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Original poster

Kanto continued to sleep peacefully, despite the intrusion of the sun, creeping slowly against the sky. The rays were not too obnoxious, yet. Just enough light made it's way along the horizon to wake up a few individuals from their slumber.
Sudden calls from Spearow rang out as their wings flapped against the gentle breeze. Starlys chirped happily, splashing against small puddles on the ground. The incredibly annoying, and unnecessary exclamations poured from a group of Loudreds, too joyous over the new day to quiet down.
Yes, all was fine on this average, Summer morning as it began.

However, some did not even realize that today was about to be the start of something wonderful, and new.


Mew hated to admit it, but the Viridian Forest could seem mighty sketchy sometimes. Well, maybe not to Mew Itself, but to other Pokemon who did not know of all the beauty it held, perhaps this is so!
Floating along about three inches from the ground, movement was slow for now, with good reason. Wanting to admire the way the leaves in the treetops above shimmered with light traces of dew from the early morn, there was no hurry or rush in Mew's mind. A twinge at It's cheeks gave in to a light smile at the sight of many Metapods, hanging from their chosen branches. Deciding it best to leave them be, even though the urge to observe their hard, shiny shells was strong within It, It continued on It's way.
Maneuvering over a freshly built web, the little pink feet curled up in the air, turning around to face a Spinarak that had just finished it's project. Waving at the Pokemon, using both of it's small hands, Mew tilted It's head to the side. The Spinarak blinked a few times before going back to work on another web. Hovering for a moment there, Mew shook It's head, bright blue eyes focusing intently all of a sudden.
"Concentrate! Don't get too distracted!"
The pep talk was well needed, as it was getting quite difficult for Mew to ignore all the many glittering, gleaming, bright objects around. Who in their right mind could pass over a baby Weedle?! The amount of cuteness was far greater all around than Mew had expected! And this was a problem if It wanted to move along and reach Fuschia Glen.. Onward! No more distractions!
But.. That Pidgey.. Look at how it flutters around-
NO. No more distractions!

Closing It's eyes, Mew concentrated on the energy within It's pinkish body. Forming the clear bubble around itself, the one it was known best to be held within when aiming for protection, It tucked It's head down, brought It's limbs close to It's body, and prepared for take off. Shooting off into the Forest, a blast of pink and white light could be seen from the velocity at which Mew traveled. Using It's mind's eye, dodging the trees and Pokemon in the Forest was not hard to do. Mew was use to this kind of travel, as it was, seeing as it was very efficient for moving It's expeditions along. A few more seconds and It would be out in the Glen, It's real destination.
Tumbling along once Mew was aware of It's surroundings, the playful Pokemon opened It's eyes. A bounty of flowers were cushioned against It's body, rolling over onto It's back to gaze up at the sky. Giggling suddenly, It sat up and snapped It's head around.
This was Fuschia Glen, a place It knew well!

Flipping It's body up to hover in the air, Mew blinked and took in all the Pokemon around. It was so nice to see others playing together, enjoying the Berries, having a great time. Truly, it warmed Mew's heart to watch this from afar. It so wanted to join in! But.. It's usual partner was nowhere in sight at the moment.

Mewing softly, It turned and turned in circles. No, Latias was not here, yet. Nor was Latios. Perhaps they were playing Tag up in the sky above Kanto. Smiling brightly, Mew nodded to answer It's own thought. Yes, that must be it! Well, then It would wait for them to show! Mew was holding on to some fantastic information. The act of just keeping it to Itself was too much to handle! It HAD to tell SOME Pokemon!
And so, Mew glided along the flowers, allowing It's tail to hang low and touch the colorful petals beneath. If It had to stay and wait here, might as well relax and enjoy It's sweet time! There would be much preparation necessary for what Mew had in mind.. That is, if It could find others willing to join Mew along the way.
And if not, then those bright blue eyes would just have to blink an excess amount until a Pokemon gave in to Mew's pleas.

Boris Airay

Original poster

Cold. Oh so ever cold. No warmth--the sun's rays creeping up slowly upon the cave's entrance; a new scent infiltrating the skies. It was the start of a new and wonderful day. Arcanine roared heavily as his pupils wavered upon his dark and pleasant cave--it's small entrance the only source of his disturbance. In a split second the grand beast flopped to his side and breathed in heavily as he took in the mornings sweet scent of dew. Every thing held a exquisite scent in his little terrain of Fuschia. The Pokemon continued to delay the time as slumber began setting in once again onto his system. Would he welcome such a delightful feeling? Oh how he would of loved to do so, but such a thing was not in his organized, picture-perfect routine.

Get up. Eat. Sleep. Get up. Eat. Sleep among the flowers. Eat and gather berries. Sleep once more, Arcanine growled to himself as he raised his back paw to counter a severe itch that had plagued him since the day before. This was his life. How long had it been since he had encountered another of his kind? Idiotic bug and pesky birds were the only things that he had met for the longest time. Most of his life was spent in deep food-induced comas of slumber. What more was there in his little land? If he dared to set paws off it the damn birds and unpleasant bugs would surely devour his lustful stash.

It had taken him many days to collect his bounty of berries and he wasn't jolly of it being robbed of him. At least not again.
His food. His berries. His stash. Himself--that is what he lived for. Did the once grand and fierce pokemon long for the companionship of another? Indeed he did. Did he long for the feeling of being useful? To prove that his strength, stealth and speed were not just a thing of the past and that these skills have grown ever so more? Who knows.

Arcanine lazily took off from his cave and ventured onto Fuschia, trudging lightly through the flowers as the sweet scent from their petals infiltrated his senses. There was one in particular that had captured his senses, a beautiful violet flower with petals as shiny as his own mane.
Careful...Careful..Aha! he laughed as he held his delicate prize upon his mouth, a few mere seconds later and it now stood placed onto his main. The flower's petals showed just enough as to give him the flare he so desired.

The day had started cheerfully so far but Arcanine knew otherwise. He wasn't one to give all his faith onto mother nature or the great Pokemon of the skies--for all he knew, those things had it against him! How many sunsets had passed with showers of rain? Look at him! His fur was loosing all of it's shimmer and sass. If anything, the volume of his main had also decreased.

Sunny Day he barked. In a instant the already warm day began changing itself onto a hot day without a cloud in the sky. That's the way he liked it. That's the way he wanted it. Along the way the savvy pokemon ran to his heart content; he took notice of not venturing off to far--if anything, he just didn't want to be seen. But seen by what? His land had been unvisited for days. He wondered where the happy Poliwags and bashful Poliwhirls had gone off to. He missed them.

After finding his regular spot below a red apricot tree, near one of his most favorite watering holes, the beast stood at ease as he knew his fur was as safe as his bounty. Savory the taste of his Pecha Berries he then proceeded to lick the remaining juice off his paws and snout--the sweet taste of Pecha was above all his favorite. It wasn't long before the darkness of sleep beckoned him and he followed without a whimper of protest. Sleep was good.


Original poster
It was one of days when Luxray would not want to stand up and move anywhere. He barley reached to kanto and allready problems, but oh well...problem was something that he was suposed to solve just like now. Pack of Zangoose's were surrounding him with claws and positions prepared to attack. Just like him they got pretty big sence of protecting thier teritory. Luxray heard about zangoose's and how much aggresive they are but never was suposed to find them at Viridian forest. He slowly was looking around finding options and it seems that were no options at all but fight, yet he wanted to try avoid fight and use Verbal diplomacy.
-Do you really guys think i am willing to take over your territory? im just passing by...leave me alone and i let you go away unharmed-

Even if they were in group they positions and facial expressions showed him clearly they were just pack of amateurs and there was no point of use his full potential agnist them. He had tougher fights with tougher opponents in bigger groups and here barley 5 inexperienced Zangooses were trying to fight agnist him. The one just in front of him did step closer and with nasty smile started to speak
-What makes you so sure you can win agnist us huh? You old bag of ragged fur, it's our teritory and we don't like strangers and you going to feel it very soon, and when we will done with you not even smartest Chansey will be able to help you to heal you up from this wounds-
Luxray surley didn't wanted to do fight agnist them but if they will try to shrink circle then it will be no other option but to fight.

Clouds has gathered at viridian and Luxray feld in his body that its going to be true Storm. He feld in his bones that those clouds are full of energy and they are ready to laungh very soon. Zangooses started slowly to move around him and even slower they started to shrink circle around him and preparing for assault. Luxray lifted head and took a look on clouds then he sighted and looked at Zangooses once more. Yup this is it, his very own 1st fight agnist other pokemons in kanto region.

-I didn't wanted to harm you but if youre so eager to suffer so be it...- He took position and started storing energy for his
Spark for breaking circle. Zangooses somewhat feld what may come to and Rushed at Luxray with full power. Luxray knew they somewhat wont let him prepare for it so he doged swiftly and used Agility to boost speed. Not only he managed to get our of circle but also he managed to surround them himself. Zangooses after almost crashing to each other swiftly took defence position but by looking at it , it had lot of sweet spots and thats what he needed to aim. He againr charged Spark then rushed at sweet spot with full speed. It was more than easy and with perfect aim he broke defence stance of zngooses in no time. When defence position was broken and Zangooses barley was able to recorver thier balance from such attack he swiftly took the leader with Crunch/Thunder Fang cmbination. Leader fainted, so biggest problem was took down. Rest of zngooses after looking how thier leader was took down like he was just a weak little kitty ranned away swiftlier than Rapidash who just saw big vawe of water that comming at him.

Luxray took step to Zangoose leader and took look at him, he was alive, thats a relief. There were no point of killing them after all, he wanted good after all, he was just trying to protect his teritory, shame that he couldn't see diffrence beetwen Luxray and them. Luxray took a look around, no sign of zangooses...so they abadoned thier leader and left him for mercy of his.
-sigh....such a dissapointment. Oh well time to move on- And so Luxray left the ex-battleground like nothing happend leaving unconicious Zangoose on his own in middle of field.


Original poster

The sun was shining brightly in the sky that morning, its gentle rays warming all that it smiled down upon. The morning sky's light was caressing the blades of grass, which danced gently in the breeze. Everything seemed perfectly in place and at peace with the world, all the way down to the rippling waters. Pink and white flowers exuded a floral fragrance into the light winds while oddish frolicked amongst them.

A cream streak of fur with tails tipped in pale pink dashed across the grass, the paws padding against the ground with a regular rhythm. The stride was long and the distance was being covered rapidly, though watchful eyes scanned the scenery as it streamed past. For a rare moment, Ninetales looked serious and not making merry as usual, her expression unguarded in this rare peaceful moment. The grass flattened beneath her paws, springing up again as soon as she surged forward across the path.

A small sound alongside the path caused Ninetales to slow, looking over to search for the unusual sound. To her left, she spotted a clefairy straining upward toward a tree. Its little hands were flailing and it was leaping every few seconds, its eyes focused on the berries just above its reach. The sounds were being emitted as it jumped, a pathetic little chirping.

"Cle! Clef!"

Turning, Ninetales changed direction instead to amble over to the tree where the clefairy was struggling. Looking from the tree to the pink little pokemon, Ninetales plucked a berry from the tree. Mischievous once more, Ninetales feigned as though to eat the berry. Though it was meant entirely as a joke, the plump little pokemon before her began to cry piteously. The little glistening tears trickled down her face and Ninetales's expression changed instantly.

All at once contrite, she placed the berry at clefairy's feet. Before anything else could be done, she turned and headed back for the path she'd been running along. It wouldn't be long until she reached the large opening with the berry trees dotting the grasses and even a placid little lake. Some called it Fuchsia, or something like that. She did not often frequent it but its proximity to water made her hopeful that perhaps her old companion would show one day. It had yet to happen, but her hopes were not easily quashed.

Her pace slowed again when she came to the clearing. There was an unusual pokemon there, pink in color and floaty. She blinked, hesitating where she stood. She had never seen something like it before. Perhaps it was Ninetales who was the strange one, since she often received glances from other pokemon. Fire stones, apparently, were not easy to come by.

Curious, Ninetales edged toward the pink pokemon. She had all but forgotten her earlier goal for her interest in this unusual fellow. She did not want to approach too quickly, but her desire to know more was getting the better of her.

Cosmic Orion

Original poster
Fog hung over the dreary swamp, thicker than the mud which sat upon the bottom. Night had come and gone with the dawn brought on by the rising sun. All the sunlight served to illuminate was the simple fact that one could hardly see beyond five feet in front of them. Perfect for predators while dismal for their prey. Toxicroak called out across the muddy waters which no doubt served as a home to quite a few muk. Reeds quivered under a gentle yet chilly breeze uncharacteristic of the sunrise. Yet here in the dismal swamp it hardly came as a urprise to any which lived there. Kricketot sat on a branch high up from the the water's surface belonging to an old tree which had grown straight up out of the swamp itself. Weezing floated along the water's surface with ease, the unnerving noise as each head simultaneously inflated and deflated only served to mix the poisonous gases trapped inside. Not to mention the motion caused it to move in a circle as it floated along.

Underneath the surface Stunfisk swam along unsuspectingly of any problems in the world.

Right up until a three clawed hand of purple materialized in front of it. Soon this was followed by an identical hand which tried to grab the poor pokemon. Frantic with fear it tried in vain to get away with impressive swimming maneuvers. Yet all the fancy swimming meant nothing when the pursuing hands simply passed through the water as if it were just air. Again and again three-clawed hands of purple appeared around the Stunfisk until it felt as though there were dozens of hands working together. But in truth there were just two hands causing all the chaos. Now a feeling of hopelessness started to sink in just as a grip like death itself caught hold at last.

Hoisted into the air, at first it might have believed it was ascending to poke-heaven.

None of the other pokemon even tried to help it. Just looking at the Squirming with fright, tiny black pupils realized only too late the fate in store for it as a purple maw opened up to reveal several pointy teeth. And a rather large pink tongue. One covered with an ectoplasmic saliva of sorts that left those it touched in almost unfathomable terror. Licking the helpless Stunfisk with one long lap of the tongue left it paralyzed. Mere seconds later the pokemon was dropped right back into the swamp waters as a fit of pleased laughter poured out from the purple maw with the offending tongue. Still none of the other pokemon stepped in or did anything.

After all, they knew better than to mess with the shadowy figure which could torment them even in the safety of their dreams. One who could turn those very dreams to nightmares on a mischievous whim. Even devour their dreams whole if it so wished! Just a single pokemon which patrolled the swamp simply looking for his next victim. Nothing but random chance often separated one victim from the last. Yet there was a reason none of them simply fled the ghastly place to find new territory. For all the terror they endured each who dwelled in the swamp knew another inescapable fact:

No one else would harm them but him.

He would not allow it.

This was his terroritory.

It belonged to Haunter.


Original poster

Latios dodged and rolled his wing just brushing that of his playmate before he fall away downwards.


Wings pressed against his body it was a strait plummet to the treetops where at the last second he opened his wings and rescued himself. It was just in time too as his belly collided with on to the treetops and the top of the pine snapped off falling into the branches below. There was no time to watch it however as Latias would be close behind. At treetop lever be dashed forwards the air in his wake making trees sway and and small creatures scatter.

Banking left and right avoiding the taller trees he was more evading and showing off than going for speed since it would have been easier if he just flew above them. Then the forest opened up before him.

He flew lower his wingtips snapping branches as he exploded out of the trees leaves and flower petals swirling in the vortex behind him as he sped low over the ground, looking back to see if Latias was following.

Then he banked sharply and turned flying in circles. Faster and faster a vortex of air forming in the center of his path. The
Tornado grew in size at it sucked up grass and petals into it's walls and then as suddenly as he started it Latios stopped the maneuver and landed in it's center the grass and petals drifting down around hi slowly as he stood and looked back at his pursuer.


Original poster
Lucario woke up in the tree he had been sleeping in to the sound of wings and a giant dragon plummeting towards him. He jumped to another tree, feeling the wind that surged off of Latios' wings caress his fur. He sighed, thinking to himself, "One hell'of-a wake-up call." He jumped out of his tree and into the clearing that had over come the large plethora of forest. As he walked down a small dirt pathway, he noticed, Mew, who had been concentrating dearly on the incoherent task at hand, and then noticing the Nine-Tails. He glared.

"Lu... LUCARIO!" Lucario lunged at Nine-Tails. He hated the creatures with a passion. Maybe not as much as Haunter, or Glaceon, but he didn't exactly have fantastic experiences with the species.


Lucario Tales! A Ninetails Tale!

Lucario walked down a rugged cobble path. He was shy and weak, barely able to lift a medium sized log. The bully Ninetails certaintly took advantage of this. A large Ninetails jumped from the bushes onto the pathway right in-front of Lucario, snickering. Lucario gulped.

5 minutes later

Lucario lay bleeding on the path from Ninetails infinite fury swipes, and he was crying.


Lucario thought of this event mid-air as he charged his force palm. Yellow-Red energy surged around his hand as he made direct impact with Ninetails face

Boris Airay

Original poster
Who dares to disrupt my sleep!?

A idiot, that's who. Why can't a goddamn Pokemon get a little sleep here? It had only been...what, half an hour of slumber? That was only one fifth of a portion of his regular sleeping pattern. Something was very off; Fuschia was a usually calm and peaceful lands, that being the exact reason of why the territory was amongst his favorites. So, why now? Why the sudden shatter? Arcanine rolled onto his back and flicked his tail across the soft, gliding grass. His ears were perked at the sky as he listened with immense focus at all--and any--sound that was being emitted. The mighty legend stayed calm and alert; eyes shut lightly as he patiently waited for any little sound.

But noise wasn't the only thing he caught a whiff of. The smell--the smells.
There were at least three distinct Pokemon in his lands, Pokemon whose odors did not match with his acquired and stored scents.
Who were they? Well, he was about to find out.

Putting his snout to the ground, he closed his eyes and let the scents be his guides. Amidst the darkness, distinct patterns trailed through the grass as his nose picked up on each and every one. To the south, to the north, to east... He would find them all.

A quick idea surged in the Pokemon's head as he threw his head to the sky and took in a deep--but quick--breath.

And so with lighting like speed, a scorching ray fire shot through Arcanine's mouth, directly to the sky. The fire burned with electrifying light as it lit up the already blazing hot day.

Arcanine ran, ran the fastest he had done in a while, as he chased after a delicate and sweet smell.
The hunt was on.



Original poster
Finally, Mew had tumbled along to find the most perfect, colorful specimen of flower-kind. Tumbling onto It's body against the prickly, thought gentle grass, It rolled over, giggling sharply with the stem hugged close to the pinkish fur on It's tummy. Pressing It's nose to the rainbow petals, Mew sighed with happiness, sheer bliss. And then It noticed something happening before It.
Turning It's head to the side, Mew watched as a Ninetails started over towards it, having seen the species of Pokemon before, and quite liking Fire Types as they were always quite passionate and courageous! They were very admirable in Mew's bright blue eyes. As It's pink tail swished, Mew rose up to hover in the air, making soft noises as It awaited conversation to erupt between It and the other Pokemon. Before the chance for an introduction, another Pokemon appeared, in a rather offensive formation.

Lucario and Mew had met before as Mew was on a previous expedition. If Mew had It's memory correct, they had bumped into one another along Mt. Moon. Mew had been crossing through to get from one side of the land to the other, and had not seen many Fighting Types in It's time. Meeting Lucario was quite the treat! It found this Pokemon was very determined, and quite focused on whatever he needed to be concentrating on. After traveling along Mt. Moon, Mew had left Lucario with a Leppa Berry as a gift, hoping they would meet again in the future. And, lo and behold, here was the familar blue and black Pokemon now!
Except, he seemed rather.. angry?

Not liking the charge Lucario had about him, Mew's eyes dashed quickly from Pokemon to Pokemon. Worried for Ninetails safety, Mew dashed over in the air, swiftly taking a position in front of Ninetails, between the two. As Lucario came down quickly with his palm out, force surging throughout his limbs, Mew closed It's eyes calmly, and began to channel energy. A bright, white light emitted from Mew's small, pink body as It began to use Protect. The bubble around It's form grew in size until it surrounded Ninetails, and Mew within it's strong, see-through barrier. Keeping It's eyes closed, Mew showed a high level of concentration through the tight expression along It's face. The last thing It wanted was for a conflict to arise between Pokemon, especially Pokemon that did nothing to harm other Pokemon. It knew Lucario might have had a bad past with bullies, It could tell this from their stories shared along past travels. However, this would be not the time to take it out on a stranger, even though Ninetails was not his favored type.

As the powerful attack collided with Mew's bubble of Protection, Mew opened up It's eyes and stared into Lucario's. Holding It's gaze to capture his, It waited and smiled patiently, tilting It's head to the side, ears flickering against the wind from the force.
"Hello, old friend."


Original poster

A lapse in concentration had stemmed from an appreciation of the warm breeze that was caressing Fuschia's grasses and raising the heady floral scent of its native flowers into the air. On that wind, one could also smell the faint but unmistakeable tang of salty sea air carried off of the nearby beach. These scents, which were blending into a perfectly disarming single aroma that seemed to breathe life into all it touched, was the main cause of Ninetale's distraction. Auxiliary reasons included her fascination with the small pink creation, though it wasn't enough to hold her attention, and her glances around as she scanned the grasses and hoped to find a Poliwag. Could it be possible that her old friend wasn't looking for her in return? That thought made her feel less than happy and she vowed to push it from her mind until she had proof.

Suddenly, the pink pokemon was in front of Ninetales and there was a sudden barrier of lightly glowing pale light. The cause of this was immediately evident when Ninetales was actually focusing. Some blue and black creature had just tried to attack her, completely unprovoked. Worse still, her pink protector just called him 'friend'. This place had seemed so peaceful before, gentle and calming to the senses, but now Ninetales was positively furious. One who would attack a nonhostile other was bad enough but to add on top of it that Ninetales hadn't been paying attention... Well, she was understanding angry.

Jumping backwards a pace, Ninetales adopted a more aggressive stance than her previously relaxed one. Rage was building slowly in her chest, beginning like an ember and now it was growing to a full-fledged flame that was searing her from the inside. Such a creature was a danger to himself and others. This fool was going around attacking other pokemon that had done nothing to him and were not even remotely aggressive. If this was going to be how he spent his days, being nothing more than an opportunistic bully, someone needed to teach him a lesson and she would be that one if necessary.

"Bullies like you need to be punished. I can't have you going around, harming other pokemon. Picking on others is despicable" Ninetales spat, narrowing her eyes. The pink pokemon had protected her, but if he was friends with that bully, could he be any better? She doubted it highly, though her fury might be clouding her thoughts just a mite. She was thinking of her beloved friend Poliwag, the cute little Clefairy, and many other pokemon she'd encountered and the thought of them being randomly attacked by such an aggressor was enough to make her see red.

Inhaling deeply, Ninetales hope that the pink pokemon would get the idea and move out of her way. She had no quarrel with it and she'd hate for him to feel the brunt of her fiery anger.
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Original poster
The recoiling power of the energy from his force palm impacting shot him back several yards, though he landed gracefully on his feet. As he stood, he examined the Ninetails. He began to notice that this wasn't the Ninetails who had abused him so many years ago.

"Oh. My bad. I actually though you were someone else, I guess I thought wrong..." Lucario smiled. He was still feeling the numbing energy of the force-field that engulfed the two of them.

"Hey! Whats up Mew! It seems you've gotten stonger!" Lucario cheered.

Thinking back to his travels he smiled. So many good memories of he and Mew sitting around a campfire. Lucario's aura sense suddenly kicked up. He felt the presence of a fourth Pokemon... A fire type.

"I sense a fire-type Pokemon approaching... It's probably just a Larvesta!" Lucario said lightly


Original poster
Lap. Blub. Splsshh.

The beautiful calming sounds of the sea even in the far reaches of the trench that the Pokemon currently resided in. The sounds bounded off of the rocky crevices deep within the trench, gathering volume when they reached the farthest part of the underwater cave. Back in the deepest, darkest part lay the large, white Pokemon. Air bubbles wafted out through the tiny nostrils as Lugia slept calmly atop of a smoothed boulder. The boulder wasn't large enough to hold its mass, but Lugia didn't really 'lay' on it per say. It levitated a few inches off of it, but enough to when the tide would roll in, Lugia's belly would slide over it, giving it a pleasurable shake. It was such a beautiful, relaxing day.

"Chou! Chouchou!"

Lugia opened one very large eye directly at the source of the voice. It was a Chinchoo being carried by an unnatural tide. Lugia new that there was something amiss in the sounds of the water, and it had finally gotten down into its core. The water was off course and the Chinchou was getting the worse of it. Such a small Pokemon being swept away by a current that was clearly stronger than the him. Lugia's wings shifted a second before they spread out to help it gather some speed. After napping for days on end, Lugia needed a moment or two to flex its muscles, but there was no time. This Chinchou was speeding off to something big.

"Choouuu!" it yelped, a tumbling through it's yellow antenna's on its head. Lugia was starting to feel where the water was turning and realized that it was rotating. A whirlpool? The disturbance bothered Lugia. All of the Pokemon in that part of the sea were on friendly basis. Could there be a battle that was causing the whirlpool or something worse? Lugia glared and picked up speed, snatching the Chinchou by one if it's stubby arms in its mouth. Chinchou wiggled for a movement before it smiled happily up at Lugia!

"Thank you so much!" it exclaimed. Lugia looked down at it for a moment before raising it's large white head over to the trail of the current. There lay its answer. Placing Chinchou behind a boulder, Lugia zipped off through the water, eyes lighting a teal blue as its powers became one with the current.



Original poster
-Huh? That energy....Another ecounter or what?- Luxray said it to himself and silently approached to place where center of that energy was coming from. At this place he saw 3 another pokemons. Ninetales who was angry , Lucario who rather was not in such perfect shape and some little pink pokemon who he never saw. Sure that when he was Luxio he traveled and met a lot of new spieces of other pokemons but that one he never saw , this one was little , pink and with long tail plus he levitated but what's was more important is that this pokemon had this energy he feld but, he rather seems to be friendly and not willfull to fight.

-Intresting, Such little and such power, i wonder who he is...- After those world he swiftly left his hide ,and left this place.



Original poster
While the smile clung to Mew's face, It turned around and looked up into the fired up eyes of Ninetails. Blinking a few times, it was clear from the way her fur stood up from each root that she was about to burst with fury. If Mew had found one thing along It's journeys, it was that a fire-type's anger was not one to take lightly. A soft voice came with a gentle palm laying against the forehead of the Pokemon before It, this was Mew's attempt at easing the energy It felt flaring up into the air.
"Everything is okay. Lucario does not think all the time."
Tilting It's head to the side, Mew giggled and continued.
"I am Mew. I apologize for this moment of irrational thinking on his part.~"
Retrieving It's limb back, the pink body twirled around to face Lucario once again, wagging the end of It's tail at him with a stern face. It was a hard thing for fighting-types to control their sudden impulse to act, It understood that. However, perhaps with some more meditation, he might be able to hold back from unnecessary confrontations in the future.

As Mew allowed the barrier of protection to disappear, like a bubble popping in the air, It floated up higher above the two Pokemon nearby. Flipping over a few times, It stopped and hovered, curling It's legs up near It's tummy as It's blue eyes stared off into the distance. Something was coming near! More Pokemon, how exciting! Sounding out with small mews as it tumbled back to the grass, the psychic-type looked around before noticing a large, dog-like Pokemon heading towards them. Arcanine! It had been a long time since Mew had seen one. Today certainly was a treat thus far!
Turning on to It's side, Mew's ears twitched softly, eyeing the Pokemon as he came closer and closer to them. Two fire-types, and a fighting-type so far had made themselves clear to Mew. Hmmm. Thinking deeply to Itself, this might turn out to be quite the fine group for an expedition. The Grand Expedition! It could hardly control the excitement bubbling up inside!


[*screaming into the void intensifies*]
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She couldn't help but press her Dragon Claws to her mouth at her companion's antics as she gave Pursuit. He was such a show-off, but that was one of the things that she liked about him.

Besides, it always kept him busy long enough for her to pounce!

As he alighted in the meadow and looked back at her,
Latias was already going into a high-speed Dive, eyes narrowed and a smug grin on her face as she Tackled him and sent them both tumbling through the flowers. The Soul Dew that hung from her neck glowed faintly for a split instant as she rolled and pinned him, nuzzling his cheek. Got you! she exclaimed happily, although the competition wasn't really important. What really mattered was the game, and that they did it together.

Winning was just a fun perk.




Original poster

He was standing in the field with grass and petals raining down all around him, a smile on his face. And what did Latias do? She plummeted into his midsection and the next thing Latios knew he was on his back and sliding along the grass.

His short arms were holding Latias making sure she didn't slide off off him as he slid to a halt. "Taking pages from my playbook?" he teased when his eyes slid open. He lay panting for a moment before he let go. "So ready for round 2?" his eyes caught sight of one of the ponds that dotted the area. "Water section...." he looked down at her exhilaration and excitement shining in his eyes. The expected followup never came though and he curled his slender neck up to looks down at Latias. It sometimes happened, his losing his train of though when she has nearby. But he usually found it quickly enough for her to hopefully not notice. "I think its your turn to chose the rules....?"


Original poster
Every foot or so Lugia traveled the current changed from calm to disturbed. Calm. Disturbed. Calm. Disturbed. The same pattern bobbed in Lugia's brain, stomach, and every other fiber in its body as well. It was a tug of war of good and bad almost to the point it was getting nauseating. Lugia's teal-glowing eyes dimmed and flickered while it tried desperately to cling onto internal stability. The other pokemon swimming away from it were also aware of the rift, but it was not taking a toll on them as much as it was Lugia. The Guardian of the Sea had a bond with the waves of the water and the gusts of the wind. Weather in general was part of Lugia's being and it was being tampered with.

Thoughts of emerging from sea came into mind...but no. Too sudden, was it not? There were too many pokemon frolicking above and enjoying the ray's of sun that shined down upon them...and if Lugia emerged from the surface, they would instantly know something was amiss. To disturb the tranquil balance between pokemon and weather, Lugia had to think hard about its actions. That little Chinchou could have been hurt or worse. If one of the pokemon could be saved, then Lugia would go to ends to ensure the balance is kept. So, with a glaring blue tint burning harder behind its eyes, Lugia spun off with the current of the underwater world.

Hopefully time was not limited and there was something that could be done about the disturbance. Another flock of Chinchou and Lanturns swam past the great beast, each gasping and chattering that Lugia had exited its cave after awakening from its long slumber, signifying that something was amiss. A few stopped and hovered as best as they could through the rushing current to ask to assist Lugia, but it only shook its massive head once.

"Flee." It said in its deep, resonate voice. Instantaneously, they all fell silent and swam off in obedience. Lugia watched them swim away before tearing through the water, hovering close to the surface and leaving a dark shadowy form of its body for all above pokemon to see.