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  1. Hello! Since I've started reading the Pokemon manga I've come to a decision that I've finally wanted to play based off what I know so far :) I've just finished the Yellow Arc and I loved it entirely. I've just started reading the Gold Arc and it's looking promising so far!

    What I want in this RP is kinda of a typical Pokemon RP thread or we could change it up according to how we want to Rp it. I would like to start by saying that I tend to be a lengthy and detailed Rper and it would be amazing if someone could help challenge me with my writing and you with yours. I write more than three paragraphs depending on what happens during the Rp and I would appreciate it if you would kind of have the same writing length. Also, please be detailed as I want this to be fun to read and maybe we can both anticipate each other's replies. Have some good character development too! I know this is getting kind of lengthy, but I hate it when I write out something only to have the other person respond with a single paragraph or less.

    I do understand that you have a busy life and I do as well or have a low muse, but please tell me. I currently have some exams and some other tests, but I'll try and keep it going!

    This Rp is going to be a OC thing. I hate playing character's that already somebody else's and I can't do a good impression of a already made character other than my own, but I will play minor character if the Rp calls for it. I Actually prefer to play multiple characters :) I find it to be fun.

    Well, that's all for now. Either PM me or reply in this thread for a Pokemon RP and then we can brainstorm later about it. Thank you!
  2. Am interested.
  3. Alright cool! Did you have any ideas you would like to plot out?
  4. Erm not really i guess we can brainstorm stuff.
  5. Hello, Thermal!

    I have a vague idea about a post-apocalyptic pokemon story set in one of the last haven for wild pokemon. We would play the reserve's rangers of sort. Are you interested?
  6. Hello there Thermal, I must admit, I like the idea of a pokemon 1x1: especially one with roots in the Pokemon Special manga. (RiP Arbok.)

    If his idea is not yet sated, I would love to grab you for this. I have four ideas floating around in my head which we can talk through.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.