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  1. So, the name pretty much describes it all. Basically we have all just started as rangers, and we have our own Pokemon. (People can also play Pokemon) since we just started, only one Pokemon. But, uhm, yeah. There will be people to be Team Rocket and everything. the only thing is ash and everything are waaay gone, okay? were kinda starting new.. So, You get your own team and everything, just a simple Pokemon rp, so.... Whaddya say?
    (sorry there's not a story or nothing.. One of the staff said I can't use character sheets on roleplay talk and if I can't do those then I really can't do much else (especially with this topic). So, sorry)
  2. Although I like the idea of it, or at least I have been looking for a Pokemon roleplay lately, I have a few questions to ask about it. Although you say the plot is relatively unformulated do you have any ideas on it? Will it follow the plot of the show/games with a few children starting out on their adventures to complete the gym challenge or will it follow a ranger plot line? You did use the word ranger in your above description, will the plot then follow or take place in one of the ranger regions? Any ideas where the region or which gym leaders will be present there? Could we by chance make our own gym leaders?
    I hope none of these questions are unwelcome or offensive. I am rather interested in this, I am just also the sort to ask a lot of questions.
  3. Uhm, okay, let me try to find every question in there. XD
    No, I don't have any ideas. As I said, it is just a simple roleplay about Pokemon so no real big ideas.
    It won't be exactly like the video games stories or the show (I hate following a storyline), but yes it will be about kids who start out on their own adventures. You can also be a ranger, sorry for confusion :p
    No, it won't be in ranger regions for the whole time. It is slightly like the series so you will be going from one gym to the other and encounter strange friends (and enemies) along the way.
    All of the rangers and gym leaders! But I just don't want Ash or his friends to be ever known there. We're starting fresh.
    And yes, you can also make a gym leader as well as a ranger, trainer, or/and Pokemon!

    i hope I got them all...
  4. Well you cleared up those confusions fairly quickly, thank you for that. I would definitely want to be a part of this but I have a few questions relating to that.
    First off would this be a one on one roleplay or a group roleplay? Secondly when do you think the roleplay will actually be able to start or at least when will people be able to set up their character applications? Is there a limit to the number of Pokemon a person can have at the start of the roleplay? I hope we can start this soon.
  5. 1st, it can be either, depending on how many people join. If you want I can wait until the end of the day (my time) and then I can make it OneXOne?
    2nd, As I said, at the end of the day I'll probably get it started up. As for the applications, I have NO idea how to make the skeletons, so you can just make your own and PM them to me anytime.
    3rd, for trainers only 1 starter Pokemon. Otherwise only about 6-7 Pokemon (you can't have them go on for like, ever.)
  6. 1. Well I wouldn't mind it being a one on one but I am somewhat unsure of what time it is for you currently. (I am assuming it is Pacific time) I suppose whenever you want to end it is fine by me but you might need to send me a private message on the final decision.
    2. I suppose I will get started on that application then, the character in my head might be better off explained in a private message format anyway. (or at least the characters baggage)
    3. Alright good to know, I will design the character with that in mind. I will look forward to starting this role play then. Expect my Private Message containing my character sometime this evening.
  7. Perfect. :) and, yeah. It's 4:50 right now so maybe about 2 more hours? I'm pretty sure it going to be OneXOne though.
  8. I'd be interested, but I don't do well with big groups, so it depends on how many people join in, in my case. Otherwise, it seems like a pretty simple and fun idea to me. I like Pokemon RPs a lot.
  9. Well, so far it's only 2, 3 if you join. So, ya know, your choice :3
  10. As long as it doesn't move too fast, I can probably handle joining in if it's just three of us so far. :)
  11. Would you mind adding a fourth person? I haven't done a Pokemon roleplay in ages...
  12. Actually, this turned into OneXOne. But, I could start a second one (I have no clue where to put it though).
  13. Oh! My apologies. If you're interested in doing a 1x1 with me, I would love to explore the realms. ^.^ I think you can simply make a new thread in the 1x1 section?
  14. Sure, but I'm really tired (long day at school, had to write this huge essay), so if you wouldn't mind could you start it? I'm seriously going to fail if I even tried.
  15. I'm about to head to bed myself, actually, but did you have a preference for regions? I'm admittedly not too familiar with the newer ones... >.>"
  16. No, I don't really care about regions. I kind of just wanted the very basic storyline, get a Pokemon, go off in a team, basic. Otherwise I don't mind what else happens with regions and all that.
  17. Any thoughts about Team Rocket or an evil team of some kind? ...then again, I tend towards darker things. Hmmm... I might go with an undercover agent of some kind.
  18. I'd be really interested in this; I can do either a group roleplay or a 1x1 with anyone interested.
  19. [MENTION=3992]Funyaripa[/MENTION] There could be multiple enemies, so. [MENTION=1754]Becca Malik[/MENTION] This will be a group roleplay by the looks of it.
  20. Great :) Should I do up a character profile? Is there a bio framework I could use to make my character?