Pokemon: Dimension Rift

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Over the recent months numerous people around the earth started to disappearing without any traces. Some said they were kidnapped by alien while other believe it that it's the end of the world but little did they know that it's the work something else. Hall of origin, home of the pokemon deity who also known as Arceus, are threaten to it's existence as Arceus power we weakened for the past years without knowing the cause. Other Godly being such as Celebi, Zekrom, Suicune afraid the cease existent of Arceus would create a huge uproar not only to this universe but to the dimension. In the brink destruction of the dimension, secretly a group of pokemon was laughing inside their heart, it was Zygarde, Yvetal, and Palkia.

The three of them have planned it all from the beginning and they've succeed after an entire millennium. It doesn't took long for them to rule half of the world as well as some has join their side. With the remaining Legendary pokemon join forces to prevent it from happening, they cross dimension to a place where the opposite side wouldn't ever guess, a different dimension, the other earth where pokemon doesn't exist. Alas with the power of Giratina, travel through dimension recruiting people with high sense of power which can use the power of "Avatar", the power to sync with partner pokemon and obtain the power to change the destiny of the pokemon dimension.

Yeah, so I'm trying to make something plot of pokemon fandom rp. If you're interested head to the link below~! sign up will always be open and don't worry if you feel that you're left behind since there will always be GM that'll tell the summary so far (IC starts on monday~!)
OPEN SIGNUPS - Pokemon: Dimension Rift | IwakuRoleplay.com

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