EXERCISE Poetry Challenge -- Fantasy Edition

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    Alright! It is indeed, the Fantasy Festival! :D For this special edition of the poetry challenge, I shall have YOU write any kind of poem that you like, but it MUST be fantasy based!

    Now, there is a little twist to this Challenge. EACH poem that you write MUST have one or more members of Iwaku included in the poem! You will have these member(s) in a fantasy setting. So, if you want them to be an elf or some other mystical creature, do so! If you want them in an enchanted forest, why, I prod you to go ahead write! But remember, the member(s) that you choose must still hold their personality traits! If they have to fight, think of what that member(s) would use to fight with! And etc.!

    I hope you have magnificent fun with this challenge, and please use BbCodes to make your poem(s) look amazing-sauce! >:]
  2. Oh beware young one
    demon has come
    To steal your
    heart away

    Don't fall for his
    Or get
    lost in his eyes
    Jack Shade returns today

    voice is so sweet
    will you can't beat
    He'll get inside your

    break your heart's walls
    Take 'til there's
    nothin' at all
    And then he'll leave you for

    beware young one
    demon has come
    To steal your
    heart away

    Don't fall for his
    Or get
    lost in his eyes
    Jack Shade returns today


    I... feel kind of mean for writing that. I swear, I have nothing against Jack! He's an amazing guy ._.;; The poem just kinda... Wrote itself *flails*
  3. I really like it! :D Though, I think of Asmo-poop more when I read it! XD Really enjoyed it though~ :3
  4. ^^;; Thanks~
  5. Hope you like it. I don't have a title for it yet.

    Come here, come here, come here my lad
    And I'll tell you a tale, a tale so grand
    A tale filled with violence, blood and ... fate
    (Thought I was going to say hate, didn't you?)
    Of beauty eternal and her red-bearded mate.

    It started one evening, the axe-man came home.
    A beautiful house elf now called it her own,
    It seems that an ogre had driv'n her away
    And she and her brother needed somewhere to stay.

    Diana was charming, a lady so dear,
    Her hair did sparkle, her voice crisp and clear.
    She needed some help, the land was beseiged
    By that very evil ogre, a creature so mean.

    Stricken with love (or so his story goes),
    Gibs made a solemn vow.

    "I'll get rid of this ogre," was all he said.
    Then out the door, on a horse he went.
    The land was fraught with peril and so was the road he took,
    He faced witches and devils and goblins quite dreadful
    Til he got to the cave and a challenge he bellowed.

    The ogre was ugly, angry, and mean
    It wanted his death, a death so obscene
    Not one for banter, a one-liner he said
    And then
    Gibs went in and did his thing
    And left with an ogre's head
    (And all the ogre's treasure, of course).

    Gibs returned, took Diana for wife
    Pan went on glowing, all day and all night.

    And thus, my lad, their tale I hath told
    (Not that it ends there, believe me, I know.)
  6. Juku the pirate
    Traveled the eleven seas.
    Hear his great legend.

    Towns feared his weapon.
    His trusty shovel, always
    sitting by his hand.

    His magnificent
    name was whispered across the
    world. All were afraid.

    The forests whispered
    of how he protected them.
    He their guardian.

    He was a fighter.
    Protected the innocent,
    Slew the mightiest dragons.

    Come...sit and hear me.
    I will tell you this story...
    To those who listen.
  7. Foes

    Burnt is he who stood before me,
    his dust settling in the tainted breeze,
    that whisper unto me;
    "What demon-

    …doth possess thee in the course?
    were you once good?
    Or without remorse?
    Do you have a just cause?"

    I laugh - of course,
    overcome with glee.

    As I realized that neither dead,
    nor living could harm me.

    But upon the hill,
    my foe watches me intently,
    distraught by the madness called me.

    As I gaze into her eyes,
    as she recognizes me as
    and herself as

    By any other circumstance,
    would she smile? would she laugh?
    have a good time?
    For a while.

    But as fate decrees it must be so,
    I am undoubtedly this woman's foe. So...
    What will it be? A victorious villain?
    or will the
    "righteous one" slay me?
  8. The Great Adventure

    The Iwaku staff went on a quest,
    To try to complete a challenging test:
    Slayed the Asmo monster,
    Other sites were conquered,
    And rescued Diana the princess.