Pokemon Parody Songs/Videos

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  1. [video=youtube;LV8ki6kNnbE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LV8ki6kNnbE#![/video]

    You're not surprised I posted this, are you?
    I'm not either. 8D

    Do you know of any AWESOME Pokemon Parody songs and or videos? :D
    IF SO.
    POST THEM >:3
    Your favorites, or the worst in your opinion.




  2. [video=youtube;sj_jz72QfX4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sj_jz72QfX4[/video]
    Riding a bike will never be the same.

    What will Steve do?
    >Smoke Weed -Make Flipnote
    -Post -Create Link

    What will Solder do?
    -Rocket Launcher
    >Rocket Jump
    Soldier used Rocket Jump! Soldier's Speed increased!
    Soldier's Evasiveness increased!
  3. Ok since you on the topic of pokemon can i ask a question i know its not a parody song or video but its been driving me nuts since i thought of it.

    after you catch a pokemon where does it go to the bathroom i mean is it like when you battle does that pokemon come out covered in shit or does it run off to a corner and then come back and if it shits in the ball do you have to clean it every so offten. Im only asking because i seen a new episode and i saw them eat but i never saw them taking a crap.

    and another question

    since pokemon can learn human and speak it can human learn pokemon and speak it because i saw a episode where this kid thought he was a kangaskhan but he spoke human ((its been awhile and i dont remember if he understood the pokemon)) it just is confusing because i used to watch and i remember when ash would ask pikachu a question and when pika went pika he said "yeah your right." or something like that i am just wondering is ash just blowing smoke up pikachus ass making him think ash can understand him or can they really understand each other, and if he can understand then can he speak to him in pokemon.

    edit...sorry i spelled ash ask many times...stupid i know

    But maybe you should go ask those things in the Pokemon Group. ^^' -nodnod.- Go join and create topics!