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Here's a few of my poems. They're about a year old, but I still like them.

Southern Soldier Boy

The smell of the fire.
The sound of the gunshots ringing out in the background.
I could hear your voice.
Pleading for water.
In the haze of smoke and bullets,
I ran to your side.
You were there,
Laying in a crimson pool of your own blood.
"I love you," You said as my tears fell on your dirtied sack coat.
I wiped your hair away and kissed you.
Hoping everything would be better like the fairy tales of youth.
But nothing happened.
All I could feel was the blood on your lips as you slipped away.
Now, I sit here.
Still shrouded in black.
Mourning the loss of the only one I'll ever love.
More than anything
That I may soon be with you.
Dear Girl

((This was written through the eyes of a guy that never got to say what he wanted to.))

Dear girl,
What has your life come to?
Hanging on by a thread,
Bleeding just to make sure you're alive.
What has happened, dear girl?
Your eyes have grown dark and your skin has whitened.
The circles under your eyes note that you haven't slept in days.
I watch you, dear girl, as you walk silently at night.
Walking to the park to sit on a swing as a single light illuminates you.
Yet, you've grown so dark that I can hardly find you.
Where are you, dear girl?
I used to reconize you by the bright smile always shown on your face.
I hardly know you anymore now that it has been wiped away.
Dear girl,
I saw you yesterday.
But you were cold and colorless.
I noticed that they covered up your arms so the cuts wouldn't show.
Months have gone by, dear girl, but my thoughts were always with you.
Now, I'm sitting on my bed with a pen in one hand and a razorblade in the other.
Soon, I will be with you.
Dear girl,
I love you...

Today, I am in Combat.
I fight a demon.
Known by many but met by few.
This demon's name is Love.
She lurks in the back of your mind.
Able to come forward at any time.
Most of the time, she is dormant.
Not making a fuss.
But, when she comes out, It makes you want to cry.
The pain she causes you is not seen on the outside.
She attacks you in your mind.
She makes it hard to think.
Hard to make sense.
She shifts shapes, as well.
Taking the form of that boy in the coffee shop.
Or maybe that girl down the street.
Someone you met at a basketball game,
Or someone your best friend introduced you to.
Never has an attack been so powerful.
Sometimes there are two demons.
They will fight eachother until blood and anguish is all that is left on the walls of your mind
Yet, Love will also make you feel amazing.
She will attach you to a person so securely, You will never let go.
When two demons meet eachother in separate bodies,
The result is amazing.
You will feel like you've known them forever
But you may only have known then a few weeks.
Love is what I'm dealing with today.
But it has met another one.
In the body of a tall boy.
His love talked to me and my love talked back
I had no say in this conversation,
Nor he.
Yet, I didn't mind.
They can converse anytime.
Rhyming 1

Underneath the brightest stars
Waiting in anticipation
Being in your rundown car
That's where I find my salvation

Under skies of greyish blue
Snow is falling all around me
All these feelings are so new
How can I say how much I love thee?

You wrap me safely in your arms
Frozen solid to the core
As if to keep me from all harm
Just like a knight in Dragon Lore.

Your lips are cold as Ice
As we go our separate ways
This lonely feeling won't suffice
We be together another day

But when i think about our love
My heart, it rings a Jubilee
Unlike the clouds that lie above
my love is clear for all to see

A fading memory passes by
of when i once loved another
I brush it off and let it die
Because we now have each other

Now as I lie awake and Ponder
I feel that consciousness is slipping
And I want my thoughts to wander
To where it of you that I'll be dreaming
The Dance

She gently glides down the stairs
A fistful of tulle in her clutch
The soft perfection of her hair
Is only second to her touch

He grabs her arm quite softly
Ignores the difference in their height
He leans in to tell her, gently,
"You look beautiful tonight."

She replies to his complement
And looks into his eyes
Wishing she knew exactly what he meant
And hoping it wasn't lies

Dinner passes by so fast
And the conversation's thick
Both hoping this dinner isn't the last
And that the night won't end as quick

They quickly rush to the place
Where the dance is to be held
A glow is present on her face
He finds it a sight to be beheld.

He waits 'till the right song
To take her out onto the floor
She quietly goes along
Hoping it will lead to something more.

He gently grabs her by the waist
And puts her arms around his neck
Against his chest, she rests her face
And on her head, she feels a peck.

Body touching body
Heart in time with heart
If only they could both see
That neither want to part.

The song ends too fast
They hesitantly separate
Both hope this dance won't be the last
And they'll be brought back together by fate

Eventually, the night is done
And they stand together, face-to-face
"Tonight, I had a lot of fun."
She said, her feet shifting in place

He sweeps her up and hold her close
They share a passionate kiss
He replies, "You're the one I love the most,
The one I'll always miss."

However, It's only in her mind
That, that last stance will happen
But if she could somehow give him a sign
Maybe, his heart she could get in.

But she lays her head upon his lap
As her parents drive him home
Hoping her heart won't collapse
And that it's not beating fast alone.

Now, if it's a happy ending you're looking for
Read work from another poet
The last stance may leave you wanting more
And maybe later, you'll get it.

Now, Instead of finding love
When they found each other
Nothing was sent down from above
Because all the while, he wanted another

Everyday, they talk online
But have run out of things to say
Maybe the stagnant window is a sign
Things weren't meant to go this way.
Rhyming 2

I think about you
More this week than the Last
Wishing none of it was true
And we were back in the past.

We fought of petty differences
That were easy to resolve
Our love as strong as it could be
But of it's bond, you did absolve.

The silent wind beneith my wings
You held me up when I was down
Now, I look around to see you
And you're nowhere to be found.

Your sweatshirts hang upon my bed
Constant reminders that you're gone
I've been meaning to give them back
But, they've just been there so long.

While secretly, I find
That in my dreams, you'll always stay
I try my best to find another
Or in solitude, I'll lay.

But how can I stand to be another's
When it's only your's I want to be
I swear I wasn't trying to change you
What can I do to make you see?

Lately, I find I hate you
How I think of you every night
How I wonder if there's anything
I can do to make things right.

But when I think I'm ready to talk to you,
I realize I'm not.
Just the sound of your voice again
Makes my tounge tie in a knot.

It makes me want to yell and scream
About all that I've gone through
All the pain that I still feel
And the mending I have to do.

I want to remind you that you broke my heart
And didn't bother to pick up the pieces
I tried my best to gather them up
But the heartache just increases

Yet, no matter how much I can't stand you
My heart is always yours
And no matter where I go in life,
You'll always be La Amore'

So, Remember how we used to be
Wherever your endevors
And it's true what I used to say,
"I'll love you always and forever."