EXERCISE Poetry Challenge #7 -- Dinosaur Limericks

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  1. Dinosaur Limericks


    What is a Limerick?

    This is a poem with five lines. The first, second and fifth line rhyme with each other, the third and fourth one rhyme with each other. Each line should have a certain number of syllables! First second and fifth should have 8-9, while the third and fourth have 5-6. This can be a difficult poetry form to grasp, but with some thinking and practice, it gets easy!

    Why is it about dinosaurs, fool?
    Because dinosaurs are amazing, duh. It doesn't have to be anything scientific. You can make up a little story about a dinosaur, or... Well, anything you can think of. There's quite the range of things. So feel free to write as many as you'd like and make it look pretty using BBcodes.

    Sounds cool. May I have an example?
    Of course. :3

    There once was a T-Rex named Fred
    I found him asleep in my shed
    He woke when I shrieked
    And then the roof creaked
    So now I must lend him my bed​
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  2. [rainbow]I have this addiction to pets[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]My most recent one is quite a pest[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]I search high and low[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]Wonder where he could go[/rainbow]
    [rainbow]Don't ask how I lost a T-rex![/rainbow]​

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  3. A T-Rex, while searching for food,
    Thought the Raptors were all rather rude.
    While eating their meals,
    They had shoes on their heels,
    But Rexy, he ate in the Nude!
  4. There's a velociraptor chained to me
    Perhaps I should try to get free
    He just keeps staring
    To scared to be daring
    All he does is make me wanna pee
  5. Ancient China is outta luck
    Wizard Lizard is causing amuck
    Ain't no need to shout
    They'll bail you out
    Kung Fu Dinos hit like pick up trucks!

    Inspired by this crazy ass picture I found of a long forgotten cartoon show.

  6. They dig up their bones on the shores
    And then put them together, of course.

    New theories come fast
    About these beasts from the past.

    That we all know and love; dinosaurs!
  7. Cultures hearken to monsters thought past.
    Levaithan shattering bones like glass.
    From sea to distant shores.
    With all life he does war.
    Extinct he may be, yet legends last.
  8. Triceratops
    There was a beast with horns of three
    With a large, scale-covered body
    They had a large frill of bone
    And are one of the best known
    Of the Ceratopsid family
  9. A darkness seethes within a soul
    Cursed with anger, blackened and cold
    Forged with scale, fang and claw
    Dinosaur stands, brave and tall
    A force of death, watchers behold
  10. Dinosaur

    I once knew a dinosaur,
    Big and large with a mighty roar.
    Wanting something to eat,
    It chased cars down the street,

    And I knew the dino no more.
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