Pokémon: The Dream Documents (Rexcalibur/G.B.F.)

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    Murkrow perched on shaggy rooftops and plucked trash from the dank alleyways of a rogue dumpster, deluged in nothing but fragile silence. The rest of the city was in a bustle - the post-work rush and lull - and proudly acquainted with that very bustle. Lines flooded the food court at the Department Store, where Slowpoke Tail and Berry Juice were the radically trendy entrées of the day; an ambiance of DJ Mary and the natter of the latest episode for Timegate Travelers permeated the atmosphere; kids shuffled with their Pikachu and Skitty as if they were the great Brycen himself in Robo-Cop. Amongst the tranquil corners of the Department store nurses slogged over the outside lunch tables, tired from lugging full sized carts and beds, while the casual lot meditated over microwave Ramen noodles and Costco coffee cups. The city was at peace, and when Buena’s password rang through the air, there was nothing but a synchronization of voices: all scrambling through the digits on their touch screen devices - a remembrall to when that was just a plot device for Science Fiction. How - ordinary.

    But this wasn’t the safe confines of the Department store, where the air smelled of Spritzee, or a gush of air whirled fresh from the Magnet Train station, a cool Saffron breeze. Arceus, no. The air was thick and grimy, the Game Corner in sight, and cigarette butts littered amongst the rubble.

    Katsumi stood against the still, queasy air, unfazed entirely - she had no reason. Bitter roast burned down her throat as, at the corner of the building in this damp alleyway, she waited. A van was supposed to arrive within the hour, and she would loiter around in this pathetic and shabby location for this van. Important stuff - much too complex for the casual lot.

    Behind her stood Vivian, just as dignified and unwavering as her owner. The Braixen backed against the wall, gritting her nails with her wooden twig, keeping a patient hold as Katsumi scanned the premises.

    Just then, a tire screeched. The two darted into a clove between two buildings as a van lumbered ungracefully into the alleyway. With the sliver that she could see, Katsumi knew that these were the targets she had been waiting for. The men were dressed in white, wore monotonous shades, and had a stickpin of a mysterious symbol - how indicative, she thought.

    "Vi, activate voice message," she said, and the Braixen gently flicked its wrist to activate the device in Katsumi’s back pocket. A faint hologram spawned a Porygon2 in front of the duo. "Send to Kotone. The guys are here. Remember, I need a distraction before I loot the van, and then we’re out of here like some feisty Linoone. Think you can pull it off? If we get caught, make sure they don’t see your face. Over."

    The Porygon2 dissolved into the air after a beep, and Katsumi looked to Vivian for one last look. Grunting a nod, they looked on to the van in a readied stance - those documents would be in their possession, no doubt.
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    Not too far from where Katsumi stood, Kotone stood hidden beneath the shadows of a busy restaurant. Like Vivian, one of Kotone's own Pokemon - a Smoochum - hung about in the open, except atop her trainer's head like it was her pillow. While Kotone responded to the hologrammed image on her wrist, Hailie's attention was focused on the men clammering around the van.

    "You ready, Hailie?" Kotone patted the Smoochum atop her head, while her own eyes turned to the revolving doors of the Cinccino Cafe just across the street. Out strode a tall woman adorned in hues of black and gold, leather and studs. She was thin, curvaceous, and showed a lot of skin - enough skin to embarrass even Kotone from across the street. The lady strode out with confidence, her heels clicking along the pavement. Her face however was hidden beneath the shades of her long bangs and enormous capitano hat.

    Kotone lifted a brow at the woman's choice of apparel, but her grin gradually widened with every step closer she took. She bit her lip mischievously once the woman passed by her completely, proceeding in the direction of the shifty van and classy men.

    "Gettem, Mimi."

    The green-haired lady clicked her heels louder and louder as she stepped closer to the men. They glanced over their shoulders a few times as she approached, but only when she stood within arm's length of their vehicle did they completely face her. The chunkier of the two, a baldie, stepped forward, his fist tightened and shaking. "Hey, woman! You can't be here! Top secret business and all that."

    Mimi turned away, giggling. It wasn't any soft girly giggle though; this was a chuckle of confidence. This only made the bald man even more shaky. "Hey! Woman! I just told you that you can't be here!"

    From her hiding spot, Kotone nudged the kiss Pokemon atop her head. "Now, Hailie," she whispered.

    At that moment, the bald man stepped up to Mimi and gripped her arms. "Look, I don't like getting rough with the ladies, but you really can't be here and I, we, I mean... Don't make me drag you out of here because I really don't want to do this to you! I mean I can, but!" The bearded man behind him spoke up for a moment, but was immediately hushed by the bald one. "No Huey, I've got this. Look, ma'am, I'll give you one last chance--"

    It was then that Mimi's bangs fluttered away from her face, and the breeze carried her hat right off her head, revealing her face to the white-suited men.
    surprise (open)

    "OH MY ARCEUS," the bald man shrieked, nearly flopping onto his behind. His feelings had never felt so conflicted in his life! And yet, and yet - "She's beautiful!" Like a rubber ball he bounced back to his feet with utmost enthusiasm, and rushed to grip Mimi's hands in his own. He knelt before her, and procured a sudden ring from his vest pocket. "This was for my girlfriend but baby, I gotta have you."

    The two bearded men behind him could do all but gape at their comrade. One of them stepped up, holding his hands out defensively. "Whoa wait, no, Bruce, come on, she's obviously a prostitute. You can't just..."

    "Oh baby she can prostitute me any time she wants to." He began kissing up her arm, to which Mimi giggled again.

    "Katsumi, go!" Kotone snapped to her wristwatch in a hushed tone. Her other hand hovered over her blue lips, trying so hard to suppress the upcoming cackles. Hailie wiggled her feet as well, also struggling to hide her sniggering. Kotone wiped a trailing tear from her cheek. "And everyone tells me Attract is useless... hah!"
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    Once Katsumi received the clearing, she let no time go idle. With the men enthralled, what would once be a formidable task seemingly became a casual stroll. But Katsumi never let her gait falter to that of a squabbling Bidoof. Entropy and variables, as she had learned from experience - rather than the abhorrence of a solutions manual for her Chemistry classes - could predicate that her plan could go south any second, and she had to be as lithe and sensitive as a Lucario. Fortunately, Katsumi craved those sour moments: a spur that would force her to use quick wits, economical communication, and brute willpower to muscle through tricky odds.

    But, at this very juncture, things were going well.

    Wasting no time, Katsumi approached the van, flicking her eyes towards the men every two seconds. After a decisive nod, swallowing thickly that the men would not even so much as turn their heads like Noctowl, she gestured for Vivian. "Vi, Psychic." The Fox Pokémon began to gleam with a white hue, eyes iridescent as its twig began to sparkle. After a bit of fiddling, the doors unhinged and swung open. "P-2, search through inbox," she spoke to her messenger, hopping inside "Keyword: Dream Documents Location." The Braixen used its powers to seal the doors shut, and then lighted a flame to illuminate the vehicle's rather spacious - yet occupied by junk - trunk.

    With deft hands, Katsumi ravaged the insides of the van, where boxes held a litany of different objects: mostly useless junk, from Potions to Elesa's latest fashion magazine - was it really that damaging to their masculinity that they had to hide it? - and many scraps of paper.

    The Porygon2 assistant buzzed and said: "Searching through database." After a query, it added: "It will be delivered in the vanilla envelope sealed with our insignia."

    "Perfect. Message to Kotone: Hold off a little bit longer. After this, we are so going to the salon. I need my Apple Tini fix for the day."

    The envelope was not in sight. For the few minute, Katsumi had inspected each box with thorough precision, and still nothing of importance had surfaced. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest at the cusp of the minutes, especially when she could hear the men through the steely walls. Lubb. Dupp. Lubb. Dupp. It was pulsating madly.

    There was only one other place: the cockpit. She peered through the back-window, which was hid by a curtain. There it was. On the cushion of shotgun, resting like an Abra - and, Arceus, it could teleport as fast as an Abra if given the chance. These were the variables.

    "Kotone, the documents are in the front seat. Give me a moment."

    Vivian struck the doors open, perhaps a bit too forceful. It was a rash tendency of the duo to use more than enough power than needed - but hopefully it wasn't loud enough to make a scene.

    That's when they were wrong.

    One of the bearded men swung around like a club, eyes fixated on the van - the unhinged door; the girl standing there. "Hey," he yelled, approaching.

    "Shit, shit - Kotone, follow up with plan B. Fight." Careful not to show her face, Katsumi pivoted as she threw a Pokéball into the air. "Lady Ruby, debut! Dazzling Gleam, quickly!" From the capsule, a Misdreavus took shape and immediately casted a piercing light, blinding one of the men. "K, we have no time. Lets knock out these men quickly, snatch the goods, and make a run for it. Pronto."
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    Now that Katsumi's Misdreavus made her appearance, there was no need for Kotone's Pokémon to hide in the shadows anymore, though she herself remained there to avoid being seen. Her Smoochum hopped off her head and bounced on her butt upon hitting the floor, before getting up and waddling to the battlefield. The second of the two bearded men caught sight of her running near, and charged at her to stop her. Of course Hailie, being the klutz that she was, tripped over nothing, causing the man who intended to swipe her up to stumble forward and crash on the ground.

    "Sweet Kiss," Kotone whispered.

    Her expression blank, Hailie waddled to the man and gave him a long smooch on his cheek. At once the man's eyes swirled, and he began banging his head against the ground. He let out cries of confusion and agony while Hailie waddled back to where Kotone hid. She tripped upon turning the corner, but Kotone quickly swiped her up and plonked her back atop her head.

    Hailie observed the head-grounding man for any further movements.


    The balding man, oblivious to his surroundings, continued kissing up Mimi's arm to her cheek - and only then did he finally see her caricatural face for what it actually was. His grip on her hands loosened. "Hey, wait a minute, you're not--"

    SLAP! Mimi's free hand crossed his face, sending him to the ground a second time, with a large red palm print on his cheek. Dazed, the man laid there for a moment, giving Mimi enough time to make its next move. Its womanly figure liquidized, its colors all melting into one another and blurring into a dark purple hue. The blobbing form shrank and shrank as it took on a more circular form, before defining its features. Bluish-green wavy hair with purple highlights emerged from the top, while a red beaded necklace materialized around its new neck.

    Mimi the Ditto had taken Lady Ruby's form. Taking the mimicry one step further, it too let out a blinding white light as its gaze met with the balding man's.


    Kotone peered around the corner briefly, before once again activating her communicator. She always thought a communicator designed like a golden watch was a lot more convenient than whatever Katsumi carried around - but at least they were both compatible. "You had one job, Katty!" she called teasingly, her voice still low. "But don't worry, ne? I've got your back. You have the docs yet?"
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    "Arceus, shut it, you Froslass, I'm on it, no worries. The docs are in the front," she said. With a swift pivot and shift of her weight, Katsumi flipped on top of the van with a seasoned grace. From her small purse, she plucked a Smoke Ball from the front pouch and shattered it against the van's alabaster root. Smoke fogged from the orb, slowly encasing her. It would be fleetingly momentary - thirty seconds at best - but Katsumi only needed to veil her face.

    One of the bald men, palm to his temple as he teetered over the rubble, got up from his knees and snapped from his trance. At the sudden chaos, he threw two Pokéballs into the air. From the capsules landed a Farfetch'd whose leek was venerably ugly and a granite boulder, whose porous surface spouted two Binacle heads.

    Hmph, what pathetic Pokémon, Katsumi thought to herself, blowing a curl from her hair to the side. "Vivian, use Fire Spin." The Braixen lit its twig from its tail like a match, the branch now sparkling with fervid energy. Like a magician, the Fox Pokémon rapidly spun her wand as flames spiraled from it like a ribbon. Immediately, the duck squabbled in pain as it dashed in an effort to abate the intensity of the flames. But Vivian, after a few glances of the sluggish avian, casted its Fire Spin to trap the Wild Duck Pokémon in a vortex of heat.


    The Binacle was largely unscathed, tucked away in its shelter. "Water Gun, Binacle," the man commanded.

    The barnacles shot a low-intensity torrent from their mouthes, a keen trajectory for the Fox Pokémon. But Vivian was anything but one-dimensional. Like her owner, she did a back-flip and dodged the dual onslaught of Water Guns. Twinkling her wand into the air, the weapon began to luster she fired orbs of psionic energy at the Pokémon.

    The bald man, distracted by the battle, tore his glance away to see Katsumi smashing the van's front window with her heel. Growling, he charged for her, until--flash. Lady Ruby had intercepted, giggling as she hovered around the man's head.

    "Aha, here they are," Katsumi smirked. "All right, Kotone. You can finish them off or make them believe that they're hallucinating like they saw a Lunatone. Your call, since I'm not taking any more shit on my plate."
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    From her hiding spot, Kotone continued to watch her friend do her thing in all her grace and glamor, alongside Vivian. It astounded her every time they pulled off these twists and flips, even if she'd seen it plenty of times by this point. If it weren't for Katsumi speaking up, Kotone would've just stood there watching. "Gotcha!"

    After hushing the battle-ready Hailie atop her head, Kotone plucked a Pokéball from inside her shirt and rolled it towards the battlefield. Before the man flashed by Lady Ruby could regain his senses, another flash erupted from underneath him. A bunny popped out from the capsule. "Muffy! Jump Kick! Jump Kick Jump Kick Jump Kick! ♥" Kotone chanted from afar.


    Muffy the Buneary just looked at the man with disinterest and instead turned to his icy-rock Pokémon. The Binacle barely managed to dodge Vivian's attack, only by somehow springing itself towards Muffy's direction. Before it could even land, Muffy leapt into the air and kicked it back in its original direction - causing it to crash right into Vivian's fire orbs. He nodded in satisfaction before moving on to see who else needed some butt-whooping.

    Turned out the bearded man Hailie toyed with earlier was still banging his head on the cement. He couldn't even figure out how to reach his Pokéball in his precarious position, so there was no point in fretting over him. Muffy went next after the second bearded man, whose poor Farfetch'd was on fire. Like a coward, he ditched his dismayed Duck Pokémon in an effort to catch the trainers wreaking havoc themselves - primarily the one atop the van. Muffy tutted his head and dashed after him.

    Before beardy could even reach the vehicle, he felt something tugging at his ankle. He glanced down to see the little Buneary looking back up at him. His sunglasses hid the fright in his eyes. "H, hey there, little cutie...!" He'd have to stomp that thing quick before--

    With a grunt, Muffy sprung himself up the man's height, then barreled his feet into his chest. The suited man crashed to the floor, both in surprise and in pain. Muffy even crash-landed with him, right atop his bloated stomach. If that wasn't enough to knock him out, the Buneary jumped a couple more times atop him just to hear him squeal. No one called Muffy cute and got away with it.


    Even with the bearded suit's sunglasses, the constant flashes was beginning to blind him. Mimi giggled the same way Lady Ruby had, and once again released another Dazzling Gleam on the man. He wasn't going to be seeing anything anytime soon.
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    Katsumi smashed the rest of the window with the jagged point of her heel, about as sharp and pristine as a Seaking's horn. Her jugular pulsated against her skin; and she loved it. She craved the feeling of storming from the scene, enemies defeated and cold against the cement, as she strutted off into the distance. The documents were in hand; the Binacle and whatever poached avian alit were nothing more than pests; and she was fresh off an ego high, violet nails glimmering in the crisp air of victory.

    "Lady Ruby, flash," she commanded, and the banshee casted a vibrant orb that pierced through the murky, pungent atmosphere of the outskirts alleyway. The palette of colors screeched into whiteness, a blur for the men.

    Katsumi, with the sharp end of her heel, pressed her pumps into one of the bald man's back. He was portly, unshaved, and writhed against the threatening press of her heel against his spine--which felt sharp despite the thick white coat on his back--and the overwhelming force of Pokémon teamed against him. With the air still hazy, Katsumi leaned down to the man's ears. She chuckled darkly once, blowing a gust of bitingly chilling breathe down against his ear drum. "Tell your boss to start deliver to moi, love. Otherwise," she whispered, "I might just have to." Her voice trailed off. Then, she dug in her heel to press a little harder; not drawing blood, but enough force to intimidate the man. Once she got her share of violence, she tapped her pumps once, drawing the sharp end into the base and converted the heels into more practical running shoes--inventions, glorious. It was just her foot against his back, as if she had kicked his ass--which she imagined she did--and won.

    "All right, lets leave these losers. I got the documents. Time to head out."

    "Not so fast," one of the man grunted. "Farfetch'd, use Trump Card!"

    Katsumi pivoted. Suddenly, her mind pulled a blank. In the midst of the fog, she had lost track of her surroundings. All she could recall was a sudden glow in the shape of a rectangle, which then shot at her like a swift projectile. She braced herself, and--



    The concentrate of energy was struck by an orb of fire, incinerating the Trump Card attack. Still, Katsumi was taken so off guard that she lost her balance, falling to her side and crashing against the grimy cement. A pin from her bag flew off and settled next to the man, who collapsed onto the ground, but the air was so hazy from the flash that Katsumi had not noticed. Within seconds, she got back to her feet and scoffed, blowing a lock of her from her eyes. "Pleb," she muttered. "Vivi, Fire Spin. And don't hold back." The Braixen growled lowly at the men, wand glowing a fervid shade of amber. With a twirl of her wand, she unleashed a torrent of fire towards the bird, drowning it in flames.

    "Our work here is done, K. Take whatever you want of their clothing, of their inventory, of whatever. I don't give much of a damn for these bourgeoisie." She strutted off calmly into the distance, pausing a moment to wait for her bestie--Kotone, whom had saved her ass. Katsumi wouldn't admit it, but she did.
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    As Kotone finally stepped out from her hiding spot, she clasped her hands together and bit her bottom lip in glee. "See Kat, this is why we're good friends!" She wouldn't lie - seeing Katsumi taken by surprise nearly surprised Kotone herself, as it looked like they had the battle in their grasp. But of course, Vivian stepped in right on time and dismissed the suit's attempt.

    Well, at least they tried. It would've been too boring if they walked out of this one as easy as they did. Once Kotone stepped into the field, she recalled both her Ditto and Buneary into their Pokéballs. Hailie the Smoochum however, remained flopped over her trainer's head; she was rather claustrophobic for a Pokémon, even in a Luxury Ball, so Kotone respected that.

    It didn't take much for their opponents to all collapse in defeat, both Pokémon and trainers. That left the girl with a free range to their stuff. Immediately she worked her way through undressing the men one by one. Their suits, their leather shoes and slacks and dress shirts and ties and awesome shades and little fake hankies that stick out of their chest pockets - ooh, and this one had a Goldenrod-crafted logo on it! Those went for thousands. But Kotone decided to slip that one atop her wrist and keep it herself for now. She even got a few potions and extra Pokéballs out of this! Perfect!

    As Kotone trotted back to her companion, the groaning men all lied together in a defeated huddle, completely stripped of everything but their boxers (because who'd wanna touch those??). At least they had their truck to shield them from the public.

    Kotone carried her goodies in a bundled stack, neatly folded to reduce the size. Plus she carried around a small backpack with her everywhere she went for this purpose, so it didn't seem like she was outright stealing anything. Or she hoped. She hadn't been stopped yet, anyway.

    "Ne, ne, Katsu! This should cover for dinner for the whole month. I think I'll save this suit though - feel how smooth it is. Mm!"

    As they walked on, Hailie curiously peered over both of the girls to get a view for the documents Katsumi held. When Kotone realized this, she too remembered about them - aka the entire reason they started shit up in the first place. She strode ahead and leaned towards Katsumi a bit, trying to play it cute and curious. "Sooo, Katsu, now that we've got them..."
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