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  1. [OOC]
    Inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Kingdom Arc.
    This is what happens when I'm bored.
    Now on to disregarding canon...​


    After years of being non-existent, the world renown Pokemon Master, the mysterious Red, finally resurfaces and his return to the Pokemon World is not without cause, as you soon find out. He's quick to announce the opening of a tournament like no other, completely disregarding the traditional Pokemon League in the process, and encourages trainers of all walks of life, of various skill and talent, to take part. "But be forewarned," you remember him saying, his words both smoky and severe. "You can and will be eliminated from the tournament. If that happens... Don't intend to find out."

    Despite the ever so cheerful word from the sponsor, you and many others rise to the challenge. After all, with your assembled team, how can you possibly loose? Unfortunately for you, the invitation draws more than just trainers.
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    I really like this idea, and I am open to join it if it is okay with you.
    This would be my character. If I were accepted that is.​
  3. Go ahead ^.^ All are welcomed :D The link to the rp is... not there. Oops, must have removed it when I was doing my editing o.o"

    Here you go: OOC LINK
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.