, I'm fine." Before turning to face him and revealing a bloody nose. "I'm used to falling all the time, so I've grown quite sturdy." She then rummaged through her bag and pulled out a medical kit, from which she grabbed a tissue to blot away the blood on her face.
  5. "Are you sure you're fine? It's like your nose is a waterfall!"
  6. "A waterfall, really?" Clara gasped, trying to look at whoever it was who was talking to her, but no matter how hard she squinted, she couldn't make him out; he was a blurry mess. Where did her glasses fly off to this time?

    "Um, excuse me, you wouldn't happen to see my glasses, would you?"
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