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  1. So, I was looking to start up another 1x1! Can you guess what setting I might be interested in? ;o

    Well, first, a little about me! I generally post at least once every one-two days, though usually bit more. It highly depends on my work schedule. I'm not unwilling to do romance, but I only care for it as a subplot with a M/F pairing, though I'll play either gender. I definitely do NOT do sex scenes. I write in past tense and third person, and expect the same from you. I'm generally a quick poster myself, work permitting, but the more we talk about the story, the easier it will be for us to post! In regards to post length and the like, it varies based on scene (dialogue posts would be shorter, for instance), but as long as you feel confident that you can post at least 2/3 paragraphs a post, then we'll be fine. Though collabs are also options for quick back and forths. I don't really want to go offsite, like chat or such, but I'm alright with either threads or Pms.

    So, about the game itself: I was hoping for a typical Pokemon Journey! Trainers, their Pokemon, and a long walk across the region. I'm open to ideas on the specifics, but I have a few ideas myself.

    • Firstly, I was thinking we go through an original region. While I have no specific ideas at the moment, the idea is that we'd build it up as we go along. Name drop a town here and end up there later down the line! Add some landmarks, an antagonistic team, and we'd be set!
    • I'm familiar with Pokemon from all generations so I'd rather not have any limits there. More tools!
    • One possible idea to work with to give more character interaction is rather simple: more characters! Instead of one trainer each, we could have two! We'd each have one character interested in Pokemon Battles and the League challenge, and another more interested in something else, like Contests. If you have any other suggestions, that's fine too! I'm also perfectly fine with one character each.
    • While battles in the games serve their purpose, I've been reading Pokemon Special and I rather like how they handle it. While your Gym battles, casual fights, and other matches play out like duels (not unlike the ones you're used to fro mthe games and anime), when guys like Team Rocket are involved or things are otherwise more serious, rules get thrown out the window. Multiple Pokemon being used, disabling the opposing trainer, tons of trickery: it'd be a great way to push our characters out of their comfort zone and force them to adapt!

    I'm only interested in starting one game, but go ahead and post here or message me if you're interested!
  2. I'm so happy I didn't have to look very long to find a pokemon rp! This sounds awesome, I'm totally interested.
  3. Neat! Nice to hear from you!

    Did have any idea of what kind of character(s) you were interested in playing? (Also we can move to PMs for OOC if you'd rather)
  4. I don't have very much of an idea, but I shouldn't take too long!
    But yeah, let's move to PM so we don't clutter up your post.
  5. I may be interested....

    Please give me just a tad bit more info on this, and possibly we can work something out.

    (BTW: I May Not Be Able to Post Alot. Internet Issues.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.