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Is there any interest in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP?

For the uninitiated, it's a side-series of Pokemon games built around old-school dungeon exploring. All the characters are Pokemon, humans apparently exist but they're nowhere to be found. There are towns of Pokemon, where they have banks and shops and dojos and things like that, and some Pokemon form Adventure Teams, who go on the adventures you'd expect RPG heroes to do. Defeat bandits, save people who are stuck in Mystery Dungeons, find and deliver items, the works. I have the outlines of a plot... er... outlined, and I'm checking to see if I need to do more than that.

The RP would center around Tri-horn Town, nested in the Aggron Mountains, so named for their high iron ore supply, attracting many Arons, Lairons, and Aggrons. From the town square you can see the tallest peaks in the range, which resemble the horns of an Aggron.

I've got two possible tacks to take with characters.

Option A:
The players are all members of a training guild for adventurers, teenagers in human terms, just finishing up their apprenticeship under the Team running the guild as the RP starts.

Option B:
Each player creates their own team of 2-3 Pokemon, as the events in Trihorn Town have gotten so bad that the resident team has sent out for others to come and help them.

Or there's always the third option, in which I try to run this as I did before with two other people and we play as one team, but I thought I'd leave the door open to a larger RP. Or maybe three players as a team and I run all the NPCs.