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  1. [reset the sadness]

    The Pokemon Burst has been perfected, after many long years of strife and casualties.

    The Pokemon Burst is the ability to morph into a Pokemon Hybrid, with the use of a special stone, called a Burst Heart. Originally, these stones were mistaken for evolution stones... But when the scientific community discovered that they were different, an investigation was deemed appropriate. These Burst Hearts were stones of all different shapes and sizes. No one quite knew where they came from. Until it was discovered that when a pokemon died, if that pokemon wished to give its power to others, then a Burst Heart would form. Although of immense power, no one quite knew what to do with these mysterious stones, until the son of a laboratory head transformed using one.

    Everyone was quite astonished. With this discovery, the government authorized the use of Burst Hearts. The Burst Hearts could not be hidden forever. So, volunteers were called in to test it out. These volunteers trained daily, but some did die after attempting to transform. The dangers became clear. Thus, the government refused to give Burst Hearts to just anyone.

    Yet, a rogue scientist stole a great amount of Burst Hearts and fled. Although the government scoured the region and world for him, he was found later, after the uprising of am evil team called Team Facultus. He was merely a pawn, and it was his body that was found. Team Facultus had many, many people capable of using the Burst Hearts, thus, the government of the Seta region called several more volunteers in, in order to fight Team Facultus. These people have been trained harshly, but by now, are able to use their Burst Hearts effectively.

    The fate of the world rests within their hands.


    This is a Pokemon RP that revolves around the use of the Burst Hearts. When transforming, those who use Burst Hearts can become stronger and learn new moves just like regular pokemon. They also take on those pokemon's physical attributes and their outfits change [kind of like magical girls/boys]. Those who can use Burst Hearts may also evolve as well.
  2. This is interesting. One question remains, what Pokémon to I want to transform into?
  3. Ahh, thank you for your interest!! ^^ I'll wait for some others, then I'll put the threads up~
  4. Love the pokemon burst manga~! so wait do we get to burst into mega evolved pokemon?
  5. @GreenSea
    Yes, Mega Evolution will be allowed.
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  6. interested~
  7. Okaay~! Cool!
  8. Ah yes, I loved that manga. I'll consider.
  9. Okay~ Cool!

    I'll wait for another person to be interested, then I'll start it up!
  10. I might be interested but I never heard of the manga.
  11. That's fine! No prior knowledge is necessary. :)
  12. Ohh looks interesting! Count me interested!
  13. Hello everyone!! I'll put the threads up soon!
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