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  1. I've got a craving for basically anything pokemon related. I've got a few plots.

    -Unova adventure with dark additions.
    -Kalos/Unova adventure Nuzlocke.
    -Pokemon lab proffesser as a companion on an adventure.

    That's mainly what I have.

    To explain the Unova one, I just thought Unova sounded like a place where a lot of violence and crime would occur, along with drug usage and pokemon abuse.

    The Kalos Nuzlocke one was inspired by a webcomic called "Myths of Unova", yes it's not in unove fore the Kalos one but I think a bit of emotion for Kalos is needed and it would be a good addition to the story.

    The Proffesser thing hasn't been thought out much but I have a bit of a plot for it. A pokemon profersser accompanies a new trainer on his/her journey to ensure his/her safety. I'd allow a lot of space for this, you would get to pick any region this takes place in, even made up ones or ones used in fangames.

    Now, I'd prefer a Nuzlocke run, I'm willing to combine the first one and the second one.

    I play either gender, and I can do MxF or FxF. I'm always the girl in MxF. I'd want to be the trainer in the Proffesser roleplay, those are my only set requirements, may might pop up later but that's it for now. If you like any of these PM me, easier to keep track of Pms.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.