Pokemon: The Middle Ages



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Come Join us at Pmarp, a world filled with adventure and trials, unique in every regard. Welcome to a world set in the medieval time period, where your death could lie around any corner. You can have friends, even allies, however trust noone but your self in this battle for survival; for the seeds of evil have been planted everywhere. Crime and evil will try to tempt you. It is your choice to stop the evil or become one with it. Keep in mind that you are your actions, though; they may either help you on your quest or drive to the ground. Remember, you may be faced with some hard justice if you follow the path of evil... Or not.

You can choose from being a Pokemon out to find it's own destiny, a human out to prove his worth or a combination of the two, a Pokemorph, born through the fusion of a human and a Pokemon. Choose any path you desire, each has their own unique experience.

Come join us and fight for what you believe in!

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