POKEMON: Eclipse Version (Your New Island Adventure)

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  1. NOTE: The Art Style Here Is Preferably High-fantasy/ hyper realism.
    Local research authorities released new information about three undocumented pokemon hidden within the tourist destination of Dennin Island. By excavating the ancient temples and structures of the island, it was confirmed that three strange beings were missing from the pokedex. It turns out that the folklore of the ancients was true! The hunt is on as some organisations look to (as always) manipulate their power. The Festival of Rainbows is coming in three days, and this is the perfect time to sneak in some exploration under the covers! It's up to anyone who can stop them to stop them!

    "It is also a host to many physic-defying technologies, being home to the primitive airship. "
    'The Light'
    The Light is an ancient organization, nearly older than the island itself. Wherever there is pokemon, there is The Light. The Light strives to take over the world by systematically destroying what exists to rebuild it in their image with a machine called "The Engine of Life". By accessing these mysterious pokemon, they hope to destroy and rebuild the island and the world by using their powers as a fuel for their engine. Their agents are here to scan the structures of the island to find these pokemon and bring the world to its knees.

    The Engine of Life:

    Dennin Island, the living tourist attraction, is home to most recorded pokemon in existence. Tourists of all sorts come here to train, battle, earn badges, trade or enjoy the blazing sun and tortoise waters with their pokemon. The island is wildly underpopulated, having just been discovered a few centuries ago by the modern man. Civilization coexists with the ancient structures and inhabitants of the island's 'Aurora Foret', a huge forest area home to ancient pokemon and structures alike. The island has many of its natural features intact.
    Aurora Foret


    The bustling forest is home to Dennin's ambiguous ancient castles and temples. Dennian legend holds tales of a guardian spirit that gives light to lost travelers and warmth to them at night.
    Aurora's Lake
    Aurora's Pond is one of the island's main attractions. The pond's clear waters changes colors throughout the day. Its depth was deemed measurable although its width is rather large. Its salty flavor was used by the ancients to harvest salt and cure the sick; its now used by Dennin Island as a resource for crystal souvenirs and a salt factory (Covertly Ran by The Light)


    Catacombs du Sauveterre "The Cave of Evolution"

    These crystal catacombs are exactly what they sound like. They're located deep underground and are filled with the crystal bones of some...weird forms of shiny pokemon. Scientists have theories..


    Day & Night
    Dennin is known for its unusual lighting effects during the evening and night. This lets the island flourish in the cold of the night and bloom during the blazing sun of the daytime.

    The Capital
    The capital is a regular city although its eastern outskirts is completely untouched by humanity. The city is comparable to Lumiose in that it was colonized by those folk in the past. This also means mega evolution is very popular with the locals.


    Native Pokemon of Folklore

    Dennin Island is known to never have any natural disasters. The nickname "Perfect Island" also has its fair share of folklore. Long before the age of the modern man, ancient temples tell the tale of three powerful protectors of Dennin Island, able to bring sun and warmth, night and cold darkness, as well as keeping the balance of all of Dennin's dwellers. Of course, these were just legends...right?

    Raegle (Ray'Eagle) [Flying/Fairy]
    The bird of rainbows. Raegle's shiny coat has feathers as sharp as knives and are highly valued as ancient blade artifacts. Raegle leaves a stream of shining colors when it flies, spreading a feeling of security, warmth and light to whatever it flies over. It is responsible for a lot of the colorful beauty of the island. It has not been seen in centuries.


    Gamuna (Gam'una) [Water/Poison]

    The king of Aurora's Swamp. It dwells deep in the local swamp. Not much is known about him. It is said that he holds destructive power capable of destroying entire ecosystems within days.


    Draikorona (Drake'orona) [Dragon/Dark]

    Common word among the locals suggest that the island's sleeping protector is called Draikorona. It awakens when the safety of the island shores are compromised. It is said to appear during prolonged eclipses. He uses his blue flames to brighten the way when darkness rises. Draikorona causes blue coronas around the moon.


    CS Format

    Full Name:
    Appearance: [Preferably realistic]
    Training Experience: [Badges/Status]

    Favorite Types:
    Pokemon: Nicknames if Any, Moves, Type, Picture
    if it looks different or is shiny. Does not need to be hyper realistic, although preferably. Maximum is 6 to carry. No legendaries. 1 Psuedo legendary per group!

    Common Items:
    Brief History: [Why is your character at Dennin Island]

    Comment below if you're interested. 6 people will be needed to get this underway!
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  2. Holy crap, it's steampunk meets Pokemon O_O

    I'm in. Let me know if no one else joins, we can do this 1x1 otherwise.
  3. Gladly. I know Im late. But if anyone is interested, the idea is still alive and well.
  4. Good, good. Is 6th gen the basis for this?
  5. Yes, of course.
  6. .....Excellent....
  7. I will begin character development soon. Im sorry if Im moving a bit slow, Im busy these days..
  8. Ahh I'm totally interested, just so you know. I love all things Pokemon. And your idea appeals to me very much.
  9. Is there any pokemon that's off limits?
  10. I only have 1 question:

    Is mega-evolution involved?
  11. Yes. In-game rules apply
  12. Ooh that'll be fun~
  13. Ooooh, I love this whole realistic theme! I hope I'm not too late to join! (」゜ロ゜)」
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