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It had been many years (200 in fact) since the first group of Pokedex Holders walked the earth. Each with his or her own skill, they all contributed to the wonderful world of Pokemon in his or her own way.

And now, the Pokedexes require new wielders, to record data on Pokemon, let Trainers find and catch Pokemon, and even hit that one button that prevents evolution. Whenever evil reared its head, the Pokedexes and their Trainers have always been there to stop the evildoers, and this time, it's no different. A syndicate of Pokemon terrorists have made themselves known to the world (once again) and the professors are ready to give the Pokedexes to the Trainers they see fit, in an effort to stop this evil.

This rp will be done in a style similar to Pokemon Special, meaning that Pokemon will, in fact, attack Trainers, and those that are bent on it, will usually try and kill. Criminals and such will also try and kill the trainers and/or Pokemon, in an effort to make a clean escape. And, know your Pokemon and what makes them special, because we'll utilize that also, like the manga. So if a Charizard's flames can melt boulders, they can do that, even if a Rapidash can't. Also, if a Pikachu can't use any more Thundershock, yet knows Thunderbolt, it makes no sense if it can use that, then, right? And, Pokemon can learn more than four moves; we won't limit the number of moves it can learn.

It is the year 2211 and humanity has blossomed through technology. Their are now flying cars, androids, laser guns, the sky is the limit! So remember this as you play! This also includes all the Gym Leaders being new and so on and so forth with human characters, however the cities will be the same.

Your specialty: (The Battler, The Healer, The Trainer, etc.)
List of Pokemon (up to three):

Since this is a futuristic RP new Pokemon through the use of technology may have emerged. This being the case if you want to create your own Pokemon you can, you will need to draw, explain, and run it by Fluffy or me first.

Pokemon's Name:
Nickname (if applicable):
How it was met/caught:
Anything special in appearance (scars, bandanas, etc.)?:

The professors look for Trainers who have their own way in the world of Pokemon. They look for those Trainers who are special in an aspect, and help them learn how to better themselves in that aspect. As such, you will need a title, for your specialty. It will be one character per title, this means you are especially talented in this field but doesn't necessarily mean you are inadequate in others. They are as follows:

The Battler~ Red, the Pokemon Champion, was the Battler out of the Pokedex Holder. The Battler's specialty is what the name implies, Battling. With a quick sense of judgement and reaction, the Trainer who Battles can take situations and turn them in his or her favor, even if all seems lost. The Battler is also capable of keeping his or her cool during stressful times, so that he or she may utilize their Pokemon's skill to it's fullest extent.

The Trainer~ Green, the Viridian City Gym Leader, was the Trainer in the group of Pokedex Holders. Simmilar to the Battler, the Trainer battles very well, but his true skill lies in his knowledge of properly Training Pokemon. The Trainer can look at any Pokemon and instantly judge how it can specially be trained to be as strong as possible, so that it may do its best in either battles or contests. They also know which other Pokemon to train them with or against, to fully utilize their abilities.

The Healer~ Yellow, who was born in the Viridian Forest, was the Healer in the Pokedex Holder's group. The Healer has an amazing ability. The Healer can, by placing a hand on the Pokemon's head and focusing, heal the Pokemon to maximum health, instead of using an item or the Pokemon Center. This title also comes with the ability to read a Pokemon's thoughts, and delve into their memories. Healing and mind reading, however, exhaust the Trainer, and they almost fall asleep instantly. The Healer can only come from Viridian Forest, for it is the forest itself that gives the gift to the very few children that have it.

The Breeder~ Gold, of New Bark Town was the Breeder in the Pokedex Holder's group. The Breeder's skill lies not in Battle, but in the raising of Pokemon. A Breeder has a strange ability, in that if an Egg hatches in the hands of the Breeder, whatever emotion they are feeling strongest will become the main will of the Pokemon. If a Breeder is feeling an intense competitive spirit, and the Egg hatches, that Pokemon will always want to battle rivals to prove itself. If, however, the Breeder is feeling lonely while the Egg hatches, the Pokemon will never want to play with other Pokemon, instead prefering to be alone.

The Trader~ Silver, son of Giovanni, was the Trader in the group of Pokedex Holders. The Trader's skills lie outside of battle. The Trader knows which Pokemon fit which Trainer by personality, and which Pokemon would work best with him, and, by doing so, will Trade many Pokemon. Not only that, but the Trader knows which Pokemon evolve by Trading and which items the Pokemon need to hold, if any are needed. They also have a strong belief that Pokemon that get Traded are exposed to many more things, become knowledgable, and grow better, thus being able to impart their skills to their offspring, producing healthier, happier, and stronger Pokemon. A Trader prefers to have Traded Pokemon with them at all times.

The Evolver~ Blue, runner up of the Pokemon League, was the Evolver in the Pokedex Holder's group. The Evolver has a skill that can be utilized in and out of battle. The Evolver can take one look at a Pokemon, and tell whether or not it will evolve soon. An Evolver can also tell exactly what item is needed to Evolution as well, or what type of training and where. This can be utilized in battle because a Pokemon that evolves is much stronger than normal within the first few minutes of Evolution, so a Pokemon can evolve in battle and give an incredible amount of strength in the effort of victory. If an Evolver keeps a Pokemon from evolving outside of battle and then allows it to Evolve mid-battle, this can very well turn the tide in a match.

The Catcher~ Crystal, the one who caught one of every Pokemon, was the Catcher in the group of Pokedex Holders. The Catcher's skill lies in, as the name suggests, Catching Pokemon. The Catcher can utilize special Pokeballs, such as the Lure Ball and fast Ball, effortlessly. Such Pokeballs require the Pokeball to hit the center of energy on a Pokemon, something which few Trainers can ever hope to achieve. The Catcher, however, can see the center of energy on almost any Pokemon, using the special Pokeballs to catch them flawlessly. The Catcher also knows perfect Catching techniques, using moves such as False Swipe and Mean Look, to Catch his or her target. Alongside this skill, the Catcher is very knowledgable in the locations of many Pokemon, so that the Catcher can thus search for them and Catch them. Filling the Pokedex is the Catcher's main concern.

The Entertainer~ Ruby, is the one who mastered every contest Toughness, Smartness, Coolness, Cuteness, and Beauty. The Entertainer is a master of choosing which Pokémons appearance falls into any one of the categories listed and appealing to the judges with a variety of calculated moves assured to create awe and bewilderment to the spectators watching. Not to mention The Entertainer has a specific knack for making Pokéblocks and or Poffins from berries in order to increase a specific contest stat. Included in his or her travel items are fashion accessories and seals for Pokéballs to aide in showing off their Pokémon in an impressive way to anyone. It is The Entertainers dream to get all the ribbons in every contest ranking from Normal, Great, Ultra, and Master.

The Multi-Battler~ Orange, hails from Kumquat Island part of a group of small land masses known as the Orange Islands. Other than the illegal activities from Team Rocket in Kanto multiple Pokémon battles were banned in the country and double, triple, and rotation battles were never heard of. In the Orange Island region however they comply by a different set of standards and this is where the accepted history of double battles stems from. Orange the trainer is someone who cares deeply for all people and Pokémon this may be because of a lost loved one and cherishes all life as every part of it is equally precious. Orange can be seen as a maternal figure and when in a group can often times take up the mother role without realization.

These are the titles of the special Trainers. Each Trainer should have one title, and once a title is picked, it will be unusable.
Name: Hyperion "Hype" Chetno
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fuchsia City
Your specialty: Catcher (Crystal)
Appearance: Around 5'11 with a slim build. He has blonde hair and wears a black fedora with a white dress shirt and a white tie, including black jeans and yellow converse. He will almost always be found wearing black and white with a flair of color. He also has a mini boom box that is attached to his shirt that can blair music to almost an annoying level.
Background: Ever since birth Hyperion wanted to make something of himself. For most of his life he couldn't figure it out until a few years ago. This is when he discovered his talent and passion for dance. It was also at this time that his father left home and Hype only ever heard from him time and again. After a few years of practice he realized that when he would dance Pokemon would be attracted which allowed for the perfect set up to capture them. Legend has it that there is a Pokemon named Meloetta that performs song and dance and it is Hyperion's mission to capture this Pokemon for his own.
Personality: Laid back and not very competitive. He prefers strategy over an outright battle, and dancing over everything.

List of Pokemon (up to three):

Pokemon's Name: Riolu
Nickname: Anubis
Gender: Male
Personality: Calm
How it was met/caught: Hype first met Anubis in the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. He was as usual practicing his dance style amongst the Pokemon. Anubis had at first only watched Hype from afar to get a better grip on his dance moves wanting to mimic him. A few weeks had passed and after watching and practicing the Riolu has finally worked up the courage to approach Hype and battle him through dance. Though Hype won out in the end Anubis had much potential and the two of them have been best friends for a few a years now.
Anything special in appearance:None.

Pokemon's Name: Gastly
Nickname: Boo
Gender: Female
Personality: Sassy
How it was met/caught: Before Hype had set out on his journey a wise old man had approached him and saw the potential Hype had. With the old man was a beautiful woman who over time had come to mimic the human likeness. Boo will act like a human being and unless blown by a strong wind or something goes through her one wouldn't know she is a Gastly. Most people think that when she uses her abilities she is a supernatural being. The old man gave Boo the responsibility to protect Hype at all costs. Hype always remains in human form because she hates her natural form.
Hype and Boo often have conversations as any other normal people would and no one would be the wiser. Hype himself doesn't know she is a Gastly, and she will deny it no matter the evidence.
Anything special in appearance: Like the Gastly in the anime this Gastly can also talk and shape-shift.
Human form:

Nickname: Nyx
Gender: Female
Personality: Playful
How it was met/caught: Nyx was met in Lostlorn Forest and had been continually tricking Hype with illusions causing him, Anubis, and Boo to walk around in circles. Hype had become fed up with this and had Anubis search for the tricksters aura. As soon as it was found Anubis attacked and defeated the Zoroark. The Zoroark surprised that she was defeated submitted to Hypes superior strategy and joined him on his quest.
Anything special in appearance?: Has a yellow band instead of a green.

Human appearance:

Nickname: Masamune
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave
How it was met/caught: Was originally a Scyther and Hype traded it with a friend to evolve him into a Scizor. Hype was traveling on the mountains and stumbled upon a Heatran which surprised him. Masamune popped out and protected Hype when Heatran attacked with an Overheat. Scizor being x4 weak to fire took insurmountable damage and almost died while Boo fought the Heatran off. Through this experience Masamune and Hype became impossible to be apart from one another.
Anything special in appearance?: His entire body has been turned black from his fight with Heatran, and instead of yellow dots on his claws they are white.

Nickname: Flo
Gender: Female
Personality: Modest
How it was met/caught: Was in Pinwheel Forest and found a struggling Petilil and nursed it back to health. He then raised it to become a spectacular Pokémon for catching other Pokémon and inhibiting status effects. After this Hype gave Flo a Sun Stone and she evolved into a Lilligant, and the flower on her head bloomed quickly and is beautiful
Anything special in appearance?: Shiny.

Nickname: Afro
Gender: Male
Personality: Hasty
How it was met/caught: Was on Route 10 when Hype was rushed by a stampede of Bouffalant. In the midst of an intense event it is often easy to catch a Pokémon who is caught off guard. This is how Afro was caught.
Anything special in appearance?: None.
Eileen Jennings
Mosdeep City
Your Specialty:
Red/The Battler
Eileen's hometown was a beautiful place, always bustling about the space center or the gym battles against Tate and Liza. When she was old enough and her parents could afford to let her go, she set out on her journey to be a Pokemon trainer. It was her dream ever since she was five years old, and she wanted to go from playing with her parents' Pokemon to capturing her own. She started out with Torchic, and went from there. Together, she and Hero conquered many gyms, while training heavily and capturing new teammates. It's a simple story, really. Like many others, Eileen's in pursuit of fame that displays her Pokemon Mastery. She's already well known in many regions; other trainers either fear her or dream of competing against her.
Eileen is very bubbly and hard to anger. She grew up in a big family as the eldest, so she's grown to be tolerant, also loving of children. When challenged to a battle, she always jumps into it, even when she's aware of her disadvantages. Eileeen strongly believes in both people and Pokemon being able to push past their limits to achieve greatness. "It won't kill ya!"

List of Pokemon

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
Obtained in a trade.
Anything special in appearance:
There's an aqua blue bow tied to her tail. Eileen likes to treat Mystery as a doll, but the bow never gets taken off.

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
Torchic was Eileen's starter Pokemon.
Anything special in appearance?:
Hero was was entered into a Fighting Pokemon Tournament. The claws of Hitmonlee scarred when it kicked Hero on the side of the face.

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
Captured sometime during her journey. Eevees are hard to come by in the field, so it was an opportunity she couldn't pass up.
Anything special in appearance?:
Cute little red bandana around his neck.

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
Captured as a Nidoran at the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City.
Anything special in appearance?:

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
Eileen wanted a Cubone very badly, but could not for the life of her find one! Finally, she was able to trade for one during her travels.
Anything special in appearance?:
Bones' helmet is shaped in a way so that it looks like he's always smirking.

Pokemon's Name:
How it was met/caught:
One of her newer Pokemon she caught whilst surfing.
Anything special in appearance?:

It had just been recently that an airship dock has been installed in Goldenrod City, and still many people flocked to take a ride between Unova and Johto, as Unova was quite a far distance from Johto.

One could hear the squeaks of the Wingulls on the coast and if you looked close enough you could see Krabbys and Shuckles along the beach. The hum of the airships engine could be heard throughout the dock as it sat idle raring to go, as if it was a purring lion brimming with power. An aroma of freshly made food wafted throughout the dock that tempted every passerby as he or she explored the nooks and cranny's on the ship port.

Hype, Boo, and Nyx walked throughout the dock searching for the vaccination stations located within a neighboring building. Anubis rode on Hype's shoulder listening to Hype's headphones that he often stole to jam to his music. The vaccination process was a rather quick one, virtually painless as needles weren't needed anymore so the lines were rather quick and people don't need to go see a doctor to get their vaccinations. Hundreds of people could fit on the airship however so the line was still rather long.

Has they stood in line Anubis started to act as if something was off. He removed the headphones and Hype could feel the change of Anubis' body weight and the uneasiness he was experiencing as he rode upon Hypes shoulders. "Something feel wrong buddy?" Hype asked Anubis as he took him off is shoulders. Anubis nodded and the group became suspicious of the activities around them.

It has been only a few minutes until they reached the front of the line, and by then everyone had become uneasy. "Well let's see what all of this is about" Hype said hopefully calming the others. Together with Boo and Nyx they looked like a rather menacing group, and the attendant administering the vaccine become rather nervous.

"Is something the matter?" Hype asked as they approached the attendant. "No, not at all" replied the attendant as he practically sweat bullets. "Can you tell me what these vaccines are for? I don't want to get another one if I don't need it." "Well umm…they are to protect you form the various diseases in the Unova region" rattled the attendant shakily. "And what would those be?" Hype asked in an almost coy fashion. "Donphania, Mankbola, Pokevirus you know all those dangerous diseases" the attendant said trying to gain confidence as he turned to the side and said into a communicator "We have a problem, security come to station B-2, now." "Now you see" Hype said smirking "Pokevirus is actually a good thing to catch! Get ready guys we have a battle on our hands!"

In that moment they were attacked from behind with a psychic blast that hit Nyx right on target, what they didn't know is that Nyx was immune to Psychic attacks. Psychic blasts weren't easily seen if at all and would be the quickest and most silent way to take care of Hype and his companions. "Nyx throw a Night Daze in that general direction and lets gets out of here!" With that the attackers were thrown into a slight confusion as their accuracy had been lowered and couldn't aim properly at the group, not to mention had most likely been hurt extensively as Dark type moves were super effective against Psychic type Pokémon.

With that they raced throughout the tent station that had been setup and ran into a warehouse nearby to try and lose their pursuers. To the groups surprise however they stumbled upon the real attendants for the vaccinations all of them bound and gagged. "What is this?" Hype questioned and quickly drew out a Pokéball. "Flo, set these people free!" Hype shouted as Flo was released from her prison of friendship. "Use Magical Leaf" Hype commanded and with that all of the bonds were cut free.

Victory was short lived as Team Virus now making themselves known crashed into the warehouse with force and they were surrounded…What were they to do?

A tan skinned woman dressed in dark clothes and glasses, with goggles on her head, was standing in the crowd, amongst other trainers. She kept all her Pokemon contained, knowing that it would be downright chaotic to have them out in the open. Her Blaziken would surely get annoyed, her Milotic would drift away in the air and her Eeevee would likely get lost. Besides, she wasn't certain if she trusted this vaccine...

In the distance, she recognized a pair of colourful people standing nearby Gemini. They were servants to him; that's what she thought of them. Those two showed up at some of the worst times during her travels, challenging her to battles or telling her about how their boss is trying to change the world, if not both. As to why, she didn't know.

Then again, she was famed for her achievements in the world of Pokemon.

This epidemic that he spoke of puzzled her, since she hasn't heard anything about it. The thought of this injection possibly altering her Pokemon's DNA or just making them unhealthy was frightening. Perhaps, she would be allowed to interrogate this man, if not just one of his employees. Some knowledge of this vaccine would be very reassuring.

Eileen put her hands in her pockets as she moved towards the building, really in no rush. She let people move ahead of her to get this vaccine, much as she'd of liked to get everyone's attention to ask if they really knew what was going on. Drawing attention to herself seemed foolish, though. People who recognized her would probably challenge her to a battle out of determination to defeat the champion of the Pokemon league. Frankly, this was a bad time.

When she got inside, she noticed how secretive the environment was. She stopped and stepped off to the side so she wouldn't be mistaken for somebody in line. As she stood, she looked around for helpful signs and the like so she could learn more about the event. Soon, she became lost in her search for convenient info.

The woman blinked back to reality when her ears caught noise of a commotion. A fellow civilian was under attack! Eileen knew her gut was right; this was a trap. Probably put together by the infamous Team Virus, as she was always quick to assume in situations like these.

A pair of Poke'balls were taken from her belt and thrown into the air. On the floor, a Milotic with a bow on her tail appeared, along with a seemingly smirking Marowak.

"Mystery, I want you to assure the safety of these good people," she commanded the Milotic. Mystery was a reliable protector and the least threatening looking of her six Pokemon on hand. The Milotic chimed in response before floating over to some crowds evacuating the building. She safeguarded them and used her attacks to eliminate any debris falling from the ceiling. Or, flying from out of nowhere...

Eileen then looked to Bones, her Marowak. "Use your Bonemerang on all the goons you see. I'll send Pirate to help you."

Following her words, she threw another ball that released a female Chinchou. Eagerly, the newest addition to Eileen's team followed close behind Bones to assist him. Pirate could use the experience, Eileen figured. Most of her Pokemon knew how to deal with Team Virus, so she might as well train this one for it as well.

While her Pokemon went to work, Eileen went rushing past the panicked crowds to do some investigating.

"Hype" Boo said rather calmly considering the situation "I'm going to put this side to sleep. You got me?" "Yeah I got you" reassured Hype as he got into a ready stance. "Flo use Sleep Powder!" Flo responded in kind and released a massive wave of sleep powder over the enemy, "If any of them manage to dodge the Sleep Powder be sure to hit them again Flo" At the same time Boo attacked the opposing side with a few shots of Hypnosis and sent them all slumbering to the floor.

Hype and his team ran out of the warehouse as fast as they could not wanting to stick around if reinforcements showed up stepping carelessly on the sleeping bodies as they went. After they exiting the warehouse they didn't waste anytime time trying to get as far away as possible from that place. "Ok so we know that Team Virus is up to no good" Hype blurted out in between steps as they were running. "So where is their leader?" There didn't seem to be anyone in sight.

I think it would be a good idea to join up with someone who actually is going on. Hype thought to himself and ran about looking for someone that could help him with this predicament. He thought he saw the most current Pokemon League champion in the not so far off distance. She would most definitely be helpful, now it was just a matter of catching her!

Eileen was purely focused on looking for the masterminds behind this catastrophe. It took several collapsing bodies to break her focus; Pokemon and people were falling asleep. This had to be the work of a sleep attack, she thought. That was the only reasonable explanation.

Alarmed, she stopped where she was and looked around, instantly putting up her fists. The Pokemon she released were occupied, so she prepared herself in a stance she knew could be threatening. There was no violence necessary, though. The building was being cleared of panicked individuals, leaving behind Pokemon and members of Team Virus that were beaten.

This wasn't entirely done by her, though. Somebody else had the same idea as her...

Above her, Mystery was chiming and pointing her tail in the direction of someone. A young man who looked to be in pursuit of Eileen, to be exact. She relaxed her posture then and made a brief wave before turning her head, eyes on the scene of her Chinchou and Marowak finishing off a Haunter. "Bones, go with Mystery to investigate. We need to find the ones in charge so we can give them a piece of my mind!"

The Milotic and Marowak immediately did as they were told, the Chinchou hopping back over to Eileen, ready for her next orders. "If you see anything funny, Water Gun or Thundershock it," she instructed, then looked back to the stranger running towards her.

"Are you all right?"

Ah so she is Eileen!
[DASH="blue"]Hype thought "Yes I'm all right, thanks for asking! Do you know what's going on here? I just got attacked asking to many questions". Boo and Nyx were poised ready beside Hype in case of a surprise attack by the enemy as they continued their conversation.

Hype motioned to Boo and Nyx and spoke to clear up any confusion "These are some of my companions Boo and Nyx. Boo is a bodyguard of sorts and has quite a few tricks up her sleeve and Nyx is a Zoroark who enjoys playing harmless tricks on people don't mind her too much."

When Hype finished his sentence Flo came up from behind them and acknowledged that all enemies were asleep in the area. "Last but not least this is Flo she's responsible for most of the z's that Team Virus is having now. Now that's out of the way what should we-" but before Hype could finish his sentence Gemini's voice came over the speakers "Good afternoon people of Goldenrod, no need to be alarmed about the disturbance in the nearby warehouse and near one of the vaccination stations some an unruly trainer made a ruckus but everything is settled now. Please continue with the vaccination process and we hope you have a pleasant day"

"He is quite the smooth talker, no wonder he does so well for himself. I take it that's the guy we need to stop? What's the best way you can see about taking him down?"


"Oooh." Eileen made a look of awe at Flo and nodded understandingly. A good tactic, she thought. The team as a whole seemed formidable, actually. She was thoroughly impressed! Plus, there were Pokemon she wasn't too familiar with. She wished there was time to whip out her Pokedex and learn more, along with some friendly conversation.

"Good to meet y'all. That there is Pirate," she said, gesturing to the Chinchou by her feet. Pirate only made a quick glance to Hype and the others. She was focused on defending her trainer from any sneak attacks, as that was what was ordered of her. "And my name's Eileen."

She was silent as a voice tried to ease the attendees, and she made a scowl. That was a voice she was loathe to hear! Eileen was certainly not going to fall for it. This place would be scoped from top to bottom until she found the masterminds behind this.

"Yeah, that's the guy. I sent off some Pokemon to search for him and anyone else that hasn't been knocked out, or put to sleep," Eileen answered with a sigh. A hand reached up to scratch at her scalp, then. She was pondering on how to proceed from here. An intense battle was in order; that much was for certain. With him here, they could win for sure. Nothing made her more confident than a partnership.

"I don't get to fight the big guy, but I've had encounters with his head cronies before. Typically, it's just a Delibird, Arcanine and Ampharos. We're sure to meet with them before him, if we reach him at all. So, while we make our way up, let's plan and go from there? I'll probably fight with Marowak..."

With that suggestion put out, she turned to run to a staircase. She could hear her Milotic chiming for her trainer's attention, so there was no time to waste.

"Deal" Hype agreed as his new partner Eileen dashed towards the staircase 'She certainly doesn't waste any time' Hype thought appreciatively. "So do you normally fight them both at once? That has got to be a PAIN." Hype spoke in between breaths as they ascended the staircase.

Moments later as Hype was chasing after Eileen with Boo and Nyx in tow, Boo sensed danger and bolted off in another direction, as it was not immediate to the group, being more personal. This occurred without notice from the group other than Nyx, who nodded as Boo's responsibility fell to her.

In the what seemed to be the blink of an eye Boo had appeared where she had sensed a disturbance. It was by the construction of a building. There were piles of building materials everywhere including pylons that were rooted into the concrete. A man in black garb rose from the shadows and spoke ominously "It's been some time Boo, how have you been? Still protecting that little boy of yours?" he smirked. Boo set ready to fight, prepared for battle as it was like clockwork with these two. "That's none of yours business Lazarus. This is between us. You know that."

"Shall we begin? This time I will kill you for sure!" Lazarus laughed manically as he released twin Weavile who always craved to get blood on their claws. "Jekyll! Hyde! Use Faint Attack!" Boo blocked with Protect as she couldn't dodge and retaliated with Thunderbolts two both Weaviles which only shook them slightly. "Dark Pulse now!" Jekyll and Hyde bounced in between the beams and landed on two opposite sides of Boo and let loose. What appeared to be Boo however was only a Substitute and was obliterated in the attack. 'That was way too close' Boo thought as she hid in the shadows determining her next move as the Weaviles searched for her.

Boo slowly walked out of the shadows with confidence as and a smile on her face. "Sorry to disappoint you Lazarus but today is not your day." Instantly twenty other illusions of Boo appeared as she had used Double Team twice. This set off Jekyll and Hyde which gave Boo her next opening hitting them both with Confuse Rays. "Faint Attack again!" Lazarus screamed and Weaviles now confused attacked each other. "I'll catch you later Lazarus!" Boo giggled to herself as though she had underestimated the Weavile she has still beat them without much difficulty. She then crippled a few pylons in the area with Psychic causing them to collapse and drop debris in the area creating a smokescreen for her to escape. It was time for her to return to her charge, Hype.


While Boo had taken care of her personal business Hype and Eileen had made their way towards Gemini and were stopped by the trio Eileen had mentioned earlier...

"Yup, all at once. Biggest pain in the neck, I'll tell ya."

The disappearance of Boo went unnoticed. Eileen and her team had their eyes on what was ahead; nothing more or less. The stairs seemed to last forever, no matter how quickly they ran. There was more at stake than they realized. At least, Eileen thought so.

Just as Eileen predicted, Dorris and Jacob were at the top, with their English speaking Delibird. They were the members of Team Virus she encountered most often, as well as the most obnoxious. The woman was very energetic and domineering, though her frail figure didn't back that up very well. She clung onto Jacob all the time. He was romantic and calm, with strong command in his voice. Without him, Dorris would make irrational decisions. Without Dorris, though, Jacob would get sidetracked by his daydreams.

Therefore, the two complimented each other.

"Hold it right there, four eyes!" Dorris pointed a finger in Eileen's direction, her other hand holding up a Poke'ball. Beside her, Jacob took out a ball of his own and prepared to toss it.

"Allow me, my sweet," Jacob offered to his partner in crime. He knew how much of a challenge Eileen was, and had doubts of them winning, but he didn't want to deal with her sobs of failure later in the day. When he got her nod of approval, he stepped forward and tossed the ball in the air, unleashing an Arcanine to fight Eileen.

"I choose Bones for this match," she announced. Her Marowak immediately ran to the battlefield while Mystery disappeared in a flash of red light, returning to her Poke'ball.

"You got this, guy?" she asked Hype, certain his answer would be yes, but she wanted to be sure. "By the way, I didn't catch your name!"

Dorris made a disgusted look at the two of them and then released her Ampharos for the double battle. "Come ooon! Let's get this over with!

Once they reached the top of what seemed to be Escher's staircase they encountered the trio Eileen spoke of earlier. 'Well they certainly seem to fit together' Hype thought to himself as he saw Jacob and Dorris. "Hey now! No need for name calling especially someone who can own you at Pokémon!" Hype took out a Pokéball and turned to Eileen "My name is Hyperion Chetno, but you can call me Hype!" he flashed Eileen a smile and released Afro his Bouffalant to do battle with the enemy Ampharos.

Hype set in the ground motivating himself "No time to waste. Afro use Swords Dance!" 'The best way to take this Ampharos down is in one hit' Hype thought to himself with a determined demeanor. "Don't let him hit you, use Thunder Wave Allie!" Dorris commanded with assertion. Even though Afro's attack rose now he might have the chance of not moving entirely, thus defeating the attack increase.
"All right Afro, don't let her slow you down! Us Head Charge!" Moments after Dorris ordered "Allie Thunder now!" Afro attempted to move but what hampered by the paralysis and couldn't. The Thunder struck the awesome power and Afro fell to his knees for a moment but got back up ready to fight.
"That's my bison!" Hype shouted with encouragement. "All right let's finish this! Use Giga Impact!" "Use Thunder again!" Dorris commanded, but this time Afro wasn't hampered by the paralysis and was able to dodge the Thunder. Seconds after, Afro crashed into the Ampharos sending it straight into an adjacent building causing the concrete to crack, effectively defeating Dorris. She returned her Ampharos to it's Pokéball before it fell onto the street below.
"And that's how it's done! Way to rock'em Afro!" Hype knew Eileen would be finished soon, he knew she couldn't lose.

"Max, let's charge them. Use your Take Down attack!" Jacob flipped his long hair while pointing in his foes' direction, and with a bark, the Arcanine ran towards Bones at an incredible speed.

"Try a Headbutt attack," Eileen commanded. Bones made haste in Max's direction and then made an impressive leap into the air. After lowering his head, he focused all attention on the head of the Arcanine and went speeding down in a diagonal line. The two heads met, Bones' sturdy helmet pressing mercilessly against his enemy's skull. That seemed to pause the Take Down and in a matter of seconds, Max jumped back to shake the pain out of his head, allowing Bones enough time to land safely on his feet.

"Bonemerang, let's go!" In a powerful toss, Bones' weapon went flying towards Max, landing a successful hit in the jaw. When it came swirling back, the bone was caught and then immediately thrown again. The Arcanine attempted to avoid it, but was hit on the side in the process, at which it yelped in frustration.

"Oh, that's just mean. You gave him a headache, and now bruises. Max, use Flamethwer!"

Now ignoring the pain in his jaw, Max unleashed a stream of flame towards the Marowak. Eileen watched as the fire attack chased her Pokemon around the battlefield, making it super difficult to escape. Eventually, an attack did land, the spout of fire powerful enough to send the burned Marowak flying backwards.

"Let's finish this with Take Down," Jacob demanded excitedly.

"Bone Club!"

As the Arcanine came charging towards him again, Bones mustered the strength to get back on his feet and stand his ground. With his bone pulled back, he gave it a good toss and landed a strike on the head. Dizzily, Max wobbled from side to side, the second attempt at Take Down interrupted once more.

"Finish it off with Thrash!"


The finishing move of the battle was Bones rushing to Arcanine, hitting him with all he had to send the body off balance to crash to the ground, unconscious. Not much later did the tired, burned Marowak collapsed as well. Eileen returned her beloved Bones to the Poke'ball and smiled at the ball afterward.

"We've been beaten, my love. We must make haste," Jacob said to Dorris after collecting his Pokemon.

And with that the trio of Team Virus was defeated. Knowing they were beaten scurried off in retreat but that wouldn't stop Eileen and Hype from following them. To Hype's surprise Team Virus was rather fast and they had a difficult time keeping pace with them for the several beats they trailed the trio. As soon as the chase began it had ended and the trio was next to a rather interesting man that had an essence of power behind him.

They rose on a kind of floating platform and the man proudly began his monologue: " I see you have beaten my underlings once again Eileen; not to mention you have a new friend. I am Gemini" he smirked as he looked at Hype. "I suppose you will be joining Eileen in stopping my next master plan? Prepare to be disappointed as Team Virus can not fail!" Gemini let loose a classic maniacal laugh and Team Virus ascended into the sky and disappeared.

"Are they always that dramatic?" Hype asked Eileen as the commotion in the general vicinity died down. The police had arrived where the vaccination stations were and were surveying the scene and getting eye witness testimonies. "I don't suppose you actually want to stick around and deal with the police do you? Though I was able to swipe some of the SKYNE cards the attendants at those stations were using." Hype brought out a small computer like device and inserted the chips in.

"What are these?" Hype now concerned with a quizzical look on his face. "It seems that for some reason Team Virus has been collecting DNA samples from numerous Pokémon. I'm not sure why and their database at least from this is still far from complete but it can't be good. What do you make of this Eileen?" Hype asked as he handed her the computer.

"Yup," Eileen said in response to his question about their dramatic behaviour. She did not look amused one bit, that being evidence that she was used to this. She and her Pokemon saw the same thing every time they encountered Team Virus, and Gemini.

Bones was returned to his Poke'ball before she turned to Hype, who was toying with a device of some sort. Curiously, she watched him get to work on what he was talking about. It distracted him from answering his other question, which regarded police. Eileen actually did not want to be around for that. Dealing with their inquiries could be tiresome, plus it seemed like a waste of time.

An alarmed expression pasted onto her face, then. The computer was taken into her hands so she could browse through the collection of data that Hype uncovered. "What the...?"

The amount of DNA collected was intriguing, but no good was sure to come from it. Digital wording reflected in her glasses as she scrolled up and down, absolutely baffled about the information at her palms.

"I know Team Virus does a lot of... Experimenting. I imagine that's why they've been trying to abduct Pokemon. What are they up to now, though?"

Making a crooked frown, she handed the device back to Hype. "We should get out of here so we can figure out Gemini's next move. Ah, well, if you wanted to, that is. I understand if you have somewhere you need to be."

"And miss out on kicking Team Virus's butt? Puhlease. I'm all aboard this crazy train!"
Hype let out quite the laugh. "Don't get me wrong I know that this is no child's game, but I have Boo and my team to back me up and together we can beat anybody. So I'm all in." Hype then returned Afro to his Pokéball. "Not to mention I have a friend who is impervious to bullets so I'm sure he'll come in handy too." Hype smiled.

"Well we know Team Virus wanted Pokémon DNA for something. So I think it's safe to assume that Safari Zones are likely candidates of Team Virus. We need to warn them as soon as possible! I'll call up Boboa in Cianwood right now, I've caught all the Pokémon there so we're pretty good friends." Hype pulled out a communicator of sorts and spoke the name 'Boboa' into his phone as it dialed the number.

"Bobo you there?" Hype spoke almost frantically as he heard the call being accepted. "Hype?!…Is that you?!" Static was rampant throughout the call. "Team Virus…Pokémon…gone…save…" Then the call ended abruptly. "Crap." Hype spoke downcast "Looks like we're too late with Cianwood, the next closest location they are bound to hit next is Fuchsia in the Kanto region. If I were to make an educated guess that's where they'd go." Hype had a hopeful tone even though his face still was distraught from his call with Boboa.

Hype took a moment to himself and flew through his computer looking something up. "There is an airship headed out of dock in the hour towards Fuchsia. We'd be there in a few hours, hopefully in time to stop Team Virus. What do you think our best plan is?"

A smile brightened her face when he said he'd tag along with her. Having a travel companion would make this job much less difficult, especially with those extra Pokemon on her side. It looked like he had a knack for tracking, too, and certain technology that she hadn't seen before. Plus, he had connections. There he was, contacting someone for assistance!

That smile faded, though. There was trouble with the man named 'Bobo'. Eileen hoped everything would be all right. Times like these, she wished she could multiply herself and her Pokemon, and set all the clones out to help all those in need. Alas, that was easier said than done. She'd just have to do what she could and hope for the best.

Warning those Safari Zones was a grand plan. Her heart raced with alarm as she imagined the possible dangers that would befall those places.

"Right, let's get to that airship. It's our best chance, I think," she said with a nod. "Do you know if there's a place there to heal our Pokemon? If not, we should run into a Pokemon Center real quickly."

Eileen didn't want to board that ship with tired Pokemon. You never knew what might happen, and they would probably appreciate some refreshment. They battled long and hard today.

'A trip to the mart wouldn't be a bad idea either...'

Eileen and Hype made a stop by the nearest Pokémon center, grabbed any items they needed by from the Pokémart in Goldenrod City, and then proceeded to the docked airship. The crisp sea splashed against the rocky shore as the airship Wispy Cirrus hovered over the dangerous waters. The cries of Seagulls and Pelippers could be heard along the shoreline as this was their locale.

"I apologize that we won't be riding in luxury on our way to Fuchsia. I have some friends about this cargo airship which is why we were able to get on for free. I've traveled around a lot on cargo ships as they often have room for people like me who travel around a lot, and will help and stay out of the way when needed. I've procured a room for myself and a separate one for you and Boo" Hype relayed to Eileen.

The group approached the docked airship and the ramp leading up to it. There was a man dressed in a brown uniform of sorts with an emblem of the World Postal Service (WPS) on his shirt. Hype greeted him, verified the groups information, and they walked aboard. As they made their way towards their quarters Hype handed Eileen a card of sorts and explained its uses. "If you swipe this card with your finger from left to right it will bring up a hologram that gives you a map of the ship. Not only that but I've uploaded our individual card ID's to each others so we can see where we're both at in case we get separated. Which reminds me let me get your Pokégear number." Hype finished his informative monologue as they just about arrived to their quarters.

"Well here we are!" Hype exclaimed. "Feel free to roam about the ship and go out on deck the weather is pretty nice today and the ocean breeze feels wonderful outside when the ship casts off. I think I'm going to rest for a bit. See you!" Hype then entered his quarters.

Hype lay down on his bed and released Anubis so he could stretch out; he then thought to himself 'What should our next move be?' If we find Team Virus in Fuchsia how are we going to deal with them? Not only there but what is their master plan?' Hype's thoughts were interrupted as Anubis snuggled up besides him sending him an aura wave of calm and peace, so Hype wouldn't worry. "You're right Anubis, I shouldn't' worry so much."

The captain of the ship then began his broadcast "All right crew! Let's get out to open sea! We have a few guests on board during our voyage to Fuchsia so please give them any assistance. I hear they aren't too bad at Pokémon battles either so we have some defensive power if the need arises. Let's get to it! Captain Conch out!" and with that the broadcast fizzled into a static and then silence.

About half an hour passed by with no event and it has been smooth sailing but that was about to change. In this time Hype realized he couldn't sleep and took himself and his Pokémon onto the deck outside. The crew had become slightly lax as there voyage seemed to be another routine run across the ocean but then they were rudely interrupted.


A projectile of some kind had struck the side of the ship and created a gaping hole in a cargo bay. In an instant an armada of smaller ships flew into the new opening and landed, all bearing the Virus symbol. Hype had been staring off into the distance on the deck allowing his Pokémon to enjoy the fresh air when he was interrupted by the explosion. "What was that?" He spoke to his Pokémon though he knew they didn't know either. Shortly after the captain broadcasted again "All hands on deck! We are being boarded! If anyone has the ability to fight -" The transmission was then cut off as if the captain was taken away. Hype pulled up his Pokégear and called Eileen "Are you all right? You hear that too? What do you think our plan of action should be?" Eileen was the foremost expert on battling Team Virus, she knew their MO, Hype just didn't have the experience or knowledge necessary to deal with these guys on his own.

Eileen was laying flat on a bed, listening to the Captain's announcement. Her long hair was fanned out against the pillow and her glasses were sitting on the end table. Obviously, she was a little tired. This day had been more eventful than she was used to. This was not a time to sleep, though. So she settled on just lazing with her arm folded over her eyes, shielding her vision from any and all lighting.

With her other hand, Eileen was stroking the fur of an Eevee that was curled up on her abdomen. Unlike his trainer, he was asleep. Despite that, she still talked to him. "I don't know what I'm gonna do, Skip. One of these days, my 'make things up as I go along' luck will turn on me. What if I let everybody down? What if I disappoint Hype?"

Negativity was rare with Eileen. She always had a can do attitude and saw silver lining in every situation. There were times when she wondered if things would go as well as she hoped for, though. Every person had their weak moments.

When barely thirty minutes passed, something alarmed her. An explosive noise, to be exact. With a gasp, she sat up from the bed while Skip squealed and hopped from his trainer, getting into a defensive stance on the floor.

"All hands on deck! We are being boarded! If anyone has the ability to fight -"

"Oh, snap." Eileen quickly grabbed her glasses and adjusted them on her face. Just when she was about to rush out, she heard a ringing in one of the many pockets of her pants. Someone was calling her! Making haste, she pulled out the communicative Poke'gear and listened; it was Hype.

"We've got to try and find each other so neither of us have to battle these goons alone. 'Till then, show no mercy. Can you tell me where you are?"

As she awaited a reply, she fished out a pair of Poke'balls with one hand to release her Blaziken and Chinchou. With her three battle ready Pokemon, she went rushing down the hallways in search of their new friend.

Hype was glad that Eileen was all right for the moment and that she was ready for action. "I'm on the viewing deck of the ship near the bow. The explosion seemed to have happened on the stern by the cargo bays. We should meet up at the bridge as that will be most likely place Team Virus would head first in order to circumvent control of the ship. If you're in your room you a few floors under the bridge, it's in the middle of the ship. The distance for me isn't as far but I'm wide open on the deck so I'll be an easy target unless….I'll pretend to be a prisoner and I'll be brought to the bridge as a VIP hostage by Nyx who will be an illusion of a Team Virus member. We will meet up a floor below before the plan is a go ahead. When I'm in the bridge and in position I'll signal and you'll attack from the outside while I launch an assault from the inside and create mass hysteria, and hopefully no one will get hurt."

"I know every plan has a risk but we need someone on the inside to survey the situation and see what information we can glean from Team Virus on their plan, not to mention we have Boo who can dish out the hurt too. I'll see you momentarily, I know this seems rushed but we'll talk it over and you can advise the situation face to face, especially if you have a better plan. Hype out."

Hype didn't like the idea of cutting Eileen off but time was of the essence. Hype returned all of his Pokémon but Masamune to their Pokéballs just to keep them safe from gun fire. That was what Hype was worried about most. Thankfully Masamune is impervious to small arms. "Ok Masa you're my trump card so let's move down a floor and make a dash for the bridge. Before we move use a couple Sword Dances to beef yourself up." A couple moments passed and Masamune was ready to go. Hype and Masa had only gotten down the flight of stairs when they ran into their first grunt.

"Intruder!" the grunt shouted in typical bad guy fashion. "Oh come on now, no need to judge us so quickly!" The grunt let out Weezing and Hype almost scoffed. "Masamune Bullet Punch the Weezing and the grunt so as he doesn't alert anyone else" and before you could blink both the Weezing and Team Virus grunt were out like a light.
Even though Hype had taken out the grunt quickly the Team Virus members shout had alerted other guards in the area, and though Hype had made some more headway to the rendezvous point they were soon under gun fire, and Hype had to dive into a room along the hall to avoid the bullets as they ricocheted off of Masamune and phased though Boo. Hype still didn't have a grasp on Boo's power but he was grateful she could take care of herself.
The Team Virus members didn't bother letting up and Boo went into action. She quickly appeared behind several members of Team Virus and hit them all with a Hypnosis at point blank. She couldn't miss and they dropped like rocks. By this time more members had appeared from the other direction from the hallway and opened fire. Without wasting a moment Hype ordered "Masamune! Night Slash on those goons!" And in flash the other members were collapsed on the floor.

"That how we do it!" Hype exclaimed. For the time being they were alone and were no longer being targeted, they would take it as a blessing. The team then moved on to the rendezvous point without running into much more trouble along the way.