Pokemon Steel (Pokemon showdown edition)

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Hey all across iwaku that finds this, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a pokemon rp where you face off first against 8 gym leaders (played by me) the general rp will be on he so before and after battle sequences. The Battle sequences will take place in Pokemon Showdown if your familiar with it you under stand it but those who are new; it's a way to test teams you may make in game, like if you wanted to see if a team idea worked you can test it, with moves, evs ivs and even natures. You're able to make what ever pokemon as long as it isn't a legendary. So give me some comments, ask questions, I'm not gonna start until I see a few people interested in the idea will make ooc/ sign ups in fandom forum and will post here the link when ready.

I was also thinking about making the battle format battle spot singles, so you have 6 pokemon, but you battle with 3.

I was thinking of instead of the elite 4 we would do a competition between all the people at the end and I'll be watching over the battles so I know who won.
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