Pokemon: Gijinka Mystery Dungeon

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  1. For many years, the world has been populated by Adventure Guilds. These Guilds often serve as rescuers of gijinka in trouble, deliverers of important items, and escorts to gijinka that need protection. Adventure Guilds have assisted in protecting the world and all of the gijinka that inhabit it. But they are not alone in protecting the world-or at least they weren't alone. Since the world's creation, the grand gijinka Arceus has inhabited a place called the Grand Axis. Arceus has been keeping the world balanced.
    Alas, they appeared to have vanished. The world has been steadily becoming more and more chaotic. Gijinka n have become hostile, attacking anything they see. While dungeons have been erratically changing their layout, causing innocent pokemon to get lost. The flow of time has been stopping and resuming in some areas.
    Arcues is indeed, gone.
    It is up to brave adventurers to find him. Dialga and Palkia must be located and questioned.
    Join as a member of Florges's guild, and take on missions, and possibly even save the world!


    [Pure humans and pokemon do not exist.]


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    Klause's days at Florges's guild were mostly routine and his schedule was predictable. While orderly and driven by his goals, the Jolteon gijinka had a reputation for being full of snark and... well, more snark. No one had particularly caught his attention, so, he currently wasn't even on a rescue team.

    Crystal Town was bustling with activity. The colorful shops and stores often drew tourists in... The sky was blue, dotted with white, puffy clouds. There was a fresh spring breeze in the air, carrying the soft scent of flowers. Klause was simply in the mood to sleep throughout the entire day. Humming, he fiddled with the envelope in his right hand, as he continued down the streets of Crystal Town, to Weezing's Bank.

    Klause (open)

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  2. ~~~ Crystal Town, I'll enter the guild! ~~~
    [Afternoon, Weezing's Bank, Not Yet on a Rescue Team]

    At this point, it was already getting lake. The female gijinka was standing at the counter of Weezing's bank, and she didn't seem to be the most attractive. Her dress was ragged with a sicking brown colour, which seemed to attract the poison type gijinkas to her. This also made her smell strange. That was either coming from the bank, herself, or both. "It's always nice to have a wonderful girl like you coming to the bank.. " The Weezing gijinka smiled, and the girl just giggled nervously, as if in an attempt to not be rude. "Ehehehe... Yeah... Thank you..." She quickly said, taking her money only to turn around to bump into someone.

    The male looked to be taller than her, and he appeared somewhat attractive. She, being very inexperienced around people who appeared attractive, began to stutter as she spoke. "H-h-h-h-hello.. S-s-s-s-s-sorry about that... I-I-I--" After realizing how stupid she sounded, her face turned completely red and she , of course, stood out from all the pokemon. She was actually ugly, while the other pokemon looked cool, touch, pretty, cute, and etc. She was plain hands down horribly ugly.

    (@Garou )

    (( She resembles this, however her clothing is much more torn and tattered, and her hair is messier and shabby.))
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  3. Klause
    Crystal Town
    Searching for a rescue team partner
    Calm weather
    Klause continued down the street, and towards the bank. He was mostly a familiar face to most regulars by now. He went down this path often in the morning, often to carry deposits to the bank. The guild trusted their funds to him, and he really saw no reason to steal them. The portions he carried were never anything valuable enough. Sighing, he arrived at the bank with little to no trouble in getting there. The shiny Jolteon gijinka moved to enter the establishment. However, a figure in a tattered dress bustled out of the entrance, bumping into him in a careless manner.

    "It's fine." Klause would have scolded anyone else, but even he didn't want to beat down such a shy gijinka. "Just watch where you're going." He noticed the shabbiness of her attire and her ragged appearance. It was as though something 'clicked' within him. A sudden curiosity swept him. He had always been intrigued by broken things, bent spoons, shards of glass that once belonged to a full vase... "I'm Klause." He looked down at her with a new found interest. Not romantic, just intrigued. "You don't look too good... Do you want a new dress or anything?"

  4. Mephitis (Crystal Town)
    A currently non-guild mercenary looking for work

    A shady-looking gijinka watched the surroundings from a corner within the bank. The bank was a good place to hang around -- if someone was at the bank, they either had money, or needed it for something interesting. It was a good place to find jobs, and jobs meant cash. The Poison-type wasn't incredibly keen on stealing other gijinkas' poke, but if someone carelessly left a coin pouch on the ground, rest assured that this dark Pokemon would clean up the mess for the unfortunate soul.

    The mercenary observed as a Jolteon gijinka bumped into something that was a bit too tattered to recognize. This looked interesting... Attention was redirected towards these two enjoying an unusual first encounter. Oh, was that the gijinka who stopped by often? Yes, the Poison-Dark gijinka had never bothered to talk to him, but it might prove promising. The eavesdropping continued as the Jolteon began to be concerned over the other girl. Oh, yes, this could be interesting. The shady gijinka adjusted his scarf. Looks like he might be of use to these two in case something... unfortunate... happened. A small grin crossed the mercenary's lips. If they planned on going anywhere, he would be following behind, ready to step in should any misfortune befall the mismatched pair.

    Pretty decently resembles v this v fluffy thing
    Mephitis is a slightly egotistic and rather money-oriented Stunky gijinka who currently wears a Sneak Scarf.
  5. ~~~ Well this ain't Good ~~~

    Well, the Feebas gijinka didn't seem to really be able to answer, as she was pretty much speechless. However, the other gijinkas who were around her, began giving her dirty looks for whatever reason. In general, she was pretty week in battle, even after learning a couple of moves due to TMs. She was actually surprised when the male had not scolded her, looking up at him gently as he more or less did still scold her. Trying not to be self conscious, she was able to work up a small reply. "Y-Yeah... I'll try.." Came her reply, which was pretty quiet.

    Okay, crazy things have happened in her life; Living in sewers, swamps, the middle of the ocean, and all these other places, but this was probably the first time anyone has ever actually asked her name that wasn't for business purposes! She was smart enough not to get any ideas, however, and although she tried her hardest, she couldn't seem to stop shaking or stuttering. "... My name is.. Harmonia..." The girl introduced herself, as it was only proper to do so at least. She almost cringed when he asked if she needed a new dress, but she took a deep breath, and shook her head. "I-It's fine... I'm just trying to find a Beauty Scarf.. I can't find one since I always faint in the middle of a dungeon..."

    The Feebas looked down at the ground, sheepishly admitting how weak she was. "It's full of grass and other types... I'm generally weak so I can't.." She pretty much trailed off at this point, shaking her head again. She didn't want to bore him with her blabbering, but she did want to grow stronger. She couldn't possibly ask the man to help however, as he appeared busy at the moment.
  6. Klause

    "A Beauty Scarf?" Klause saw the value that such an item would have to a Feebas. The shiny Jolteon gijinka noted how self-conscious the young female gijinka seemed. He also noted the other gijinka around them, turning to give her dirty looks. What a poor soul... He raked a scathing look all around the area, dissatisfied with the treatment she was receiving from so many others. "We can go find one." He was bored today, so it wouldn't hurt to make the delivery late. He slipped the envelope into his pocket and frowned.

    Yet, he also did note that someone seemed to looking at the two of them, and perhaps listening into their exchange. There were shady figures around Crystal Town at times, but he was relatively safe due to his connections with the guild. "I guess it's my job to help you get a Beauty Scarf, then, Harmonia." He made the statement in a nonchalant manner. He yawned ina bored manner. "There should be one in the Blue Forest." The Blue Forest was the closest dungeon to Crystal Town. Easily accessible. He was a bit over leveled to be going there, by now. It didn't much matter to him at the moment.

    "If you want help, then you can just ask, you know. But since I'm such an outstanding citizen, then I'll definitely help you out." He might be tooting his own horn a bit, but whatever. He had found a task to entertain himself with, that was out of the norm.




    Sure, he was a little bit of a liar and a thief, but Ignazio commonly discarded most insults made against him. Still, the well-dressed Delphox gijinka was dissatisfied with the title he had gained in another town... He had been kicked and tossed around for most of his childhood. The world had cast him aside and fate had marked him as forever unsuccessful. Which was why he had started to fight back against it.


    How dare they mock someone as suave as he! Ignazio's lips quirked into a frown as he walked through the streets of the town. Crystal Town was very far away from where he had started off. But he was here now, and his dishonorable title of "outlaw" had not yet reached this area. As soon as it did, he might be forced to leave. Still, for someone who had started off as a thief and gambler, he was rather well-off now. He was so well off in terms of wealth and strength that he could afford to be a mercenary, which would solve a majority of his problems. The world of mercenary work was wide, but crowded in certain areas, making it more competitive. Crystal Town was relatively wealthy, but a fair share of shady characters came out at night, in certain parts of the town...

    Ignazio continued to think over his life choices, and eventually just kept walking forward. By now, he was close to Delcatty's Daycare.

    Ignazio (open)
  7. ~~~ Well we all know who win's the Modest Award ~~~

    The Feebas gijinka was almost at loss of words. He was seriously help her get a Beauty Scarf?! She was this close, meaning joltick size close, to asking again, but she held back, and just kept smiling uncontrollably. "Eeeeee Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She constantly thanked him, but eventually halted since it might have been an annoying sound, at the very least. She usually didn't ask people to get things for her by themselves, since she didn't like idling around in an unfamiliar area. The gijinka stopped and paused for a moment, and then her tone was somewhat serious. "... Can I go with you?" She asked, looking up at the Jolteon gijinka. She wanted to go for the sake of growing stronger, as she was sick of always being pushed around. She was always losing due to the fact that she always went alone in dungeons, coming back out with barely nothing.

    Well from that last part, we all know how arrogant he could be, but she didn't seem to care much. She was far too happy about the fact that she could finally evolve once obtaining that vital scarf.


    ~~~ It's like Team Charm all Over Again... ~~~
    [Afternoon, Crystal Town, Independent Adventurer]

    Walking into Crystal Town, her bag strapped over her shoulders as she entered the vicinity, was a woman who although did not appear powerful, did pack quite a punch against other pokemon. Pretty rounded and all around near perfect in both combat and appearance, it was a Lopunny gijinka who didn't know how to keep to herself. She knew a large variety of moves, with one egg move, and a few TMs to balance it all out. Around her neck was a pretty little orb, that looked exactly like a Lopunnite. In fact, it was! This Lopunny was a well known adventurer, who traveled alone through dungeons, and had made quite a reputation for herself.

    She didn't go showing off usually, but she was a social beautifly. Something along the lines of that at least. She knew most dungeons like the back of her hand; meaning what pokemon usually appeared and from her travels, and such. She was along the path, approaching the Florges Guild to see an old friend whom she knew since they were a Flabebe.

    "Hello! I'm here to see the Guild Master!"

    The female's bright voice chimed, and other gijinkas came rushing by to meet her; even though they have already. The other Gijinkas who were new, had no idea what was going on until they saw the Lopunny Gijinka. "Hey! Do you know where Florges is? I need to talk to her!" The Lopunny chimed, tilting her head to the side with a bright smile on her face, awaiting for someone to tell her.

  8. Klause

    He was taken aback a little at her excessive gratefulness. Did this girl ever do anything for herself? Arceus only knew. "It's fine. But learn to ask for help more." His scolding was more gentle this time, viewing her as fragile. She would definitely need to become stronger if she ever wanted to be successful. But taking baby steps were important. No one could be pushed too far too soon... "If you want to." The Jolteon gijinka looked down at her in a curious manner. "Let's head out, then." He had some Oran berries in his pockets, so if they needed to recover stamina, that would hopefully cover it. With that fact in mind, he began to walk away from the bank, where they had been lingering far too long for him to be comfortable. The feeling of someone watching them made him wary.



    "All you needed to do was call my name, and I'm here!" The Florges gijinka exclaimed, stepping down the stairs nimbly, as well as gracefully. She viewed her old friend with pride and excitement. The two had known each other since their childhoods. While Vivianna had not expected the sudden visit, she indeed welcomed it. The Lopunny was always welcome in her guild. Not many gijinka would walk into a guild and just demand to see the guild master. But this particular Lopunny was definitely an exception. Vivianna reached the bottom of the stairs flawlessly and rushed up to her old friend. "I haven't seen you in ages! Tell me all about your exploits, and your boyfriends or girlfriends!" Vivianna eagerly demanded. "But, I suppose I should ask you what you came here for, before we delve into all of that."

    Accomplished adventurers often made their way to Florges's guild. Those who came frequently got to known Vivianna. She always recognized faces of gijinka who came in and out of her guild, no matter how powerful, old or young they were, and even if they had never spoken to her before.

    "The life of an adventurer is difficult on one's mind and body. Would you also like some tea?" The Florges questioned.

    Vivianna (open)
  9. Mephitis (Crystal Town)
    A currently non-guild mercenary looking for work


    Hm, so they were finally heading out? It was good that their destination was the Blue Forest -- the onlooking gijinka could handle going in there without needing to go buy more supplies and still manage to not reveal anything prematurely. The dark gijinka waited patiently for the Jolteon to have gotten far enough away not to notice the Poison-type move out of the shadow that was cloaking the corner. Silently, the mercenary watched to see if the unrecognizable gijinka would follow after her new... erm, escort? That term would have to do for now, as there was no time to think of something better to call him.

    The mercenary checked through the supplies brought. Scarf, his bag, his tools... check. Yes, indeed, the Dark-type was ready to go. Pulling the scarf up to cover both mouth and nose, thinking wryly 'A shame I have to hide this perfect face.' As soon as the gijinka had reason to believe he would not be seen, bag and tools were picked up and the stranger went into full stalker mode.​
  10. ~~~ First Adventure with Someone else ~~~

    "A-Alright! I'm coming!" The Feebas happily followed from behind, and she had her bag strapped to the side of her. She didn't seem to waste anytime getting up to follow him, and into an uncharted territory they went! Though, she didn't know what to think of this. Honestly, she was more worried if she would drag him behind from herself being so weak. Sure her attacks were more than okay, it was just her defence and such that usually resulted in a loss.


    ~~~ Vivi! ~~~

    The Lopunny looked up only to find an old friend of her's, the lovely Vivianna herself! Or whom she liked her call; Vivi. "Vivi! How've you been doing? I haven't seen you in a while~" The Lopunny chimed, walking up to her cheerfully. Liliana (The Lopunny's name) happily hopped over, in the form of skipping, to the Florges whom she hadn't seen in ages. Vivi was, as usual, flawless and elegant with her entries and such, while Lenita was more jumpy and cute. "Of course, I'll tell you all about the places I've been too, and what I've seen and what not! Oh, I'll ask about the other guild members as well. I wonder if anyone new had been recruited~"

    They seemed to be fine, chiming along and about, however Lenita appeared to have rushed to get to the guild. Knowing Lenita as well as Vivianna did, she probably wouldn't be here unless something major had happened. When offered the tea, the Lopunny gijinka smiled and nodded. "Thank you, but I"m sure that being a Guild Master is much more tiresome! Speaking of which, there is a favour I must ask of you."

    The Lopunny gijinka cleared her voice, and the aura surrounding her seemed to have become much more serious. This was rare, even for herself, but this was to let the guild master know that it was serious. "You see... There is a dungeon; a ruins to be more exact, up in the north-west." The gijinka pulled out a map of the region, and on the map there were many markings, and she had also pulled out a note pad based on information she had gathered. She grabbed a red pen out, and circled the area she was referring to. "This area, right here. I'd investigate it myself, but overtime I go in and think I've got the treasure, there is something always in the way! It's like every time I step into a new level, I return to the first for some reason! I've gone in and out multiple times, but I can never figure it out. I was wondering if some people in your guild could come and help me figure it out."

    The Lopunny concluded, looking up at the Guild Master. Lenita seemed pretty determined to creak the mystery of the dungeon. "Another funny thing... Every 5 levels I pass, I find a much strong gijinka than the others. The funny thing is that it's always the same gijinka every 10 levels. A Chandelure and then a Golurk.... What bothers me is that I also met a Froslass and ended up at the beginning of the dungeon. Also, I've defeated the Froslass countless times, so I know Froslass has nothing to do with it."
  11. Vivianna

    "I've been doing absolutely fine!" Vivianna grinned at Lenita in a warm and hospitable manner. "It's been much too long!" When new recruits were mentioned, Vivianna nodded eagerly. They had a couple of new recruits, not counting that Jolteon fellow, who had yet to find a partner that he deemed "worthy" of being on the same team as he. However, Lenita seemed to be rushing, which meant that there was something important that the guild master should know. "Just name it!" At the word "favor" Vivi nodded in a determined manner. "Hell will freeze over on the day I refuse you." The air around Lenita became more serious. It was reflected on her face as well. The Lopunny didn't make such a serious face very often, so Vivi made sure to pause her innermost thoughts and listen.

    Vivianna looked to the map that the Lopunny pulled out in a careful manner, making sure to follow to where she pointed. While at times excitable, Lenita took her work as an explorer in a manner that was incredibly devoted. There was little to no jesting when it came to her occupation. Vivianna listened carefully to Lenita's explanation, and soon discovered that the dungeon in question was unlike one she had ever seen or heard of. But that only meant that it was just begging to be figured out!

    "It certainly seems like a complicated puzzle." The Florges gijinka nodded at Lenita. "I've never heard of anything like it, but that only means that it'll be more exciting to figure out. Froslass are capable of conjuring illusions..." Vivianna nodded at the Lopunny. "I'll definitely send some of the explorers in the guild out to be of assistance. If they cannot help, then I'll see if I can come." The Florges's voice became quieter as she continued to speak. "But we must be wary. The world around us is becoming more and more unbalanced every single day."


    Klause walked through the town, occasionally making sure that Harmonia was following behind him by glancing backwards. He was pretty tall, and had longer strides than she probably did. So he didn't want to leave her behind. The town passed by them as they traveled through it, eventually they ended up at the eastern edge of the town, where a blue, stone gate loomed before them.

  12. ~~~ A pretty Dangerous Mission ~~~

    "I'm aware..." The lopunny nodded, looking up at the Florges. She had recently ben noticing that a lot of pokemon had gone rogue, and another strange things was that those ruins used to be under the power of psychic types, not ghost types. In all truth, she had been snooping around and collecting information from different areas, all to only learn there was a treasure in the deepest pit, and it used to be guarded by psychics. This time, Ghosts inhabit the area, and so it was proper for her to give it the name 'Ghostly Ruins'. It was best to tell Florges this.

    "Another thing, the area is over run by ghosts, so sending ghost or dark recruits are bound to help." The lopunny replied, looking at the list of pokemon she had encountered. The gijinka had listed them all off, or most of them, as ghost types, all to which did not affect her in the slightest. There were, however, a number of gijinkas who were more than one type, so there were no promises that just ghosts and dark types will cut it. "... I ran into a few poison types as well. If you have a psychic that can use miracle eye, that'll be an amazing help." She suggested, looking up at Florges. She was unsure what the treasure was, but she was determined to reach it.

    "Froslass is capable however... Even after I defeated the Froslass, I found myself back at the beginning of the dungeon.." She began plotting and thinking. What was with those ruins? Well, there was only one way to find out. "I'll be staying for the next few days to prepare to set off for it again. When they are ready, then I can leave with the members you picked." The gijinka quickly reverted back to being her happy, and cheery self. "I'll be staying at Audino's Inn for the next few days, so we have plenty of time to catch up!"


    ~~~ Grabbing a Beauty Scarf ~~~

    The Feebas Gijinka followed not too far behind, as she was trying her best to keep up with the jolteon gijinka. It was pretty silent, and this kind of bothered her, and so tried sparking a conversation. She would most likely fail though. "Um.. So.. Are you part of a guild? I'm planning on joining one soon, which was why I came to Crystal town.." Well, who asked? She might as well introduce herself formally.