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Would anyone be up for a PMD-style RP? I've had a few ideas on the back burner, and think I could make this maybe work with a few people.

I was thinking that I would just have two players(and me) playing as a fairly strong and high-ranked team who gets involved with a town off the beaten track, the kind that not a lot of teams get to, and find out that there's a much greater plot at large.

So, I was going to limit this to generations 1-4. Mostly because... I haven't beaten Black and White, and don't have a very good handle on the Gen 5 Pokemon and how they act. So if that's a dealbreaker, then you'll have to wait a month for me to get through it.

So is anyone interested? Choices are probably going to be limited to the two people I have the most faith/trust in, sorry. I just don't think I'm a good enough GM to open up the character roster to as many people who want in.
Heh, I probably wouldn't end up as one of the 'two people I have the most faith/trust in', but I'm interested still. Always did like the PMD games.

A high ranked team idea also works, as it's different from the usual 'working your way up' you have to do in game.

A slight suggestion is that if you only want a few people, you could have muktple characters for each, which might make it more interesting, and help you get used to GMing lots of characters, but without all the people. Just a suggestio n from somone who likes less people more characters...

But yeah, in all I;m interested, and completely happy with gen I-IV. I'd probably be a gen I anyway....
Well, I meant more the people that I think will stay active and less the people on the site I know the best. Have to be picky somehow if I'm limiting players.

I'll definitely keep the multiple characters thing in mind though.
I've never played PMD, but I could try and learn the style with the help of internetz.

If you want me to play, of course. <3
It's a series of spin-off Pokemon games, featuring a world of Pokemon with no humans in sight, where you play as an Adventure Team, which basically does everything that you expect RPG adventurers to do. Deliver items, save people from dungeons, track down criminal Pokemon, so on so forth. They're pretty good if you like rougelike dungeon crawlers, and are way more plot-focused than the main series.