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  1. hey I wanted to start up a pokemon RP one x one. So the plot is the newest region is the Kifu region.
    A china based land mass that is ruled by the iron fist of the emperor. Its up to us you and my character. to fight our way through the gyms or Contests so we can battle the Champion the emperor. but watch out! The emperor is going to send his minions to do anything to try and stop you from winning.

    This is alot of firsts for me.
    so to expand my writing i added some things I've never done before. Pushing me way out of my comfort zone as a writer
    A charater with alot of hatred,
    An abused character
    An Overly Dark pokemon world.
    So I hope You enjoy and give it your best shot.


    Name:Clara Colors
    Age: 18
    Height: 5' 2"


    Personality: "Smile...It make you happy, makes those who like you be happy and pisses of those who don't.""

    Clara used to hate her brother for leaving her with their abusive mother, but she couldn't blame him. She escaped as soon as she could too. She was scarred from her time... Emotionally and physically. But she tries to smile as much as possible. Over all cheerful, but flinchy, Hates her brother Red

    History: "I HATE YOU! so...don't leave me..."

    An 8 year old Clara saw her brother of 11 leave,
    "Red! Don't leave me here..." She pitifully gripped the back of is short sleeved jacket.
    He turned to his sister, "I cant stay here... She hates me more than you, did you hear what she said to me, 'Oh boys leave home all the time, I saw it on Tv,' Effing Tv Clair bear. If i stay its worse, she told me to get lost. and I will. I'll be the best then come save you." Clara let go.... "Hurry..." and Red rushed off into the tall grass.

    A 9 year old Clara heard from professor Oak that Red was now the champion, She was so exited she threw all of her clothes in a suitcase and waited... and waited.... and waited... her admiration and hope for her brother who was going to rescue her became a deep hatred for leaving her with Delia Colors...

    The day she turned 10 a new law in the Viridian county stated trainers must be 18 to get a pokemon, she cried for days... weeping for her lost opportunity before she was beaten for crying over the Tv's noise. So she grew up with hatred and fear...

    Once 18 she dashed to the professors Lab with a packed bag and a hope. Unfortunately like her luck everywhere else she failed.
    "Sorry Clara i just gave away the last one..."
    "Professor is there anything?" Tears welled up in the girls eyes.
    "I'm afraid not... you'll have to wait till next year..." Clara started crying
    "B-but i cant..."
    "Why not?" ... She slowly lifted the back of her shirt, As the professor blushed then his face turned to horror as he saw what was carved into her back,


    Carved into her skin, the letters a faded whitish red,
    "I need to leave..."
    The professor was close to tears himself and was close to giving her one of his personal pokemon just so she could escape when-
    "Here." he sadly grinned . "Your brother is a Bastard."
    Both Clara and professor Oak turned to see : Blue Oak he tossed a black, blue, and white pokeball at her, "Its names Napoleon." another sad smile and then he left.
    "Thank you..." she whispered cradling the pokeball to her chest.
    She left a few hours later with a letter from Oak allowing her to the new Region.

    Name: Clara Colors
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Birthday: February 28th
    Hometown: Pallet town , Kanto
    Class: Gym trainer

    Hair: Naturally Black but Dyed White
    Eyes: Bright blue
    Build: Thin, a bit malnourished
    Clothes: black tank top and skinny jeans with a blue vest (think Ash's from the anime
    Accessories: A small green backpack, carved Amulet coin around her neck. Huge worn Combat boots,


    Likes:Blue Oak, Napoleon, Thunderstorms, blackouts and candles
    Dislikes: Red Colors , Delia Colors, Television, and butcher knifes
    Favorite Food: Fresh Galnon berries or Bitter foods
    Favorite Possession: her fathers old Amulet coin
    Hobbies:Sitting in small dark places, playing with napoleon
    Dreams: To defeat Red and To prove to Blue that it wasn't a mistake to give her napoleon
    Personality: A rather Cheerful and determined girl when not thinking about Her living family, and when she sees a television she immediately stops talking.

    Family and Friends

    Family: Red Colors
    Delia Colors
    Crimson Colors (deceased)

    Friends: Samuel Oak
    Blue Oak
    Daisy Oak

    Pokemon Related

    Starter: Nidoran (male) {Napoleon}
    Nidoran (male)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 09

    Height: 1'4"
    Weight: 15.8 llbs


    Poison point-
    Poisons foe on contact

    Hidden ability Hustle-
    Hustle increases the ability-bearer's Attack by 50%, however, it also reduces the Accuracy of all Physical moves by 20%.

    1 Growl
    2 Skull bash (Egg move)
    3 Scratch
    4 Double kick
    5 ???
    6 ???
    Personality: Kind, kind of pacifistic but undying loyalty to Clara.
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