Pokemon role-play?

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  1. I have been wanting to do a Pokemon role-play for the longest time...but...I'm still not sure of all the details.
    BUT...while I work all of those things out in my head, I would like to take a count of how many people would like to join in this little adventure with me. I am looking for possibly 2-4 more people to join with me on a little 'team' that is scouring the lands and trying to become Pokemon Masters.

    Might seem kinda childish...but I am not wanting to play 10-year-olds or anything like the cartoon depicts.
    I want teenagers and young adults facing real-life problems and all sorts of other hardships as well. I want this intense...violence, blood, gore----real villiany, everything!

    Let me know what you think and respond here if you're up for the challenge.
  2. I would personally loooove a pokemon roleplay~
  3. I'd join as well. Hopefully it wouldn't die like the old one did but the old one was childish. Most characters were 10-15. ^^ I am seriously interested in it being like real life so count me in.
  4. Color me intrigued
  5. Alright...so, so far we have a good team of people going for the role-play.
    Lets assume that this is the team we will be working with. Is there any one of you that would personally want to play a darker or evil character? Perhaps the bad-guy of the story?

    Lets begin brainstorming ideas for the plot of this role-play? I want to get everyone involved in a mutual decision on what is happening so that we can all stay in-tune with this and no one loses interest. I apologize for my slow response, but I am currently in the process of moving out of the Country, so I am really, really, busy...and responses might take me some time to get to.
  6. Could I also join, or is it too late? The last two pokemon RPs died quickly, so I hope this one does well regardless.

    If I'm allowed to join I don't mind what kind of character I play.
  7. You can still join.
    What I am needing is at least 2-3 other people to join into a traveling team with myself, and then I will also need a team of rivals and/or badguys (we could create our own dark organization rather than using ones used in the games and cartoon).
    Right now I am looking for major plots in the story, like, where to begin, characters (who wants to play whom), and etc. Any suggestions on where to start?
    Even if we do not get a huge group and others decide not to go along with the group role-play, I am still willing to do 1X1's.
  8. I would like to be a rival if that's ok?

    As for plot ideas...hmm... sorry, I can only think of cheesy ideas, like a flood of honey, then thousand of pokemon who attracted to it are all fighting and we have to calm them down...
  9. ^^; Can I be a rival that acts as a friend to the actual travelers but keeps the rival team up to date? Heheh if not that's fine but ummm... How about one of the search for one of the legendaries that were never actually found...? I mean Entei was found but the others weren't and seemed to just have been forgotten. Maybe the organization (rivals) decide to find out what happened and where they are? Just a random idea since its the first to be mentioned~!!! Doesn't have to be used... Hehe
  10. If i could join as well, i don't care if i'm bad or good, but could i be a poison type gym leader whotravels with them and lies to them about who he is even his name, until they reach his gym?
    Jake Star~fake name
    Jared Wishingstar~real name
  11. I want to join too if I may.
    I already have some OCs that I thought up. For two of them, one of them I thought up to be in team rocket and to be the older brother of the pokemon characters Paul and Reggie from the Sinnoh region..and one I thought up to be a pokemon breeder and to be the older brother of the pokemon character Trip from the Unova region. I already have those two OCs of mine's background stories and what their current day stories are thought up in my head.

    I also have many other scenes I thought up in my head as well for the pokemon anime characters.^^
  12. Hey [MENTION=2637]Jessica Stansell[/MENTION]. You'll see my character from the pokemon rp you made mid last year. ^^; different name but will look the same.

    Hmmm... Still thinking of other ideas. ^^;
  13. Well you know that the issue is that while pokemon already is a role play it's designed to be a very single person with the wide verity of pokemon choices then the wide verity of moves that they can know but not every pokemon can learn every move. To try and stay in the pokeom world but be creative can be hard enough, but then add a whole group of people rather then just one and keeping track of it all gets a little messy. Perhaps if every character only had one pokemon it might work. Also when playing pokemon a lot of the time is spent training. Grinding doesnt really translate well into interesting role playing.
  14. As much as I would love a pokemon roleplay if you want it to work you're gonna have to think out of the box. A regular pokemon journey like in the games might not work. You'd have to find a way to make it a fun and enticing story the whole way through or else it die to quickly.
  15. Ohh I would love to join this! ^_^ Either as a trainer... or maybe a pokemon? Is that a possibility? (I've always wanted to do something along those lines) If not, a human is fine. XD
  16. Hmm, but I dont think we should make this too complex, Screenfox. I was hosting a yugioh RP a small while ago, but it had too be dropped because all the rules and stuff made it boring. It might be better (not saying it definatly is) if we RP this casually, and don't worry if we go against how pokemon was originally made to be played. Of course, it's the GMs choice, Im just making a suggestion.
  17. My idea was simply have a regular journey BUT it would be the character's back-stories that would make the whole thing enticing. Take my character for example...her brother was originally part of Team Plasma, but when he learned the truth about what they were doing, he tried to flee and was killed.
    While Team Plasma may have been stopped by the "Hero", still, she knows that they are out there and she is seeking revenge for her brother by finding the leader and turning him in. Granted, this was merely an OC that I had from awhile back, and since I like 2nd Gen Pokemon, I would have to make some changes to her story and etc. But see, that would be her fuel to pick fights with the rival characters, and while her journey may start out normal enough, it would later become complicated.

    I agree that grinding would be hard to translate into the role-play though because they would indeed have to train. But I was hoping that the friends could often battle each other in order to gain experience. I was hoping that, that as well as NPC battles with travelers and then the Gym Leader challenges would be enough to keep this thing rolling.

    But yes...this is going to be difficult indeed.
  18. I still want to join, and I mean like, I like being good and all sometimes, but playing an antagonist is a really fun role. I wanna be like the leader of some organization or something, and I hope I am not asking to much, or at least part of it, or SOMETHING! Oh yeah by the way I do want to join too.
  19. It sounds so exciting, I can't wait! But which region is the RP going to be set in?
  20. I'd be interested in joining. Never done a Pokemon rp but I'd be up to it!