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  1. Hello. I am Riley. I put this request up sometime last year, and no one seemed interested. But now there are new people on the site, so maybe this could get some sort of response?

    I'm looking for a mature Pokemon roleplay. Mature means sex, violence and language. I only play the video games, so this will be OCs. Also, I only enjoy roleplaying MxM. I am looking for a partner who is intermediate to adept. To me, this means that you can give me at least two paragraphs per post, can control NPCs as needed, and can spell most words correctly.

    Now for the plot:

    Two best friends left home together at age 10 to start their Pokemon journey. After constant arguments, they went on their separate ways when they were 16. One of them went on to become a gym leader, the other joined one of the Teams. One year ago, the Teams started to take over the country. They started fighting to kill, slaughtering all of the weak Pokemon and capturing the rare and the valuable. One day, the Team tries to take over the first character's gym with a plan to kill the gym leader. The second character stops them from murdering the boy who was once his best friend. The Team turns on him, banning him from ever returning to their base. After that, the two boys work together to take down the entire organization.

    I'm thinking like 20ish for the ages of the two main characters. So... Anyone interested?
  2. Ash's_Pikachu.png I think the reason you didn't get any replies is because pokemon and murder don't really mix. It seems like a really solid and interesting plot I grant you but I think something a little more fluffed up might work better ^_^
  3. If you have any ideas for a pokemon plot, I would love to hear it.
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  4. I wouldn't mind trying this at all Pokemon with a darker twist it's not the first time I've seen it.
  5. I was looking in your roleplay resume and you have only straight under what you play. I'm only MxM. Are you willing to play that?
  6. Ya, I just put that because I only do m x m if it's a plot I really like if not I won't .