Pokemon: The Sacred Isle

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  1. I have two ideas for this one. Read the entire thread to learn both.

    Pokemon on the main island of Japan are typically cute and cuddly, humans have long forgotten their connection to them. But in other places of the world, humans remember.

    On the sacred island of Honto, humans remember that they are Pokemon. They just evolved differently. Pokemon on the island are much more like humans. They are human sized with humanoid shapes and parts, but they also resemble their old forms as well. This evolutionary difference has made them have a different kind of relationship with humans.

    Humans on the island fight alongside their Pokemon in battles. They typically use fighting styles and some even have psychic abilities. They fight just like Pokemon in a typical battle. They only fight until their opponent has fainted and do not use lethal force.

    First Idea:
    This story is about a 17 year old Pokemon trainer who found out that he and his 15 year old sister have the power to absorb Pokemon powers by mating with them. The older brother stole a prototype pokeball, called the dominion ball, from Team Dragon, an organization that uses Pokemon for crime. When he learned of his sister's power, he used the dominion ball to capture his sister as his Pokemon and now she must obey him.

    Second Idea:
    Alternatively, the capture of his sister was an accident. Maybe it happened in an ancient temple with an ancient pokeball. Pokemon will no longer obey her, but she still wants to fight in Pokemon battles with her brother. They fight as a team. She knows that mating with Pokemon will make her stronger and reluctantly allows it.

    Pokemon are willing to mate with her, and many times attempt to rape her. They aren't interested in the brother, but he finds out that he can get powers by having sex with his sister. But this takes the powers away from her, so she must continue to mate with Pokemon to give her and her brother powers.

    All these ideas are up for change. Feel free to PM me and come up with your own ideas.
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