Pokemon RP based on the 'Kanghaskan is Cubone's Mother' theory?

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  1. I've thought for a bit, and instead of the usual Pokemon RP, I was thinking - why not I make something different.

    So, basically, I've seen a take on a very very old theory that managed to cover potential loopholes that aren't very loopholey, so I thought - why not I make an RP based off orphaned Baby Kanghaskan? Why the hell not?

    The Roleplay is based off the Kanghaskan part of this video. While most of you will play Cubone, my character will be a Baby Kanghaskan who has chosen not to wear his mother's skull.

    I'll consider other Pokemon to join, although they will only be one-of-each, and will join only halfway during the journey.

    I haven't decided on a decent plot yet, but for the time being, I'm thinking that the group of Pokemon had heard legends of a distant place - a distant Utopia. If they gather a certain set of relics and gather it at that utopia, each of them will be granted a wish - all the riches in the world, the authority over all, or perhaps the goal that everyone has in mind - bring mother back to life.

    So there you have it.
  2. Is anyone willing to express curiousity?
  3. I was interested by the title, and while it's not my favorite thought, playing the pokemon themselves isn't something I'm opposed to. Actually, thought you might've had a complicated system removing the VG elements of the game and expanding on the theory for the entire pokeverse - one of the greater strengths of the Kangasbone theory are the evolutions of Slowpoke, that weird natural occurrences can effect the world or something. I wasn't sure how it would be implemented, but it has a lot of potential for plotlines, characters, and world developments.

    However, it sounds like everyone's characters are kind of already selected for them - as cubone - and it's more a story for your character than surrounding the group's characters, but I prefer being an integral part of the plotline, at least in directly effecting it, which is probably how it is for most peoples if they're not yet expressing interest. If you just wanted to write the fanfiction for it, I'd read it! Love me some pokemon ^_^
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  4. Actually, I did have in mind everyone playing a part, journeying together in a pack to survive. My character will be different and weaker, but will be as important as everyone else's.
  5. Ack, didn't expect you to reply so fast! lol. I don't mean to imply anything, I can see how this could be an interesting RP, but from the way you have written up the check, it sounds character-centric. It's based on the idea that cubone wears the skull of his mother and yours is the one character who doesn't, so it's not a very inclusive introduction to your idea. If you wanna build interest, you gotta bribe people, essentially, with why would they want to join your RP - and it sounds like you'd probably be open to a bunch of ideas from others, but people might not be prepared with something or pick-up inspiration without a little help.

    You gotta answer the question: How do you think others' characters could be as important as your character?
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