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  1. Welcome to Lucario's Guild young adventurer! Here you will join a rescue team and will rescue pokemon, catch criminals and find items for your clients.

    So yeah I'm not good at intros basically you are joining a guild called Lucario's Guild...named that because well a Lucario founded it. This RP will have no set plot like in the games as well as there are no humans turned pokemon....so sign-up!

    The Guild

    Lucario- he is the Guildmaster of the guild and is a very kind and caring elderly Lucario. (He is an NPC for anyone to control)
    Ampharos- the second-in-command for the guild he is very tough on the adventurers and has a tough love approach to everything, who gives out the daily missions to the adventurers (also an NPC)
    Swallot- he is the chef for the guild and is quite uptight and will yell at someone if they say anything about his cooking. (Yeah he's an NOC too)

    Layout: the pretty standard guild layout with a Lucario head and a ladder leading underground. The first level is where the jobs are posted as well as where the kitchen and staff quarters are. The second floor is where the adventurers sleep, once rooms are decided I'll update this.
    Species: (1st evolution only)
    Level: (1-10)
    Appearance: (anything that makes your character stand out from the rest of it's species...and please don't have a million shines)
    Bio: (just a few sentences)

    Name: Xavier
    Species: Ralts
    Gender: Male
    Level: 5
    Personality: Xavier is very kind....once you break through his hard shell, which isn't easy.
    Appearance: thus isn't really appearance but his pyscic powers are yellow,
    Bio: Xavier comes from a long line of adventurers who have their own guild in another part of the region. It is customary though that a young ralts from the family train at a different guild and become an adventurer on their own instead of being trained by the family. So when he reached level five he set out of the Lucario Guild in hopes of becoming a famous adventure like the rest of his family.
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  2. How many characters can we make?
  3. It depends on if we are going to have two teams or not
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Sage
    Species: Deerling (Autumn)
    Gender: Male
    Level: 5
    Personality: Sensitive | Rational | Shy | Alert | Paranoid
    Sage is quite jumpy to most sudden noises or movements, even when in the guild. He can also be very self-conscious and takes another's comments very seriously, even when meant to be sarcastic. But it's not just his feelings that are sensitive, his hearing is as well. Living in the wild has trained him well when it came to sensing danger, thus is usually very alert of his surroundings, wether or not he's focusing.
    Appearance: He's a bit taller than normal deerling, plus the flower atop his head is slightly burnt.
    Moves: Tackle, Camoflauge, and Growl
    Bio: Sage was born in a nomadic tribe of sawsbuck, and was taught the natural way of reaction when facing danger; the fight or flight response. Almost always choosing the latter of the two. One day, he has awakened to his home on fire, and found himself once again running from the situation. But this time, with no where to run back to. He was tired of his cowardly approach and decided to join a guild, to redeem himself.
    Other: He's really scared of cleffas, for reasons unknown.​
  5. Name: Aqua
    Species: Squirtle
    Gender: Female
    Level: 4
    Personality: Aqua is a bubbly, social, cute little Squirtle. She is optimistic, meaning she always looks on the bright side, and therefor is a great friend. She always smiles, no matter how sad things may be, and is a generally nice Pokemon to be around. Being a water type Pokemon, her favourite element is water. She enjoys swimming and practicing her moves.
    Appearance: Her eyes are a shade of blue rather than red. Her skin is abit darker than usual.
    Moves: Tackle, tail whip
    Bio: Aqua was born as an only-child. She never knew her father, and her mother abandoned her as a baby. Being an optomist, she thought 'At least I can be more independent without parents.' Still, she decided to join the guild so she had someone to bring her up, rather than wandering the world alone as a baby.
    Other: She is slightly afraid of the dark, however, this isn't too serious.
  6. Name:
    Embryon ("Bryon" or "Bry" for short)
    Almost always hungry and yet generous with sharing his meal, his offer almost always get turned down due to his diet mostly consisting of -- you guessed it, rocks and soil. One who is so eager to help, he is very friendly and a gentleman but then fails in a lot of things, mostly because he is destructive by nature. Embryon comes out as awkward at times, being him always singled out from the group thus giving him very little chance to work on his social skills. He tries his best, really. It's just that his clumsiness gets him into awkward situations most of the time. Other than that, this Larvitar is very playful, sometimes reckless, brave, and is very protective over his friends.
    What makes this Larvitar different from the rest is that he has a smaller horn just in front of the main extension that he has on the top of his head. He gets very conscious about it at times, worrying that he will be teased of having two foreheads.
    Bite, Leer, Sandstorm
    Bry grew up in a hostile environment, with the evolution of his kind being insolent by nature. His family lived for themselves, and had no regard with anyone outside their species. The Tyranitar species lived up to its name of being unwelcoming and aggressive, challenging those who enter their territories in a brutal duel. Bry was one of the very few who wanted to change their way of living, as influenced by the Sylveon he used to play with in secrecy. His open-mindedness enraged his kin, forcing him to live on the ways of the Tyranitar. He opposed this belief though, and set out to live on his own by his own principles. Bry found the guild and attempted to sign up for it as a way of turning away from his former lifestyle, even though his poor upbringing and lack of basic etiquette thanks to his family got him into trouble a few times.
    - Bry often comes up as rude without meaning to, though he tries to be as pleasing as he could to others.
    - He is often seen with soil and mud on his cheeks, as he snacks on a handful of dirt almost all the time.
    - The only thing he is probably good at that benefits others is his way of complimenting them. His blunt honesty lets him speak his mind in a way that gives others the misunderstanding that he is courting them.
  7. Name: Akira or Aki for short.
    Species: Meowth
    Gender: Male
    Level: 4
    Personality: He's lazy and rather well, hotheaded if he is insulted for his size.

    Appearance: Unlike other Meowths, he has across shaped scar on his forehead. A few faint scars on his paws and body. Mainly from fights from other Pokemon. His left ear is all torn. He is rather small for a Meowth, slightly shorter than the average one. He yerns to wish to master the art of "Pay Day".

    Moves: Scratch

    Bio: Poor Akira. He and his other Meowth cohorts were ones who always were showing who had the sharpest claw or ones who adored the "shiniest" object. Akira was one who always would get in scrap fights, which explains his scars. He may appear tough, but on the inside, he is rather caring and a bit of a dork.

    Other: Akira is the aloof one. He prefers being alone at times.
    He likes the water, allot.
    One of his best friends was a Glameow, however, they parted their ways.
  8. Sorry everyone I've been a. Bit scatter brained lately, I'll get my CS up tonight probably, by the way everyone is accepted
  9. Finally posted the IC thread sorry it took so long
  10. Cool! :D Thanks! May we get the link then?
  11. I was thinking we could do setting a little different from
    the games, all
    Of us will be apprentices so Ampharos will send us in different groups every day, at least for a little while (that way we all get a chance to interact with eachother).
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  12. Could I Join this...RolePlay??
  13. I think you should be able to, but I'm not sure. You should probabaly ask @andrew21234
  14. Yeah sure, it's kinda dead but maybe you can help revive it
  15. Name:Anastasia
    Species: Sylveon
    Level: 50
    Personality:Anastasia is the sweetest eevee you'll meet. Along with her bffs, they make up team Rose.
    Appearance:Ana's a Shiny Eevee wearing a crescent moon medallion.
    Moves:Draining Kiss,Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Bite[Kept f from when she was an eevee]
    Bio: Anastasia was born to a Sylveon mother and a Glaceon Father. She immediately took a shine to roses, and eventually made them her motif, along with crescent moons. She met Siegfried and leon on accident when she was Exploring, but soon she went everywhere with them.
    Other:She is Considered a legendary Expolrer, her whole team is. Her Ability is pixalate

    Personality:The oldest of the friends making up Team Rose, he's the team leader and a very outgoing person.
    Appearance: His roses are pink instead of blue and red. he wears a rose pendent
    Moves:dazzling gleam, Petal Dance, Vine Whip, Grass Pledge
    Bio: Being the leader, he is always looking out for his team. Siegffried came f a ha humble benning with his little brother Leon, who was an Skitty. Their parents were a Delcatty and a Roselia.
    Other:Siegfried is the strongest of team, and holds the Whole team together with his strong will.His AbiilitY is Technician

    Species: dELCATTY
    Level: 52
    Personality:Siegfrieds younger brothr r r loves s fairylands. and Fairytales. He used to listen t to stories of fairy types when he was a kid.
    Appearance:Leon has a green ribbon around his tail.
    Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Play Rough, Fury Swipes
    Bio:Just like e Siegfried Leon grew up easy and met Anastasia accidentally. they've been besties ever since. Their team climbed up to gold rank pretty quickley.
    Other:Leon often wears a fairytale themed chain around his neck;.His ability is cute charm

    hope this is okay- there background charecte3rs, or could be off on their own thing.
  16. Are we still doing this?
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