Pokemon: Gijinka Mystery Dungeon

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  1. For many years, the world has been populated by Adventure Guilds. These Guilds often serve as rescuers of gijinka in trouble, deliverers of important items, and escorts to gijinka that need protection. Adventure Guilds have assisted in protecting the world and all of the gijinka that inhabit it. But they are not alone in protecting the world-or at least they weren't alone. Since the world's creation, the grand gijinka Arceus has inhabited a place called the Grand Axis. Arceus has been keeping the world balanced.
    Alas, they appeared to have vanished. The world has been steadily becoming more and more chaotic. Gijinka n have become hostile, attacking anything they see. While dungeons have been erratically changing their layout, causing innocent pokemon to get lost. The flow of time has been stopping and resuming in some areas.
    Arcues is indeed, gone.
    It is up to brave adventurers to find him. Dialga and Palkia must be located and questioned.
    Join as a member of Florges's guild, and take on missions, and possibly even save the world!

    IN CHARACTER THREAD - https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/pokemon-gijinka-mystery-dungeon.116007/



    Shiny Jolteon gijinka - Worker at Florges's Guild
    Snarky, clever, attracted to "broken" objects and individuals, a bit arrogant
    Klause (open)

    Haughty, arrogant, lusty, dedicated, loyal, protective
    Ignazio (open)

    Stunky gijinka - Non-Guild Mercenary
    Narcissistic and money-loving, always looking for work
    Mephitis (open)

    Florges gijinka - Guild leader
    Kind, wizened, a bit nosy, motherly nonetheless

    Vivianna (open)
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  2. Oh oh oh oh I'll join owo

    As you can see by now, I am very fond of pokemon xD
  3. Um, so it's jump-in, right? I'll be joining this then! c:
  4. Hello!! Yes, welcome to the RP!

    i put in some brief descriptions of my characters and their appearances on the top post. if you want to do the same, just post it in the format that i used, and i'll add it to the top post.
  5. Mephitis
    Stunky gijinka - Non-Guild Mercenary
    Narcissistic and money-loving, always looking for work
    Mephitis (open)

  6. Okay, thank youuu!
  7. So. Tell me about 'moves' in this roleplay. Were you intending to have the standard four moves with set damage and effects? Also, will there be anything like HP and levels?
  8. no HP and levels!

    Four moves only, with only two egg moves per character!!
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  9. Nice! Thanks. What about TM moves? (I sorta want my guy to know Attract, just for his narcissism XD)
  10. TM moves are fine!!
  11. Heeey, what happened?
  12. Bye for now. Let me know if this ever picks up again~
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