Pokemon: Dimension Rift [IC]

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    "Stop this madness now Palkia! Yvetal! Zygarde!" Suicune exclaimed as he stood across the three legendary pokemon which was referred as God in the Pokemon dimension. "Madness? are you kidding me? it's LIBERATION! I'm tired of looking down below just to see out kind suffering, just look how our freedom goes?" The biggest green creature howled between the other ones. "But to the extend kill Arceus? that's not worth it!" Suicune's word was cut before even he can said anything more by Palkia, "SILENCE! compare to out plan that guy's death will be nothing more than a worthless crap!" The three big legendary pokemon soon engaged in battle with Suicune. Palkia got his hand covered with an circle energy ball that was created trough space and threw it towards suicune's direction,"TAKE MY SPECIAL REND!" Just as it headed to Suicune, Giratina came and stopped it using his Shadow Force, "Don't do this Palkia!"

    After the appearance of Giratina, Yvetal, Zygrade, and Palkia soon retreat as they knew that Giratina are second to Arceus when it comes to power (just pretend that his the second most powerful pokemon XD). "Giratina... I think we should do "that" plan right now, I think that "they" could be our solution" Suicune closed his ruby eyes closes. "Well I think "that" is our last solution after all..." Giratina flew away and went into his wormhole as soon as he finish talking with Suicune.


  2. How did this start? When did this all go wrong?

    The dark haired girl was sitting in some hallway, one glass platform as below looked like some greek, ruined temple. Where was she, exactly?

    All of a sudden, the memories of this morning was replaying back in her head.

    It was an ordinary day, Evie got up from her bed, tiredly. She brushed her teeth, put on her school uniform, got her bag, and ran out the door with a piece of toast in her mouth. Her brother was being annoyingly loud, her parents were sleeping, and her grandma was cooking breakfast for all of them. As usual, she ran out the door after saying good bye to a photo of her grandfather, and met up with her friends at the end of the block. They greeted her as well, and then parted ways as she was walking to class.

    First period was boring, since it was science, though she could pass it off since she didn't really mind what they were learning that course. Her teacher gave her homework, and as usual, the class groaned and accepted it. She probably still has that paper in her bag right now as well. After that, she was headed down to foods and nutrition class, turning to an empty hallway that she new of was quicker and emptier to her class.

    All of a sudden, something poofed her to where she was now.

    God knows what was happening, but she swore that she has seen this place before-- Hold up. Wait. WAIT.

    She had some sort of idea where she was, but this was impossible. Virtually impossible. But the detail, the sheer resemblance that this place was all far too nostalgic for the girl.

    She was in the Hall of Origin.

    But this was suppose to be in the games? Why was she here? How was she here? What type of messed up dream was this? This couldn't have been a Diamond or Pearl game, it couldn't be Platinum. She played those back in her childhood, but she never really stopped loving the concept of pokemon. She always wished for them to be real a decade ago, even part of her now is happy. Though, the most part of her was scared, worried.

    "What the hell is this?!"
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    It was dark and unclear but the dark haired man was unexpectedly well composed, his dark shade of iris just looking at the light which was heading to his direction. He ended up on a rough surface, as he touched the rocks that was scattered around him, he saw unordinary creatures standing in front of him. The dark sky landscape the whole panorama alongside with a greek style architecture pillar around him. He saw a blue majestic creature which look similar to a deer but with smoother hide and have a purple hair, "what is this place? who are you? and... who am I...?" Vitos just realized that he has lost his memories apart from several minor things such as his full name, age, and things such as blood and money. The blue majestic creature reached to Vitos and asked Vitos to follow him by facing his head to the direction he wanted Vitos to go. As Vitos followed the majestic creature, he spotted a small girl who looked the whole place in awed, Vitos was laughing inside on how the girl look so innocence in his eyes. He asked the creature to stopped and went near the dark haired girl who seem to be in high school, "Hey... are you lost?"

  4. She was pretty much deep in thought. I mean, who wouldn't be? She was just sent into her favourite video game, well, one of the titles. Gods, this was a lot to take in, and she was probably reacting to this like any normal human was. Though, she was a bit more troubled with what was happening back in her home. She would be missing class, her parents would get upset for not answering her phone, for not coming home, and all this other annoying stuff. They would probably make a big deal over a girl missing from the school.

    Next thing you know, you'll see 'Girl who almost burnt down high school gone missing!' on the front page, headlines, in the news or something.

    She didn't even know why she was here, and why her? Really, she hasn't gotten over pokemon yet, but this was ridiculous!

    All of a sudden, she heard a voice. A male's voice, to be more exact.

    "Whoa!" She jumped up, out of surprise. She luckily wasn't here on her own, but she knew that it was never good to follow a stranger at the same time. For all she knew, he could be a creep or something. She wasn't even a legal adult yet, just a year left and she would be on her last year of high school.

    But what other choice did she have?

    ".. Yeah, I guess. I just found myself here out of no where while I was heading to class."

    She explained, and this wasn't a lie at all.

    She had seen a majestic creature earlier as well, which she swore resembled a certain pixelated creature she had obtained through a special event through the game but still...

    She really must be going crazy.

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  5. The girl - a notoriously obsessive fan of Nintendo works - walked happily down the street. She was in Akihabara, a district of Tokyo particularly popular among her kind, and which Spell Check seems to want to correct to Khabarovsk, somehow. They're not even remotely similar. This failure on the computer's part had given the character's narrator an idea though, and so now she was half-Russian. She continued walking down the street, except this time she was walking in Russian. She closed her eyes for a second when she turned a corner and was startled by the light of the setting sun. When she opened them again, she found herself in some kind of greek-style monument. Despite being clearly far above cloud level, it wasn't cold at all. "Well well, what's all this then?" She looked at her surrounding, failing her Spot Check as her gaze wandered straight past the deity without acknowledging it. "Pretty neat. I wonder where this is? More importantly, how did I get here? More importantly, if the answer to that is magic, can I get some too? That'd be awesome." Around this time, she noticed the other two people here. She walked over and greeted them with her habitual Russian.
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  6. [​IMG]

    'The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.'
    -Edgar Allan Poe

    where am I....
    where is here?
    Am I..... Am I lost
    How did I get here?

    I remember.

    *Flash back*

    I was running from what or to who I don't remember but I know I was running I was running to.... to the roof. and I ran to the edge. why why did I run to the edge! why.... I... I was pushed and then Nothing. I don`t remember I remember my past but to the point I fell I.... I don`t know. WHY DON'T I KNOW! WHERE AM I!

    Cry opened her eyes then moved her arm to cover her eyes from the bright light that shined down at her. The Sun? she looked around nothing but green grass, but a little farther from her was a temple. a ruin? Cry Got up from the grass, wiped some of the dirt of her then walked over to it slowly. in side she was surprised to see two other people talking and one that was walking to them. she stopped mid way and keep her distance. her sonic face showed no emotion but deep inside she was slightly scared.

    why am I here? and why did I jump?
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  7. "Class...?" Having losing his memories confusing enough for him and yet he had another thing that confuse him even more, "So... you're not from around here?" he asked the long straight hair girl. Soon another girl came towards Vitos and the dark hair girl, this it was a shorter girl with an unusual hair color, it was grey. Vitos also noticed that she appear to be undeveloped yet meaning he thought that she was around 12, "Hey little girl where's your parent? don't tell me... you're lost?" Vitos tried to look around and spotted a ginger hair chick who's seems to be shy, he soon pointed to the ginger hair girl's direction, "is that your mommy?" he soon walked to the ginger hair girl and grabbed her arm roughly back to where the other girls at, "here's your mommy right?"

    The blue majestic creature howled, "Pardon me earthlings but for now we need to hurry back to where Arceus is, I'll talk the detail soon to clear this confusion."
  8. "Arceus, you say? What's the creator of all pokemon doing in a place like this? More importantly, does anyone have a master ball I can borrow?" She started following the blue creature, though was completely serious in her question even if she said it in a comedic way.
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  9. [​IMG]
    'Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness.
    Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.'
    -Gerald Jampolsky

    Cry Looked up once she heard foot steps walking towards her, and in a blink of an eye she was dragged roughly to the rest of the group. "HEY!" she shouted loudly at the man that grabbed her. "let go of me!" she said ripping her arm out of the mans grip and glared at him. one of her very ice glares. "Don't touch me and NO I'm not that child mother I'm to young." she said with much venom needed. she was about to add more but something spoke up when she heard the blue figures speak. then one of the children speak about pokemon? "Pokemon? what's a pokemon?" she asked more to herself then the others​
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  10. A sharped eye man suddenly jumped out of the pillar, "Pokemon? you mean this creature?" A small tiny blue creature similar to a dragon pop it's head out below his leg. "STAY AWAY FROM HIM, EVERYONE! Don't you dare to come here Hijikata! after betraying Arceus you..!!!" The blue majestic creature, Suicune exclaimed. Vitos doesn't know what's happening but he knew something isn't right, "Uhmm... forget about master ball but I think, we need to run away now..."
  11. [​IMG]
    'I don't know what my path is yet. I'm just walking on it.'
    -Olivia Newton-John

    Allan was well hidden from the others, he really didn't want to be notice. Silently, he listens to everyone. Pokemon? what is that? he asked himself silently. Slowly someone came out and started speaking, then a boy came out and started speaking.
    this is just to wired

    "Hello Goodbye"

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  12. Vitos carried the little grey haired girl and ran to a random direction, suddenly yet another omnious figure stood in front of all the chaos, this time it was much more majestic. The creature was grey in color and in the middle of it's limb was a golden circlets, "At ease, Suicune... Hijikata... it's nice to meet you." The Creature said in a such soft manner. Vitos looked in awed towards the grey creature, he put down the little girl and didn't know what to do, "Uhm... what the hell is that thing?"

    Suicune was shocked and directly bowed to the Grey Creature, "Arceus oh Lord of Pokemon, you shouldn't had bother yourself to come here."

    "It's alright Suicune and also shall we go to my hall?" Arceus create a huge circle around the place and warped all of the people to the main hall of creation including Hijikata. "Shall I start?"

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