Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Fate of Dimensions

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  1. The Pitch:
    The far north is a mystery. As you go further north the plains start to give way into hills, and the hills give way into the impassible iron-rich mountains. The plains give way to cool forests and the forests give way to snowy reaches where the Mamoswine herds reside. Yet they are usually quiet, the only real news that happens is when someone finds a few ruins or a tablet inscribed with the regular, angular shape of the Unown and their unblinking eye. No one is quite sure how long ago it was that the Unown were around, but no one can remember when they were, and no one has seen one in the flesh. ​
    Things have been a little strange though. Some minor earthquakes have rattled the area, and the weather has been colder than usual for spring, with a lot of older Pokemon expecting some fierce spring blizzards. And though there's usually not any trouble, some times criminal Pokemon try to flee to the north to escape justice. And it is that mundane task that will draw an adventure team and a quiet little village into a struggle beyond their imagining. ​

    Information for Players:
    We'll be playing as a fairly experienced Adventure team, used to doing quests for villagers and tracking down criminal Pokemon. The RP starts with us heading to the north on the trail of a wanted Toxicroak named Sero. ​
    This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP. Humans are either looked on as fairy tales or are all somewhere far, far away from where the plot is happening. ​
    You can play whatever Pokemon you want, from any generation, barring Legendary Pokemon. It's not required but I suggest playing something evolved as this team is meant to be experienced and capable. Don't worry too hard about the details of your moves, they're just meant to give an idea of special things you can do in a fight. You can still bash and do your elementally-inclined things (i.e. water types shooting water). ​

    Character Sheet:
    Personally, despite the canon, I give Pokemon names and think of them as having names at all times. Plus, it would be too confusing to if we ran into two Pokemon from the same species.​
    Defining characteristics:
    Variations from the default appearance. This can be scars, size differences, or a slightly different coloration.​
    Who are they?​
    Pick four moves the Pokemon would know. I suggest Serebii or Bulbapedia if you need to look up a move list. Breeding moves and TM moves are permitted.​
    A little bit of what their life was like before they joined the team. We can work out how the team formed after all the sheets are up.​

    Sample Character:
    Terrence, or Terr for short.​
    Defining characteristics:
    Terrence is a very large Torterra, 6 feet at the shoulder, with a broad shell capable of comfortably carrying many Pokemon. The middle peak of the "mountain" range on his back has a jagged tip split into two forks.​
    Terr is fairly mission oriented, usually pushing ahead stubbornly as he's used to his size and strength making problems go away. When you're the size and bulk of a small hill it's easy to get things to go your way. Despite that he has a large soft spot, and more often than his tough guy demeanor would indicate he gives rides to younger Pokemon. He's afraid of the cold though(Thanks to that 4x weakness), and that makes him nervous being up in the cold north.​
    Earthquake, Crunch, Giga Drain, Energy Ball.​
    Terrence was always stubborn as a young Pokemon and a very fast grower. He never was quite satisfied staying with the forest-like Torterra herds, and before long struck out on his own to try to join or make his own Adventure Team. As he evolved he grew into a fighting style of being basically unmovable, too heavy and too strong to overcome. Too slow to not get outran though, despite how quickly he tries to stomp along. He's very loyal to his friends and very dedicated though.​
  2. [​IMG]
    Defining characteristics
    Hum is a shiny Pokemon! So instead of yellow, she is a soft lavender purple.
    As for accessories, she wears a black handkerchief around her neck with a white deco of a Zubat's jaws as well as a pair of silver goggles. Most of the time she wears the goggles around her neck, over top of the kerchief but sometimes, she'll wear them up on her head or over her eyes when in actual use.
    Energetic, rough enthusiasm, tomboyish, daredevil, confident, adventurous. She may be the kind to stand up somewhere high with her paws on her hips, laughing and shouting about adventure, but she also has a soft, caring heart and a strong sense of right and wrong. She can be calm and level-headed at the utmost important moments. For the most part, she's the crazy, fun-loving older sibling.
    ThunderPunch, Discharge, Headbutt, Flash.
    Originally from a miner village, Hum spent most of her days as a little Mareep playing in the hilly woods around the mine her pops worked in. She grew up surrounded by adventure, most of which could be credited to her boundless imagination. Often she defended the tree fort from invaders and at times she would be the one storming it. Intense battles against river pirates could last for hours. There was always so much adventure and she grew up strong and athletic and full of unbridled energy because of it. But as it goes, when children grow up, they must pull their heads out of the clouds and return to the mundane life. And so Hum went to work at the mine just like her pops. That is, until it collapsed one day and the mine was shut down. Sensing her fleeting freedom, Hum quickly packed her belongings and set out to find work elsewhere. She sends Poke home to her parents whenever she can.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Defining characteristics:
    Remy likes to wear scarves, his favorite of which is a long, deep blue one.
    Typical of his species, Remy is extremely loyal and would put himself in danger for the sake of his teammates without a second thought. Outside of that, Remy is level-headed, the calm and observant type. He tries to completely take in a situation before thinking of the best way to act or respond. He's also very kind and fun-loving.
    Psychic, Hypnosis, Teleport, Shadow Ball
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  4. download.jpg
    Name: Wave

    Species: Weavile

    Defining characteristics: Taller than normal Weavile's and always wears his pokeallica cap.

    Personality: When Wave’s made his mind up with something he sticks to it no matter what, Despite his size he can pack a punch and he’s got the speed behind him to do so. At heart he likes to put his feet up with a candy bar and have a joke with his mates. He can get quite competitive at times.

    Moveset: Night Slash, Dig, Aerial ace, Brick break.

    Bio: Wave was all alone when he hatched inside a cave next to a razor claw, he was never a sneasel and missed out on them days because after he picked up the razor claw not far away he found a rare candy. Since he evolved quickly his speed and attack was very high and he utilised this. He spent most of his days going from town to town enjoying life and training even harder on his attack and speed. He earned money by entering tournaments and about 90% of the time he won. He knew his weakness and learned the moves he had to, to survive.
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  5. Name:
    Defining characteristics:
    Other than being a rare shiny Haxorus, he has a scar on his left eye where he got in a fight with another powerful Haxorus
    Haxorus is kind of quiet and has a very strong sense of justice. He hates when other pokemon are treated unfairly and will do anything to help them. He loves to be in caves and is very calm there, even in the most drastic of situations.
    Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Giga Impact
    Haxorus lived in in the mountains as an Axew and left to become stronger not long after he was able to take care of himself. He was different then most other Axews, being of an odd color. He lived with it and embraced who he was. He had gone around helping other pokemon as much as he could during his travels. He never stayed in one place for too long and always was on the move. He would stop for the night in one place, and he would be long gone in the morning. He was pretty powerful for a little guy, as he had to overcome a lot of nature's challanges in his journey, and that carried over when he evolved. Being having a higher special defence than most because of the blizzards he endured up in the mountains, he was also slightly stronger than other Haxorus', and that is saying something considering how strong they are.
  6. Thanks for your interest everyone! I've got some short travel plans for this week, but I'll be ready to get the IC thread up by this weekend.
  7. (( I don't have a picture! ))​
    Name: Vice​
    Species: Liepard​
    Defining characteristics:
    Vice is notably... male. His sleek body is quite athletic, and his coat is a dark purple color. The 'spots' on his fur are sharp triangles, and he sports a tuft of fur on his chin similar to a goatee.​
    The contemplative Vice has a reputation for dark plots and mean behavior, thanks in part to his 'teamwork' being ganging up on other Pokemon... but that's not entirely true. He's perceptive, and doesn't like to be taken advantage of - nor does he like others taken advantage of. He has a very specific code of honor that he sticks to - mostly determining which Pokemon are acceptable targets for his sharp-tongued wit or humbling pranks. He can be moved to sweet behavior and kindness, normally when there's no one else around who's better suited for it. He prefers the role of adviser, offering advice and counsel. He bundles up negative emotions, and finding an "acceptable target" to unleash them on is very satisfying for him, doubly if he's backed up by other Pokemon. While very clever, Vice can be considered a coward - he has difficultly fighting fair, preferring to have at least one companion whom he backs up... though 'even fights' (battles with an equal number of people on both sides) suit him just fine. Tragically, he can't keep up with the incredible fighting ability of the other members of the team, which makes him feel useless. He attempts to make up for it with his cleverness, tactics, and problem-solving, but there will always be a piece of him that feels out of place.​
    Toxic, Foul Play, Faint Attack, Assist.​
    Part of a gang of cat-Pokemon as a Purrloin under the command of a savvy Persian named Luckybell , referring to themselves as the 'Forfeit Luck Gang'. He and the assorted cat Pokemon made off like thieves - because they were. Using charm and wit to distract someone, followed by cheating them or stealing from them... though they were awful combatants and fled as soon as combat started. It was actually a pretty good gig - safe, for the most part, and the group backed each other up. Vice was good friends with a Glameow back then named Crush. The two did most of their jobs together, and were inseparable. Vice told Crush his secrets and dreams - "To defeat a legendary Pokemon... or at least take credit for an assist!". They laughed about it at the time - Vice was hardly a combatant at all. Life was good.​
    Until Crush evolved, that is.​
    As it turns out, the now-Purugly had been stringing the gang along, acting as friend to all the members in order to learn their secrets. Challenging Luckybell for leader of the thieves' gang, Crush defeat her soundly - she had always been a better planner than fighter, and banished her. Crush proclaimed that at this point on, they were to be known as the 'Gold Breakers'... and they were to be bandits!​
    Forced by the might of Crush, the gang of cats ended up in combat more often than they'd like. Injuries were common, and several members fled - only to be tracked down by Crush (knowing their secret hideouts) and dragged back fainted. Vice ended up depressed, as did the rest of the 'bandits'.​
    During an attack, the bandits ended up over their heads. Turns out the group they were attacking were a Rescue Team escorting a Nidoran ♀ through the area. It took the intervention of Crush to "win the day", knocking out the Rescue Team and taking the Nidoran ♀ hostage, leaving a note with the Rescue Team to come back with lots of money!​
    Awful at combat at the time, Vice was put in charge of watching the hostage. Even as a Dark Pokemon, seeing the fear in the other Pokemon's eyes struck a chord with Vice. He felt the strangest urge to comfort her - and he did. He ended up spending a lot of time around her, as they exchanged stories - she, of the heroic Rescue Teams... and he, of the old gang of thieves. It was around this point that Vice began to realize the extent of Crush's betrayal, and came to the conclusion of what he needed to do.​
    In the middle of the night, he unlocked the cage and began to escort the Nidoran ♀ (Suzetta) out of the hideout - stealthily taking down the other gang members along the way. Too scared to oppose Crush, they fought to unconsciousness. Vice and Suzetta made it out, only to be confronted by a Rescue Team! The Rescue Team and Vice exchanged blows, though they were a superior force. Battered and defeated, Vice went down... as the massive form of Crush appeared. He proclaimed that Vice was no longer part of the gang - and that he would destroy all of them for opposing him... and not bringing his money!​
    With a defiant roar, Vice stood and joined the Rescue Team against Crush. Calling out the other members of the gang, Vice set them all against the Purugly... who put up a good fight, but eventually surrendered, cowering in tears and fleeing the site. The cheer of the gang was enough to shake the leaves off of trees. Vice evolved into Liepard, and the gang made him their new leader... though, as he turned to look at Suzetta and the Rescue Team, he smiled... and told the gang that they no longer had a purpose. If people as strong as the Rescue Teams exist, then there was no need for thieves or bandits. Amidst the heartfelt goodbyes of the gang, Vice found a new purpose - that of the stealthy "Dark Hero!"​
    (( Sorry if I felt oddly inspired and went overboard with backstory! If any other characters want to have been a part of either of the Rescue Teams in Vice's backstory, feel free to say so! As well, 'Crush' is an ample antagonist if the storyteller wants to go there... as well as possible NPC assistance from the Gang or Luckybell! ))​
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  8. [​IMG]

    Defining characteristics:
    Just like any other female Houndoom, the horns on her head are slightly smaller and her fur is lighter in shade. Also, she has blue eyes instead of the usual reddish brown and her fur is a somewhat violet.
    Reserved, somewhat formal and a thinker, she is the type who usually thinks a lot before she speaks or acts. Often mistaken as bipolar, Clara is the kind of Houndoom who only adjusts to any given situation. She can be social when she needed to, aggressive when cornered, but most of the time, she stays still when not travelling to reserve her energy. Because of this, she is seen as pretentious, and her scheming yet aloof behavior doesn't help improve her image at all. For the most part, Clara is neutral with things, often not taking on any side in an argument and finds a solution that is fair to both parties. She is very self-sufficient, at least she believes and and tries to be so, but then she can be counted on when someone needs her help. This kind of behavior frustrates her at times, as her pride prevents her from asking for help from anyone.
    Oftentimes, this Pokemon can be seen just lying on top of a huge boulder or in any other moderately high spot as she likes to look over everything and have a clear view of her surroundings. It is also interesting to note that although she might look tough on the outside, deep down, she sometimes crave to be babied with attention.
    Thunder Fang, Crunch, Solarbeam, Flamethrower
    Coming from a strict pack, Clara grew up to be the "patrol" of the group. She is the first to scout a new territory to judge whether or not it is safe to thrive in, or to be the messenger and deliverer - delivering and retrieving goods and supplies to fellow Houndoom packs in need. Because of such assigned tasks, she is often seen travelling alone in stealth with her duties (in rare occasions with Delibird as she could pretty much relate to them), and with that, she strove to learn moves that will make her adapt to different opponents more especially to those who have type advantages. Since she had been doing this for practically her whole life now, she extended her duties to pokemon who needed to look for new homes and she never charged a nugget. Despite of her being a dark pokemon at birth, she had unknowingly been working for charity through the years. This led her to leave the pack for the time being, as she found it an enjoyable challenge going to new environments seeking different homes for different pokemon.
  9. Whoo! Dark Pokemon for the win! XD

    It'd have been a Dark Pokemon for me or a Poison Pokemon. My favorite types! Matches my playstyle well.

  10. I agree! Dark types really fascinate me. Oh, and dragon types too! :) I honestly was thinking of playing as a Hydreigon but then I didn't know the pokemon too well.. A male Tyranitar too, though I sort of thought of playing a more feminine pokemon to balance the gender number here X3
  11. We are going to have an enormous team if everyone keeps around.
  12. On the bright side, lots of potential interaction between teammates. Alternatively, we could also...

    (thunder clap)

    ...Split the party.
  13. Ah.. I agree with the split. There could be potential rivalry and competition between teams too, which can add to the drama.
  14. So while I have my trained Aipoms working at their typewriters to get the IC up, we need to brainstorm up a team name.
  15. Here it is, in the OOC, Spams.

    Wayside Wanderers.

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