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    High on the craggy mountain tops, Absol waited.

    It focused its eyes on the clusters of houses below, and the soft comforting glow that came from the streetlamps and buildings. Soon, there would be nothing left of this city, and the regions would be forced to their knees. Calamities were going to happen—everywhere and all at once. It wasn't going to be one earthquake or one big fire, it was going to be worse than that, and the five regions would all suffer the same fate. People and Pokemon alike would die, Absol could feel it in his veins.
    ♠ ♠ ♠

    Hey there, I'm Fox, it's a pleasure to meet you ^^!

    Sooo, I'm currently looking for a partner :)! Here are my requirements.
    • Someone who doesn't mind a darker take on Pokemon. In this RP, both humans and Pokemon could die. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not going to kill off your OC or anything :P, but some NPCs and their pokemon might wind up dead.​
    • Someone who isn't afraid of OOC chatter xD! Communication keeps RPs alive, so talking and discussing is a must.​
    • Someone who can give me at least three paragraphs.​
    • Someone who can handle a few posts a week.​
    • Someone who is interested in a long term RP. Don't just post once then disappear forever D8< *raises pitchfork* If I'm going to be gone for a few days, I'll keep you informed. I ask that you do the same. If I lose interest, I will tell you, and I'd appreciate the same.​
    • Someone who is willing to help me out with the plot. I don't like it when my partners rely on me for all the ideas. This is going to be a TEAM effort.​
    • Someone who is willing to play NPCs and villains with me. We can't have a world composed of only two people OwO so yeah~​

    Are you still here?

    You are :o? Awesome!

    So what is this RP going to be about?

    The Rockets are back and badder than ever, they managed to capture Mew and harnessed its power. After that, they sent a psychic blast all throughout the regions and the legendaries have been going crazy and causing all sorts of calamities. (Ex. Kyogre and Groudon have been causing earthquakes and tidal waves) The regions are in a very bad position and because of this, rescue teams composed of volunteers have been starting up everywhere.

    These teams are known as the Ruby Cross (Think Red Cross, OTL)

    So our characters are going to be brand new volunteers. We're supposed to get the easy jobs and delivery missions, but because the professionals have their hands full, we've been assigned rescue missions and more dangerous jobs.

    As the RP progresses, our characters will learn about Mew and the rockets and will then get dragged into a series of events and missions that are far larger than they could have ever imagined.

    ♠ ♠ ♠

    Anyone interested :D? Questions are loved!
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  2. I love Pokemon and this sounds quite interesting! I have been rping for years but I haven't really written three paragraphs in one post but I'm up to extending my writing. Message me if interested :)
  3. Yeah, this idea sounds pretty awesome, PM me if you're still looking to do this plot or others
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